British music stars born in 1961

Here are 50 famous musicians from United Kingdom were born in 1961:

Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais (June 25, 1961 Reading-) also known as Ricky Dene Gervais or Seona Dancing is a British author, comedian, actor, television director, television producer, screenwriter, writer, film director, film producer, disc jockey, presenter, musician and voice actor.

His discography includes: Equality Street and If You Don't Know Me By Now.

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Tim Roth

Tim Roth (May 14, 1961 Dulwich-) otherwise known as Timothy Simon Smith, Simon Timothy Roth, Simon Timothy "Tim" Roth or Tim is a British actor, television producer and film director. He has three children, Jack Roth, Timothy Hunter Roth and Michael Cormac Roth.

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Ricky Wilde

Ricky Wilde (November 6, 1961-) otherwise known as Wilde, Ricki or Richard James Reginald Steven Smith is a British actor and film director.

His albums: I Am an Astronaut and Teen Wave.

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Marc Riley

Marc Riley (July 10, 1961 Manchester-) also known as Riley, Marc is a British singer and guitarist.

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Clive Nolan

Clive Nolan (June 30, 1961 United Kingdom-) also known as Nolan, Clive is a British musician, record producer, songwriter and singer.

His albums: Skeletons in the Cupboard, Volume 1, Conflicts, Jabberwocky and The Hound of the Baskervilles. Genres he performed: Progressive rock.

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Neil Fox

Neil Fox (June 12, 1961 Harrow, London-) a.k.a. Neil Andrew Howe Fox, Dr. Fox, Foxy, Fox, Dr, Dr Fox, Dr.Fox or Dr Neil Fox is a British presenter and actor. He has three children, Scarlett Fox, Jack Presley Roy Fox and Martha Fox.

His albums include Mix 'o' Matic.

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Stephen Hough

Stephen Hough (November 22, 1961 Heswall-) also known as Hough, Stephen is a British pianist.

Discography: Brahms: String Quartet Op. 51, No. 2, Piano Quintet Op. 34, My Favorite Things: Virtuoso Encores, New York Variations, Piano Music by Federico Mompou, Cello Sonatas, Music for Piano and Wind Quintet, , Piano Concerto in B minor, op. 89 / Piano Concerto in A minor, op. 85, The Complete Waltzes and In the Shadow of War: Schelomo / The Loneliest Wilderness / Oration. Genres he performed include Classical music.

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Danny Rampling

Danny Rampling (July 15, 1961 Streatham-) a.k.a. Rampling, Danny is a British disc jockey and record producer.

His albums include Autentico Ibiza, Love Groove Dance Party, Volumes 5 & 6, Ministry Presents: Superstar DJs: Danny Rampling, Decade of Dance, Love Groove Dance Party, Volumes 1 & 2, Love Groove Dance Party, Volumes 3 & 4, In the Mix, Volume One, Break For Love, Love Groove Dance Party and Break for Love. Genres he performed include House music, Balearic beat, Progressive house and Trance music.

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Robert Marlow

Robert Marlow (October 21, 1961 Basildon-) also known as Marlow, Robert is a British singer.

His albums: The Peter Pan Effect and Claudette. Genres he performed include Synthpop, Electro, Techno, New Wave and Electropop.

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Jeremy Summerly

Jeremy Summerly (February 28, 1961-) a.k.a. Summerly, Jeremy is a British , .

His discography includes: The Best of Tallis, Mass for Four Voices / Motets, Lamentations, Spem in alium / Missa Salve intemerata (Oxford Camerata feat. conductor: Jeremy Summerly), Missa Caput / Salve Regina, Renaissance Masterpieces, Masses, , Missa Papae Marcelli / Missa Aeterna Christi Munera (Oxford Camerata, Jeremy Summerly) and Coronation Anthems & Silete Venti.

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Pato Banton & The Reggae Revolution

Pato Banton & The Reggae Revolution (January 28, 1961 London-) also known as Banton Pato, Pato Banton and the Reggae Revolution, Pato Banton & The Reggae Revolution or Banton, Pato is a British , .

His albums include Never Give In, Visions of the World, Recaptured, Wize Up! (No Compromize), Live & Kickin All Over America, Universal Love, Collections, Stay Positive, Ao Vivo no Brazil and Life Is a Miracle. Genres: Reggae.

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Graham McPherson

Graham McPherson (January 13, 1961 Hastings-) also known as Suggs, The Singing Teeth, Lord Suggs or Chaos Robert is a British musician, actor, tv personality, disc jockey, radio personality, author and record producer. He has two children, Scarlett McPherson and Viva McPherson.

His albums: Camden Town, I'm Only Sleeping, The Christmas EP, No More Alcohol, The Lone Ranger, The Three Pyramids Club, Cecilia, I'm Only Sleeping / Off on Holiday and The Platinum Collection. Genres he performed: Pop music, Ska and New Wave.

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Richard Garriott

Richard Garriott (July 4, 1961 Cambridge-) also known as Lord British or Richard 'Lord British' Garriott is a British programmer, game designer, astronaut, video game development, entrepreneur and designer. He has one child, Kinga Garriot.

His albums include and .

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Frank Bruno

Frank Bruno (November 16, 1961 Hammersmith-) otherwise known as Franklin Roy "Frank" Bruno, Franklin Roy Bruno, "Frank" Bruno, Franklyn Roy Bruno or Franklin Roy "Frank" Bruno MBE is a British professional boxer. His children are called Rachel Bruno, Nicola Bruno, Franklyn Bruno and Freya Bruno.

His discography includes: Eye of the Tiger.

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Maxi Priest

Maxi Priest (June 10, 1961 Lewisham-) otherwise known as Max Elliot, Priest, Maxi or Max Elliott is a British singer and songwriter.

His most recognized albums: A Collection, Watching the World Go By, The Best of Maxi Priest, That Girl, Peace Throughout the World, Man With the Fun, Fe Real, Combination, Best of Me and 2 the Max. Genres he performed: Reggae, Lovers rock and Reggae fusion.

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Sal Solo

Sal Solo (September 5, 1961 London-) also known as Solo, Sal is a British singer and musician.

Discography: Look at Christ, Anno Domini - A Mass for The New Millennium, Heart & Soul, I Worship and Pilgrimage, The Gospel Best Of Sal Solo. Genres he performed: New Wave and Post-punk.

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Morgan King

Morgan King (March 28, 1961 London-) also known as King, Morgan is a British disc jockey, musician, writer and record producer.

Genres: House music, Ambient music, Electronica, Electronic dance music and Alternative rock.

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Denise Gyngell

Denise Gyngell (August 30, 1961 Porth-) a.k.a. Gyngell, Denise is a British , .

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Boff Whalley

Boff Whalley (January 1, 1961 Burnley-) also known as Boffo, Allan Mark Whalley or Allan Whalley is a British musician.

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Christine Collister

Christine Collister (December 28, 1961 Douglas-) also known as Collister, Christine is a British singer, musician, record producer and songwriter.

Her albums include Blue Aconite, Songbird, The Dark Gift of Time, Hell Bent Heaven Bound II: Money the £inal £rontier, Christine Collister Live, A Change in the Weather, Mischief, Love Is a Strange Hotel and Home and Away. Genres she performed include Blues, Folk music and Jazz.

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Boy George

Boy George (June 14, 1961 Bexley-) also known as George Alan O'Dowd, Angela Dust, George O'Dowd, boy_george or Culture Club is a British singer-songwriter, disc jockey, fashion designer, performer, photographer and record producer.

His discography includes: U Can Never B2 Straight, The Martyr Mantras, The Devil in Sister George, The Crying Game, Love Is Leaving - Mixes, Funtime, Classic Masters, Essential Mix, Cheapness and Beauty and At Worst… The Best of Boy George and Culture Club. Genres he performed include Pop music, Rock music, Reggae, Electronica, Indian classical music, Contemporary Christian music, House music, Soul music, Dance music, New Wave, Soft rock and Disco.

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Simon Russell Beale

Simon Russell Beale (January 12, 1961 Penang-) also known as Simon Russell-Beale or Simon Russell Beale, CBE is a British actor and historian.

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Lloyd Cole

Lloyd Cole (January 31, 1961 Buxton-) also known as Llyod Cole or Cole, Lloyd is a British singer.

Related albums: Lloyd Cole, Don't Get Weird on Me, Babe, Bad Vibes, Love Story, Another Story, Etc., Music in a Foreign Language, Plastic Wood, Antidepressant and Baby. Genres: Rock music, Indie pop and Pop music.

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Will Self

Will Self (September 26, 1961 London-) also known as William Woodard Self, Will, Self, Will or William Woodard "Will" Self is a British writer, novelist, journalist, author, screenwriter and tv personality. He has four children, Alexis Self, Madeleine Self, Ivan Self and Luther Self.

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Jonathan Coe

Jonathan Coe (August 19, 1961 Bromsgrove-) also known as Jonathan Coe is a British author and novelist.

Discography: .

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Harry Gregson-Williams

Harry Gregson-Williams (December 13, 1961 Chichester-) also known as Harry Gregson Williams is a British composer, conductor, film score composer, orchestrator, record producer and film producer. He has one child, Ben Gregson-Williams.

His albums include The Borrowers, The Replacement Killers, The Tigger Movie, Phone Booth, Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas, The Rundown, Man on Fire, Shrek 2, Kingdom of Heaven and The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Genres he performed include Film score and Video game music.

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Tina May

Tina May (March 30, 1961 Gloucester-) also known as May, Tina is a British singer.

Her albums: Live in Paris, It Ain't Necessarily So, Early May, Change of Sky, Time Will Tell, Jazz Piquant, Never Let Me Go, Tina May Sings the Ray Bryant Song Book, I'll Take Romance and I Never Told You. Genres she performed include Jazz.

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Roland Gift

Roland Gift (May 28, 1961 Birmingham-) also known as Roland Lee Gift is a British singer, musician and actor.

Discography: Roland Gift.

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Mark White

Mark White (April 1, 1961 Sheffield-) also known as Mark Andrew White or ABC is a British musician.

Genres he performed include New Wave and Rock music.

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Jane Leeves

Jane Leeves (April 18, 1961 Ilford-) also known as Amanda Jane Leeves, Jane Elizabeth Leeves, Jane Leaves or The Overtones is a British actor, dancer, comedian, voice actor and model. She has two children, Finn William Leeves Coben and Isabella Kathryn Coben.

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Nick Beggs

Nick Beggs (December 15, 1961 Winslow-) also known as Beggs, Nick or Nicholas Beggs is a British musician, songwriter and audio engineer.

His albums: Stick Insect.

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David Sawer

David Sawer (September 14, 1961 Stockport-) also known as Sawer, David is a British composer.

His albums include From Morning to Midnight.

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John Eacott

John Eacott (December 19, 1961-) a.k.a. Eacott, John is a British film score composer, composer and teacher.

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Curt Smith

Curt Smith (June 24, 1961 Bath-) a.k.a. Smith, Curt, Smigger or Tears For Fears is a British songwriter, musician, record producer, singer, composer, television producer, actor and film score composer. He has two children, Diva Smith and Wilder Smith.

His albums include Aeroplane, Halfway, Pleased, Soul on Board, All Is Love and Deceptively Heavy. His related genres: Pop rock, Synthpop, New Wave, Pop music, Mod revival and Post-punk.

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Keren Woodward

Keren Woodward (April 2, 1961 Bristol-) also known as Woodward, Keren or Keren Jane Woodward is a British singer and songwriter. She has one child, Thomas.

Genres: Pop music and New Wave.

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Keith Mullin

Keith Mullin (March 7, 1961 Bootle-) is a British guitarist.

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The Edge

The Edge (August 8, 1961 Barking-) also known as David Howell Evans or Edge is a British musician, songwriter, guitarist, keyboard player, film score composer and activist. His children are Hollie Evans, Sian Evans, Blue Angel Evans, Levi Evans and Arran Evans.

His most recognized albums: Captive, Heroine, Snake Charmer and Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. Genres he performed include Rock music, Post-punk and Alternative rock.

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Charles Hart

Charles Hart (June 3, 1961 London-) also known as Hart, Charles is a British lyricist, songwriter and musician.

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Edward Lambton

Edward Lambton (October 19, 1961-) also known as Ned Durham, Ned Lambton, The Rt. Hon. Edward Lambton, 7th Earl of Durham, Viscount Lambton or Lord Durham is a British musician. He has two children, Lady Stella Lambton and Frederick Lambton.

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Brian Conley

Brian Conley (August 7, 1961 Paddington-) a.k.a. Brian Paul Conley or Brian Connelly is a British presenter, singer, comedian and actor. He has two children, Lucy Conley and Amy Conley.

Discography: Let the Good Times Roll.

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Sara Dallin

Sara Dallin (December 17, 1961 Bristol-) also known as Sarah Elizabeth Dallin or Dallin, Sarah Elizabeth is a British singer, musician and bassist.

Genres: Pop music and New Wave.

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Roland Orzabal

Roland Orzabal (August 22, 1961 Havant-) also known as Orzabal, Roland, Raoul Jaime Orzabal de la Quintana or Roland Jaime Orzabal de la Quintana is a British singer, musician, record producer, guitarist, songwriter, composer and writer. His children are Raoul Orzabal and Pascal Orzabal.

His albums: Tomcats Screaming Outside and Low Life. Genres he performed: Pop music, Rock music, Pop rock, Post-punk, New Wave, Classic rock, Synthpop, Hard rock, Alternative rock and Mod revival.

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Harry Enfield

Harry Enfield (May 30, 1961 Horsham-) also known as Henry R. Enfield, Henry Richard Enfield or Henry Richard "Harry" Enfield is a British comedian, actor, screenwriter, television director and voice actor. His children are Archie Edward Enfield, Poppy Sophia Enfield and Nell Florence Enfield.

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Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle (April 1, 1961 Blackburn-) also known as Boyle, Susan, Susan Magdalane Boyle, SuBo or The Hairy Angel is a British singer, artist, actor, musician and music artist.

Her discography includes: I Dreamed a Dream, The Gift, Someone to Watch Over Me, Standing Ovation: The Greatest Songs from the Stage, Home For Christmas, I Dreamed a Dream, Perfect Day, I Know Him So Well and Hope. Genres she performed include Pop music, Classical music, Torch song, Rhythm and blues, Operatic pop and Crossover.

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Jimmy Somerville

Jimmy Somerville (June 22, 1961 Glasgow-) also known as Jimmy Sommerville, Somerville, Jimmy, James William Somerville, Bronski Beat, The Communards or Bronski Beat and Marc Almond is a British singer, songwriter and actor.

His most important albums: Dark Sky, Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You, Dare to Love, Read My Lips, Why, You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real), Something to Live For, Home Again, The Singles Collection 1984-1990 and The Very Best of Jimmy Somerville, Bronski Beat and The Communards. Genres he performed: Synthpop, Pop music, Hi-NRG, New Wave and Dance music.

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Mike Marlin

Mike Marlin (February 17, 1961 London-) is a British singer-songwriter.

His albums include Man on the Ground and Nearly Man. Genres he performed include Alternative rock.

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Simon Law

Simon Law (May 28, 1961 Luton-) is a British record producer, keyboard player, songwriter and musician.

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Hugh Whitaker

Hugh Whitaker (May 18, 1961 Kingston upon Hull-) otherwise known as Whitaker, Hugh is a British drummer.

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Anthony Wong

Anthony Wong (September 2, 1961 Hong Kong-) a.k.a. Wong Chau-Sang, Anthony Perry, Wong Chau Sang, Chau-Sang Wong, Qiusheng Huang, Antony Wong, Huang Qiusheng, Chow-Sun Wong, Yat, Chau-Sun Wong, Chau Sang Anthony Wong, Anthony Wong Chau-sang, Anthony Wong Chau Sang or Wong4 Cau1-sang1 is a British actor, screenwriter, film director, voice actor and television presenter. He has one child, Huang Yi Yi.

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Gillian Gilbert

Gillian Gilbert (January 27, 1961 Whalley Range, Manchester-) also known as Gilbert, Gillian, Gillian Lesley Gilbert, Lesley Gilbert, New Order or The Other Two is a British singer, keyboard player, musician, film score composer and guitarist. Her children are called Grace Morris and Tilly Morris.

Genres: Synthpop, Alternative rock, New Wave, Post-punk, Alternative dance and Electronica.

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