British music stars born in 1980

Here are 34 famous musicians from United Kingdom were born in 1980:

Kevin Simm

Kevin Simm (September 5, 1980 Chorley-) also known as Kevin Ian Simm is a British singer.

His discography includes: Brand New.

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Andy Scott-Lee

Andy Scott-Lee (March 29, 1980 Rhyl-) also known as Andy Scott Lee, Scott-Lee, Andy or Robert Andrew James Scott-Lee is a British singer and singer-songwriter.

Genres he performed include Pop music, Rhythm and blues and Soul music.

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Steve Edwards

Steve Edwards (May 8, 1980-) also known as Edwards, Steve is a British , .

His albums: Together.

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Sami Yusuf

Sami Yusuf (July 21, 1980 Tehran-) is a British singer, musician, singer-songwriter, composer and record producer.

His albums: My Ummah, Al-Mu'Allim, Wherever You Are, Without You and Salaam. Genres he performed include Pop music, Nasheed and Islamic music.

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Sinéad Quinn

Sinéad Quinn (March 24, 1980 Ireland-) also known as Sinead Quinn or Quinn, Sinéad is a British singer.

Her albums: I Can't Break Down, What You Need Is... and Ready to Run.

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MC Romeo

MC Romeo (October 23, 1980 London-) a.k.a. Romeo, Romeo Dunn or Marvin Dawkins is a British rapper and master of ceremonies.

His albums include Solid Love, Romeo Dunn and It's All Gravy. Genres related to him: Pop-rap, UK Garage, Grime and Hip hop music.

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Paddy Milner

Paddy Milner (March 20, 1980 Edinburgh-) also known as Milner, Paddy is a British singer-songwriter.

His most important albums: Based on a True Story, Earl Thomas with Paddy Milner & the Big Sounds, Walking on Eggshells, 21st Century Boogie and You Think Your're So Damn Funny. Genres: Jazz, Blues and Classical music.

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Gary Jarman

Gary Jarman (October 20, 1980-) also known as Gary John Jarman is a British singer, bassist, multi-instrumentalist, musician and songwriter.

Genres: Power pop, Indie rock and Punk rock.

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Ryan Jarman

Ryan Jarman (October 20, 1980 Wakefield-) otherwise known as Ryan James Jarman is a British singer, guitarist, songwriter and record producer.

Genres he performed: Indie rock, Power pop, Punk rock and Lo-fi music.

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Tahita Bulmer

Tahita Bulmer (April 26, 1980 London-) otherwise known as Bulmer, Tahita is a British singer.

Genres related to her: New Wave, Alternative dance, Post-punk revival, Synthpop, New rave and Electropop.

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Lucy Gordon

Lucy Gordon (May 22, 1980 Oxford-May 20, 2009 Paris) was a British actor and model.

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Amanda Wilson

Amanda Wilson (April 13, 1980 Peckham-) also known as Wilson, Amanda is a British singer.

Her most important albums: Love on My Mind and You and I. Genres: House music.

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MaJiKer (June 10, 1980-) is a British , .

His albums: Body - Piano - Machine. Genres: Pop music, Independent music, Alternative rock, Chanson and Electronica.

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Lee Jason Simeone

Lee Jason Simeone (March 20, 1980 Essex-) also known as Lee Jason Simeone is a British musician and record producer.

Genres related to him: Electronic music, Dark wave and Pop music.

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Hadley Fraser

Hadley Fraser (April 21, 1980 Windsor-) also known as Robert Hugh Fraser, Hads, Hedley or Hadders is a British actor.

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Gareth McLearnon

Gareth McLearnon (January 17, 1980-) is a British flutist.

Genres: Classical music and Folk music.

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Indy Sagu

Indy Sagu (July 25, 1980 Bradford-) a.k.a. Sagu, Indy is a British entrepreneur, multi-instrumentalist, record producer and singer.

His discography includes: The Debut. Genres he performed include UK Garage, Hip hop music and Bhangra.

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Jessica Taylor

Jessica Taylor (June 23, 1980 United States of America-) is a British singer, actor and model.

Genres she performed: Pop music and Rhythm and blues.

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Penny Broadhurst

Penny Broadhurst (October 21, 1980-) is a British writer and singer.

Genres she performed: Pop music, Rock music, Independent music and Pop rock.

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Sam Riley

Sam Riley (January 8, 1980 Menston-) is a British singer and actor.

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Ben Whishaw

Ben Whishaw (October 14, 1980 Clifton-) also known as Benjamin John Whishaw, Ben, Benjamin John "Ben" Whishaw or Whishaw, Ben is a British actor.

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Oliver James

Oliver James (June 1, 1980 Ottershaw-) also known as Oli, Oliver James Hudson or Oliver James Hutson is a British singer, actor, musician and songwriter.

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Andy Moor

Andy Moor (January 16, 1980 Stoke-on-Trent-) also known as A. Beardmore, Andy Moor or Andrew Beardmore is a British disc jockey, record producer and remixer.

Discography: Passenger, Violent City, Fake Awake, A State of Trance 500, Ministry of Sound: Trance Nation, Faces, Stadium Four, Spirit’s Pulse, Air for Life and World to Turn. Genres he performed include Trance music and Progressive house.

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Jade Anderson

Jade Anderson (May 26, 1980-) a.k.a. Jade Genevieve Anderson is a British singer-songwriter and actor.

Her most well known albums: Sugar High.

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Birdengine (July 10, 1980 Dorset-) is a British singer-songwriter and musician.

Discography: Birdengine EP, I Fed Thee Rabbit Water, No Arms And No Friends / Ghost Club 7" Vinyl, Early 4-Track Recordings EP, I Like Totally Do Not Understand Or Whatever EP, The Crooked Mile and Minerals Series. Genres he performed: Pop music, Freak folk and Experimental music.

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Katherine Jenkins

Katherine Jenkins (June 29, 1980 Neath-) also known as Jenkins, Katherine is a British singer, artist, musician, music artist and actor.

Her albums: Living a Dream, Première, From the Heart, Rejoice, Second Nature, Sacred Arias, Serenade, Viva la Diva, Believe and The Ultimate Collection. Genres related to her: Crossover, Classical music and Operatic pop.

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Matthew Tuck

Matthew Tuck (January 20, 1980 Bridgend-) a.k.a. Matt Tuck or Tuck, Matthew is a British singer, musician, songwriter and guitarist.

His related genres: Metalcore, Thrash metal, Heavy metal, Hard rock, Nu metal, Melodic death metal and Groove metal.

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Kevin Mark Trail

Kevin Mark Trail (October 1, 1980 London-) also known as Trail, Kevin Mark is a British singer-songwriter.

His discography includes: Perspective, Perspective #1, D Thames, Just Living and D Thames - MJ Cole Remixes. Genres he performed include Reggae, Rhythm and blues, Soul music, Contemporary R&B and Hip hop music.

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Chris Edwards

Chris Edwards (December 20, 1980 Leicester-) also known as Christopher David Edwards or Dibs Edwards is a British bassist and musician.

Genres he performed: Indie rock, Electronica, Space rock, Rock music and Neo-psychedelia.

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Sergio Pizzorno

Sergio Pizzorno (December 15, 1980 Newton Abbot-) also known as Serge Pizzorno, Sergio Lorenzo Pizzorno or Kasabian is a British guitarist, singer-songwriter and musician.

His related genres: Rock music, Independent music, Alternative rock, Psychedelic rock, Electronica, Indie rock, Space rock, Neo-psychedelia and Electronic rock.

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Fyfe Dangerfield

Fyfe Dangerfield (July 7, 1980 Moseley-) also known as Fyfe Antony Dangerfield Hutchins is a British singer, musician and songwriter.

His albums include Fly Yellow Moon. Genres: Pop music, Avant-garde and Indie rock.

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Bob Hardy

Bob Hardy (August 16, 1980 Dewsbury-) also known as Bob Hardy, Robert Byron Hardy or Hardy, Robert is a British bassist and musician.

Genres he performed include Indie rock, Art rock and Indie pop.

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Pete Greenwood

Pete Greenwood (June 23, 1980 Morley-) a.k.a. Peter Greenwood is a British singer-songwriter.

His most recognized albums: Sirens. Genres he performed include Folk rock, Blues and Americana.

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Adam Kay

Adam Kay (June 12, 1980 Brighton-) also known as Kay, Adam is a British comedian, musician and screenwriter.

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