British music stars born in 1959

Here are 50 famous musicians from United Kingdom were born in 1959:

Robert Smith

Robert Smith (April 21, 1959 Blackpool-) also known as Robert James Smith, Smith, Robert, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Robin or Rob is a British singer, musician, record producer, songwriter, guitarist, organist, actor, lyricist and keyboard player.

Discography: Da Hype and Not in Love. Genres related to him: New Wave, Punk rock, Gothic rock, Post-punk, Alternative rock, Pop music, Experimental rock and Indie rock.

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Victor Lewis-Smith

Victor Lewis-Smith (May 12, 1959-) is a British journalist.

Discography: and .

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Martin Brundle

Martin Brundle (June 1, 1959 King's Lynn-) is a British race car driver and commentator. His children are called Alex Brundle and Charlotte Brundle.

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Vic Reeves

Vic Reeves (January 24, 1959 Leeds-) a.k.a. James Roderick Moir, Reeves, Vic, Jim Moir, Reeves and Mortimer, Vic, Vic Reeves & The Wonderstuff or Vic Reeves and the Wonderstuff is a British presenter, comedian, actor, screenwriter, film score composer, film producer, artist, musician and music artist. He has four children, Alice Vincent Moir, Louis Vincent Moir, Nell Moir and Elizabeth Moir.

His albums include Abide With Me, I Will Cure You, Dizzy and Theme From Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased). His related genres: Pop music.

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Dave Courtney

Dave Courtney (February 17, 1959 Bermondsey-) is a British actor.

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Ken Nelson

Ken Nelson (February 6, 1959 Liverpool-) a.k.a. Nelson, Ken is a British record producer and guitarist.

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Alan Wilder

Alan Wilder (June 1, 1959 Hammersmith-) also known as Alan Charles Wilder, Wilder, Alan, Slick, The Boss or Charlie is a British musician, record producer, keyboard player, composer, drummer and music arranger. His children are called Paris Wilder and Stanley Duke Wilder.

Genres he performed: Electronica, Avant-garde music, Electronic dance music, New Wave, Electronic music, Synthpop, Alternative dance, Trip hop, Industrial rock, Rock music, Alternative rock, Dance-rock and Electronic rock.

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David Lowe

David Lowe (April 11, 1959 The Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield-) also known as Dreamcatcher or Lowe, David is a British film score composer and composer.

His albums: Dreamcatcher and Grand Designs.

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Antonio Pappano

Antonio Pappano (December 30, 1959 Epping-) also known as Sir Antonio "Tony" Pappano, Anthony Pappano or Sir Antonio Pappano is a British conductor, pianist and music director.

His albums include Respighi: Roman Trilogy, Il Tramonto, Schubert Schwanengesang, Madama Butterfly, Tristan und Isolde (Orchestra of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden feat. conductor: Antonio Pappano), , , Hugo Wolf: Anniversary Edition, Romance, Piano Concertos 1 & 2 and Melodies. Genres he performed include Classical music.

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Alan Moulder

Alan Moulder (June 11, 1959 Boston-) otherwise known as Moulder, Alan is a British record producer and audio engineer.

His albums include Intensify. Genres related to him: Alternative rock.

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David Tickle

David Tickle (September 6, 1959 United Kingdom-) a.k.a. Tickle, David is a British , .

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Jonathan Pearce

Jonathan Pearce (November 28, 1959 Plymouth-) a.k.a. Jonothan Pierce is a British sports commentator, commentator and actor.

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Mark Saunders

Mark Saunders (March 20, 1959 Ramsdell-) also known as Saunders, Mark is a British engineer.

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Ali Campbell

Ali Campbell (February 15, 1959 Birmingham-) also known as Alistair Ian Campbell, Campbell, Ali, Ali Cambell or UB40 is a British musician, songwriter, singer and actor.

His most important albums: Big Love, Running Free, Flying High, That Look in Your Eye, Great British Songs and Let Your Yeah Be Yeah. Genres related to him: Reggae.

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Richard Barrett

Richard Barrett (November 7, 1959 Swansea-) a.k.a. Barrett, Richard is a British , .

His discography includes: Elision Ensemble / Chamber Works and Colophony.

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Tracey Ullman

Tracey Ullman (December 30, 1959 Slough-) also known as Tracy Ullman, Trace Ullman, Ullman, Tracey or Tracey Ullmann is a British comedian, singer, actor, film producer, screenwriter, television producer, television director, dancer, author and voice actor. She has two children, Mabel McKeown and John McKeown.

Her discography includes: The Best of Tracey Ullman, The Best Of, Sunglasses, The Very Best Of, You Broke My Heart in 17 Places, You Caught Me Out, The Very Best Of, My Guy's Mad at Me, Move Over Darling: The Complete Stiff Recordings and They Don’t Know. Genres she performed include Comedy.

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Julian Clary

Julian Clary (May 25, 1959 Surbiton-) otherwise known as The Joan Collins Fan Club, Julian Peter McDonald Clary or Joan Collins Fan Club is a British presenter, comedian, novelist, actor and screenwriter.

His albums: Leader of the Pack.

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Steve Strange

Steve Strange (May 28, 1959 Newbridge-February 12, 2015) a.k.a. Steven John Harrington, Strange, Steve or Steve John Harrington was a British singer, actor and businessperson.

His albums include Fade to Grey and Poison Within. Genres: Synthpop, New Wave and Punk rock.

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Robert Lloyd

Robert Lloyd (June 5, 1959 Cannock-) also known as Lloyd, Robert is a British musician.

Discography: Keep Lying, I Love It.

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Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie (June 11, 1959 Oxford-) also known as James Hugh Calum Laurie, Hugh 'Struck by a' Lorry, Laurie, James Hugh Calum Laurie, OBE, Mr. Hugh Laurie or Fry and Laurie is a British actor, comedian, musician, voice actor, screenwriter, television producer, television director, singer, author and writer. He has three children, Charles Archibald Laurie, William Albert Laurie and Rebecca Augusta Laurie.

His albums include Let Them Talk, Didn't It Rain and The World of Jeeves and Wooster.

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Andy Smart

Andy Smart (June 16, 1959 Southsea-) is a British actor.

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Gary Kemp

Gary Kemp (October 16, 1959 Smithfield, London-) also known as Kemp, Gary, Gary James Kemp or Spandau Ballet is a British musician, actor, singer-songwriter, guitarist and songwriter. He has four children, Finlay Munro Kemp, Milo Wolf Kemp, Kit Kemp and Rex Kemp.

Genres related to him: Pop rock, Pop music, Synthpop, Swing music, Jazz, Blue-eyed soul, Funk and New Wave.

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Simon Keenlyside

Simon Keenlyside (August 3, 1959 London-) also known as Keenlyside, Simon, Simon Keenlyside CBE or Simon Joseph Keenlyside is a British opera singer and singer.

His albums: , The Hyperion Schubert Edition, Volume 22: An 1815 Schubertiad II, The Tempest, Britten: War Requiem, , Le Nozze di Figaro, The English Song Series, Volume 3: On Wenlock Edge / Five Mystical Songs and The English Song Series, Volume 1: including On Wenlock Edge.

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Mel Gaynor

Mel Gaynor (May 29, 1959 Balham-) also known as Gaynor, Mel is a British musician and drummer.

Genres he performed include House music, New Wave, Pop music and Rock music.

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Stephen Singleton

Stephen Singleton (April 17, 1959 Sheffield-) also known as ABC is a British saxophonist and musician.

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Steve Rothery

Steve Rothery (November 25, 1959 Brampton Bierlow-) also known as Steven Rothery or Rothery, Steve is a British musician, songwriter and guitarist.

Related albums: The Ghosts of Pripyat. Genres he performed: Neo-progressive rock, Rock music and Progressive rock.

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Davy Carton

Davy Carton (April 10, 1959 Islington-) is a British songwriter, guitarist and singer.

Genres: Roots rock and Folk music.

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Clive Mitten

Clive Mitten (February 24, 1959-) also known as Mitten, Clive is a British , .

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Craig Armstrong

Craig Armstrong (April 29, 1959 Glasgow-) also known as Craig Amstrong, Craig Armonstrong or Armonstrong, Craig is a British composer, musician and film score composer.

His albums: The Space Between Us, Plunkett & Macleane, As If to Nothing, Ray - Original Motion Picture Score, World Trade Center, Kiss of the Dragon, Love Actually, The Bone Collector, The Quiet American and Film Works 1995-2005. Genres he performed include Electronic music, Alternative rock, Classical music and Film score.

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Emma Thompson

Emma Thompson (April 15, 1959 Paddington-) is a British screenwriter, comedian, actor, author, voice actor and film producer. Her children are Gaia Romilly Wise and Tindyebwa Agaba Wise.

Her albums include Nanny McPhee Returns.

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Virginia Astley

Virginia Astley (September 26, 1959 Watford-) also known as Astley, Virginia is a British musician, songwriter and singer.

Her albums: All Shall Be Well, From Gardens Where We Feel Secure, Had I the Heavens, A Bao A Qu, Hope in a Darkened Heart and Promise Nothing. Genres: Dream pop, Alternative rock and Ambient music.

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Rupert Everett

Rupert Everett (May 29, 1959 Burnham Deepdale-) also known as Rupert James Hector Everett is a British actor, writer, voice actor, film producer, model, screenwriter and film director.

Related albums: Hearts of Fire.

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Jonathan Dove

Jonathan Dove (July 18, 1959 London-) is a British composer and film score composer.

His discography includes: Tobias and the Angel and The Passing of the Year.

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Will Gregory

Will Gregory (September 17, 1959 Bristol-) also known as Gregory, Will, William Gregory, William Owen Gregory, Goldfrapp or The Hautboys is a British keyboard player, songwriter, record producer, musician, saxophonist and composer.

His related genres: Synthpop, Ambient music, Electronica and Electronic dance music.

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Pete Trewavas

Pete Trewavas (January 15, 1959 Middlesbrough-) also known as Peter Trewavas or Trewavas, Pete is a British musician.

Genres related to him: Art rock and Progressive rock.

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Mike Lindup

Mike Lindup (March 17, 1959 London-) also known as Lindup, Mike is a British singer and musician.

His discography includes: Changes, Conversations With Silence and On The One.

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David Easter

David Easter (November 11, 1959 Eastleigh-) also known as David James Easter or Easter, David is a British actor.

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Paul Rutherford

Paul Rutherford (December 8, 1959 Liverpool-) also known as Rutherford, Paul or Paul Steven Rutherford is a British singer, musician, dancer and keyboard player.

His albums: Oh World and I Want Your Love. Genres he performed: New Wave, Dance music, Pop rock, Synthpop and House music.

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Maxwell Caulfield

Maxwell Caulfield (November 23, 1959 Duffield, Derbyshire-) also known as Maxwell Findlater or Maxwell Caufield is a British actor and voice actor. He has two children, Melissa Caulfield and Sean Caulfield.

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Alan Barnes

Alan Barnes (July 23, 1959 Altrincham-) also known as Barnes, Alan is a British bandleader.

Related albums: Yeah!, A dotty Blues, Better Late Than Never, Zootcase, Below Zero and Inside Out. Genres he performed include Hard bop and Bebop.

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Chris Lowe

Chris Lowe (October 4, 1959 Blackpool-) also known as Christopher Sean Lowe or Pet Shop Boys is a British musician, keyboard player and film score composer.

His albums: The Most Incredible Thing. His related genres: Synthpop, Dance music, Electronica, Electronic dance music, Pop music, Intelligent dance music and Electropop.

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Sade Adu

Sade Adu (January 16, 1959 Ibadan-) a.k.a. Helen Folasade Adu is a British singer, record producer, singer-songwriter, composer and musician.

Genres she performed: Contemporary R&B, Adult contemporary music and Jazz.

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Mike Peters

Mike Peters (February 25, 1959 Prestatyn-) also known as Peters, Mike, Michael Leslie Peters or The Alarm is a British singer, musician, songwriter and film score composer.

Discography: Feel Free, Acoustic Works 1981–1986, Collected Works, The Millennium Gathering, Second Generation, Volume 1, Flesh and Blood, Rise, Abbey Road Sessions, Breathe and Shine On. Genres he performed include Rock music and New Wave.

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Corinne Drewery

Corinne Drewery (September 21, 1959 Nottingham-) a.k.a. Drewery, Corinne is a British singer, musician and composer.

Her related genres: Pop music, Northern soul, Smooth jazz and Sophisti-pop.

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James Kerr

James Kerr (July 9, 1959 Glasgow-) also known as Jim Kerr, Kerr, Jim or James "Jim" Kerr is a British singer, songwriter and musician. He has two children, James Kerr and Yasmin Kerr.

His albums: Lostboy! AKA Jim Kerr. Genres: New Romanticism, New Wave, Rock music, Folk music, Pop music, Pop rock, Alternative rock, Punk rock and Post-punk.

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Charlie Burchill

Charlie Burchill (November 27, 1959 Glasgow-) otherwise known as Charles Burchill or Burchill, Charlie is a British guitarist, musician and composer.

Genres he performed include New Wave, Alternative rock, Rock music, Post-punk and Pop rock.

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John Sykes

John Sykes (July 29, 1959 Reading-) a.k.a. Sykes, John or Sykes is a British musician, songwriter and guitarist.

Related albums: 20th Century, Loveland, Please Don't Leave Me, Chapter One, Nuclear Cowboy, Best of John Sykes, Bad Boy Live! and Out of My Tree. Genres he performed: Hard rock, Heavy metal and Glam metal.

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Paul Clarkson

Paul Clarkson (May 16, 1959 Worcester-) otherwise known as Clarkson, Paul is a British actor, theatre director and teacher.

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Bob Mortimer

Bob Mortimer (May 23, 1959 Acklam, Middlesbrough-) otherwise known as Robert Renwick Mortimer, Mortimer, Bob, Reeves and Mortimer, Robert Mortimer, Vic Reeves and the Wonderstuff or Bob is a British presenter, comedian, screenwriter, actor and film score composer.

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Cousin Silas

Cousin Silas (May 7, 1959 Huddersfield-) is a British musician, record producer and writer.

His albums include Uncertainty, Adrift off the Islets of Langerhans, Whispers Fall, Canaveral Dreams, The Place It Used to Be and Weaving Portraits. Genres related to him: Drone music and Ambient music.

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