British music stars born in 1958

Here are 48 famous musicians from United Kingdom were born in 1958:

Gary Oldman

Gary Oldman (March 21, 1958 New Cross, London, England-) also known as Leonard Gary Oldman, Gary Leonard Oldman, Maurice Escargot, Gary von Oldman or Gaz is a British actor, musician, film producer, film director, screenwriter and voice actor. He has three children, Alfie Oldman, Gulliver Flynn Oldman and Charlie John Oldman.

His albums: Immortal Beloved.

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Rik Mayall

Rik Mayall (March 7, 1958 Epping-June 9, 2014 Barnes, London) a.k.a. Richard Michael Mayall, Rick, Colin Grigson, Mad Gerald, 20th Century Coyote or Richard Michael "Rik" Mayall was a British comedian, actor, screenwriter and writer. He had three children, Rosie Mayall, Bonnie Mayall and Sidney Mayall.

His albums: Rik and Ade Live at the Comic Strip.

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Mark Radcliffe

Mark Radcliffe (June 29, 1958 Bolton-) also known as Mark A. Radcliffe, Radcliffe, Mark or Scrawn is a British presenter.

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Ray Cokes

Ray Cokes (February 24, 1958 Isle of Wight-) a.k.a. Raymond Christopher Cokes is a British presenter.

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Jakko Jakszyk

Jakko Jakszyk (June 8, 1958 London-) a.k.a. Jakko, Michael Lee Curran, Jakszyk, Jakko, Jakko M. Jakszyk or Jakszyk, Jakko M. is a British musician, record producer and actor.

His most important albums: Kingdom of Dust, A Scarcity of Miracles and The Bruised Romantic Glee Club. Genres related to him: Funk, Pop music, Rock music, Progressive rock, Jazz fusion and Brit funk.

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Michael Blakey

Michael Blakey (December 8, 1958 London-) is a British promoter, film score composer, musician, film producer, record producer, songwriter, music arranger, talent manager, composer and television producer.

Genres: Rock music, Pop music, Country and Alternative rock.

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Levi Roots

Levi Roots (June 24, 1958 Clarendon Parish-) also known as Keith Tanyue, Roots, Levi, Keith Valentine Graham or Keith Valentine Graham Bilal Musa is a British businessperson, celebrity chef, musician, entrepreneur and actor.

His albums include Free Your Mind and Red Hot. Genres related to him: Reggae.

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Chris Newman

Chris Newman (October 19, 1958 London-) is a British writer, composer, painter and author.

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David Sylvian

David Sylvian (February 23, 1958 London Borough of Bromley-) also known as Gone To Earth, David Sylian, David Alan Batt, Sylvian, David or David Sylvain is a British singer and keyboard player. His children are Ameera Sylvian and Isobel Sylvian.

His albums include Godman, The Good Son vs. The Only Daughter, Blemish, Alchemy: An Index of Possibilities, Camphor, Everything and Nothing, Approaching Silence, Brilliant Trees / Words With the Shaman, Dead Bees on a Cake and I Surrender. Genres he performed: Avant-garde, Jazz, Alternative rock, Classical music, Ambient music, Avant-garde music, Art rock, Electronic music and New Wave.

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Mick Karn

Mick Karn (July 24, 1958 Nicosia, Sicily-January 4, 2011 Chelsea) also known as Anthony Michaelides or Karn, Mick was a British oboist and bassist.

His albums include Three Part Species, More Better Different, Each Eye A Path, The Collector's Edition, The Tooth Mother, Bestial Cluster, Dreams of Reason Produce Monsters, Titles, Buoy and Love's Glove. His related genres: Avant-garde, Punk rock, Post-punk, Experimental rock, Avant-garde music and New Wave.

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Charlie Parsons

Charlie Parsons (August 7, 1958-) is a British screenwriter, television producer, film producer, businessperson and writer.

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Ray Santilli

Ray Santilli (September 30, 1958 London-) also known as Raymond Santilli is a British musician, record producer, film producer, television director and screenwriter.

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Deirdre Cartwright

Deirdre Cartwright (July 26, 1958 London-) is a British presenter.

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Lita Ford

Lita Ford (September 19, 1958 London-) also known as Carmelita Ford, Ford, Lita or Lita Rossanna Ford is a British singer, musician, singer-songwriter, guitarist and songwriter. Her children are James Leonard Gillette and Rocco Gillette.

Her albums: Out for Blood, Dancin' on the Edge, Close My Eyes Forever, Lita, Stiletto, Dangerous Curves, The Best of Lita Ford, Black, Greatest Hits Live! and Kiss Me Deadly. Genres she performed: Hard rock, Glam metal, Punk rock, Heavy metal and Rock music.

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Janet Kay

Janet Kay (October 17, 1958 London-) also known as Kay, Janet or Janet Kay Bogle is a British singer, songwriter and actor.

Her most important albums: For the Love of You, Silly Games, Love You Always, Making History, Lovin' You ~ BEST OF J.K., and Dub Dem Silly. Genres related to her: Reggae and Lovers rock.

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Limahl (December 19, 1958 Wigan-) a.k.a. Chris Hamill or Christopher Hamill is a British singer and voice actor.

His albums include The Best Of, Limahl, 2 Shy - The Best of, Never Ending Story, Never Ending Story, Limahl's Greatest Hits, Colour All My Days, Love Is Blind, Don't Suppose and Best of the 80's: Kajagoogoo & Limahl. Genres related to him: Pop music, New Wave, Synthpop, Pop rock and Dance music.

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Feargal Sharkey

Feargal Sharkey (August 13, 1958 Derry-) also known as Feargal Shearkey, Fergal Sharkey, Feargal Sharky, Sharkey, Feargal or Sean Feargal Sharkey is a British singer, musician, film score composer and music executive.

Discography: A Good Heart, Feargal Sharkey, Wish, Songs From the Mardi Gras, More Love and You Little Thief. Genres: Pop music, Punk rock and Pop punk.

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Christopher Dean

Christopher Dean (July 27, 1958 Calverton-) also known as Christopher Colin Dean, Dean, Christopher, Chris or Buster is a British guitarist, ice dancer and choreographer. His children are called Jack Robert Dean and Sam Colin Dean.

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Jennifer Saunders

Jennifer Saunders (July 6, 1958 Sleaford-) otherwise known as Jennifer Jane Saunders, Jen or Saunders is a British comedian, actor, screenwriter and voice actor. She has three children, Freya Edmondson, Ella Edmondson and Beattie Edmondson.

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Benjamin Zephaniah

Benjamin Zephaniah (April 15, 1958 Handsworth, West Midlands-) a.k.a. Benjamin Obadiah Iqbal Zephaniah is a British writer, police officer, playwright, author, poet and actor.

His albums include Naked, Reggae Head, Belly Of De Beast, Back to Roots, Rasta, and Dangerous Dubs, Volume 1.

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Charlie Higson

Charlie Higson (July 3, 1958 Frome-) also known as Switch or Charles Higson is a British novelist, actor, singer, author, comedian and screenwriter.

Discography: James Bond: Stille Wasser sind tödlich (feat. narrator: Rufus Beck).

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Dolphin Taylor

Dolphin Taylor (November 10, 1958-) also known as Brian Taylor , Brian "Dolphin" Taylor or Taylor, Dolphin is a British drummer.

Genres: Rock music and Punk rock.

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Andy Revell

Andy Revell (February 21, 1958 Bournemouth-) also known as Revell, Andy is a British , .

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Mike Barson

Mike Barson (April 21, 1958 Edinburgh-) also known as The Professor, Monsieur Barso, Barzo' or Michael Barson is a British musician, composer, record producer and songwriter. His children are called Timothy Barson, Jamie Barson and Joey Barson.

Genres: 2 Tone, New Wave, Pop music and Ska.

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Pete King

Pete King (August 13, 1958-July 15, 1987) also known as King, Pete was a British musician.

Genres he performed include New Wave, Rock music and Progressive rock.

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Duncan Campbell

Duncan Campbell (April 3, 1958 Birmingham-) is a British musician and singer.

Genres he performed include Reggae.

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Lenny Henry

Lenny Henry (August 29, 1958 Dudley-) a.k.a. Lenworth George Henry, Lenny Henry CBE, Shrunken Head or Lenworth George "Lenny" Henry is a British comedian, actor, screenwriter, presenter and voice actor. He has one child, Billie Henry.

Discography: Stand Up Sit Down and Peter and the Wolf.

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Jennifer Caron Hall

Jennifer Caron Hall (September 21, 1958 London-) also known as Jennifer Hall or Jenny Hall is a British actor, journalist, singer-songwriter, artist, writer, painter, visual artist, musician and music artist. Her child is Stephanie Clive.

Her albums include Fortune and Men's Eyes.

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Steven Isserlis

Steven Isserlis (December 19, 1958 London-) a.k.a. Isserlis, Steven is a British , .

His albums include Cello Sonatas, Lieux Retrouvés, Cello Sonatas, Cello Suites, Cello Sonatas, In the Shadow of War: Schelomo / The Loneliest Wilderness / Oration, Violin Concerto / Cello Concerto / Piano Concerto, reVisions, Tavener: The Protecting Veil / Britten: Cello Suite No 3 / Tavener: Thrinos and Cello Concerto no. 1 / Sonata no. 1 / Romances.

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Henry Badowski

Henry Badowski (October 1, 1958-) also known as Badowski, Henry is a British , .

His most well known albums: My Face, Making Love With My Wife and Life Is a Grand.... Genres he performed: New Wave and Punk rock.

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Mark Lester

Mark Lester (July 11, 1958 Oxford-) a.k.a. Mark A. Letzer is a British actor and osteopath.

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Miranda Richardson

Miranda Richardson (March 3, 1958 Southport-) a.k.a. Miranda Jane Richardson or Miss Miranda Richardson is a British actor and voice actor.

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Jake Burns

Jake Burns (February 21, 1958 Belfast-) also known as Burns, Jake, John Burns or Stiff Little Fingers is a British singer and guitarist.

Genres: Punk rock, Pop music and Rock music.

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Thomas Dolby

Thomas Dolby (October 14, 1958 London-) otherwise known as Dolby, Thomas, Dolby Thomas, Thomas Morgan Robertson or Tom Dolby is a British singer, musician, entrepreneur, record producer, singer-songwriter, keyboard player, keytarist, film score composer, actor, film director, film producer, film editor, cinematographer and screenwriter. He has three children, Harper Dolby, Talia Dolby and Graham Dolby.

His albums: Europa and the Pirate Twins, The Golden Age of Wireless, Dissidents, Gothic, Airhead, Airhead's Revenge, Hot Sauce, My Brain Is Like a Sieve, Close but No Cigar and I Love You Goodbye. His related genres: Synthpop, Pop rock and New Wave.

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Howard Goodall

Howard Goodall (May 26, 1958 Bromley-) also known as Howard Lindsay Goodall, Mr. Howard Goodall or Howard Goddall is a British composer, presenter, actor, screenwriter and film score composer.

His albums include The Lord Is My Shepherd, Red Dwarf, Choral Works, Enchanted Carols and Enchanted Voices.

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Barry Adamson

Barry Adamson (June 11, 1958 Moss Side-) a.k.a. Adamson, Barry, Mr. Adamson or Magazine is a British composer, musician, film score composer and bassist.

His discography includes: Delusion, The Negro Inside Me, The Big Bamboozle, Oedipus Schmoedipus, As Above So Below, What It Means, The Murky World of Barry Adamson, Black Amour, The King of Nothing Hill and Stranger on the Sofa. Genres he performed: Alternative rock, Electronica, Jazz, Post-punk, Punk rock, Electronic dance music, Rock noir, Acid jazz, Film score, Soundtrack, Lounge music, Soul jazz, Post-rock and Spy music.

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Adrian Dunbar

Adrian Dunbar (August 1, 1958 Enniskillen-) also known as Adrian is a British actor, screenwriter and film director. His child is Madaleine Dunbar.

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Chris Eaton

Chris Eaton (September 16, 1958 United Kingdom-) otherwise known as Eaton, Chris or Christopher Neville Eaton is a British singer-songwriter.

His albums: Vision and Wonderful World. Genres he performed: Christian music.

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Angela Hewitt

Angela Hewitt (July 26, 1958 Ottawa-) also known as Hewitt, Angela or Angela Hewitt, OC OBE is a British pianist.

Her albums include Fantasia and Fugue in A minor / Aria variata / Sonata in D major / Suite in F minor, The Keyboard Concertos 2: BWV 1053 / BWV 1054 / BWV 1055 / BWV 1056 / BWV 1057, The English Suites, Goldberg Variations, Piano Sonatas: Op. 13 "Pathétique" / Op. 28 "Pastoral" / Op. 2 no. 3, Debussy: Solo Piano Music, Keyboard Concertos, Schumann: Sonata in F# Minor & Humoreske, Rameau Keyboard Suites and Francois Couperin: Keyboard Music-1.

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Carole Davis

Carole Davis (February 17, 1958 London-) a.k.a. Tamara Kapitas, Carole Raphaelle Davis, Carole R. Davis, Carole Raphelle Davis or Carol Davis is a British actor, singer-songwriter and writer.

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Andrew Schofield

Andrew Schofield (October 12, 1958 Kirkby-) a.k.a. Drew Schofield is a British actor and musician. He has four children, Jessica Schofield, Bob Schofield, Drew Schofield and Laura Schofield.

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Paul Weller

Paul Weller (May 25, 1958 Sheerwater-) otherwise known as Paul Wellar, John William Weller, Weller, Paul, The Modfather, Style Council, The Jam or The Style Council is a British singer, guitarist, singer-songwriter, musician, record producer, composer, lyricist, poet, actor, songwriter and film score composer. He has seven children, John Paul Weller, Jesamine Weller, Nathaniel Weller, Dylan Weller, Bowie Weller, Stevie Weller and Leah Weller.

His albums include Paul Weller, Wild Wood, Heavy Soul, Modern Classics: The Greatest Hits, Heliocentric, Days of Speed, Illumination, Fly on the Wall: B Sides and Rarities, As Is Now and Broken Stones. His related genres: Rock music, Alternative rock, Mod revival, Acoustic music, Soul music, New Wave, Punk rock, Pop rock, Indie rock, Sophisti-pop and Blue-eyed soul.

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James Stevenson

James Stevenson (October 1, 1958-) also known as Stevenson, James is a British singer, guitarist and musician.

Genres: Punk rock, Rock music, Post-punk and New Wave.

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Norman Hassan

Norman Hassan (January 26, 1958 Birmingham-) also known as Norman Lamont Hassan is a British musician and singer.

Genres he performed include Reggae.

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Trevor Steel

Trevor Steel (January 5, 1958 Hampstead-) a.k.a. Steel, Trevor or Trevor David Steel is a British musician, singer-songwriter, guitarist and record producer.

Genres he performed: Alternative rock and Pop rock.

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Mark Reeder

Mark Reeder (January 5, 1958 Manchester-) is a British record producer, musician, actor and writer.

Discography: Five Point One. Genres he performed: Post-punk, Rock music, Synthpop, Techno, Trance music, Gothic metal, Punk rock and Electronica.

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Jools Holland

Jools Holland (January 24, 1958 Blackheath, London-) otherwise known as Julian Miles Holland, Holland, Jools, Julian Miles "Jools" Holland, Jools Holland and his Millionaires, Jools Holland & His Rythym & Blues Orchestra, Jools Holland's Rhythm and Blues Orchestra, Jools Holland of Squeeze or Squeeze is a British bandleader, presenter, organist, keyboard player, jazz pianist, musician, composer, television producer, actor, screenwriter and film score composer.

His most important albums: World of His Own, The Full Complement, The Best Of, The A-Z Geographers' Guide to the Piano, The Collection, Tom Jones & Jools Holland, I'm in the Mood for Love and Swinging the Blues, Dancing the Ska. Genres related to him: Jazz, Rhythm and blues, Blues, Boogie-woogie, Rock music and Punk rock.

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Siobhan Fahey

Siobhan Fahey (September 10, 1958 Dublin-) a.k.a. Máire Siobhan Deirdre Fahey, Siobhan Máire Deirdre Fahey, Bananarama or Shakespear's Sister is a British singer, disc jockey, musician, record producer, singer-songwriter, actor and screenwriter. Her children are Django Stewart and Sam Stewart.

Her albums: Bad Blood, Bitter Pill and The MGA Sessions. Genres: New Wave, Pop music, Rock music, Dance music and Electroclash.

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