British music stars died at age 45

Here are 5 famous musicians from United Kingdom died at 45:


Saki (December 18, 1870 Sittwe-November 13, 1916 Beaumont-Hamel) also known as H. H. Munro or Hector Hugh Munro was a British writer, author, novelist and playwright.

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Cornelius Cardew

Cornelius Cardew (May 7, 1936 Winchcombe-December 13, 1981) also known as Cardew, Cornelius was a British composer.

Discography: Treatise, Material, Piano Music 1959-1970 (John Tilbury), Chamber Music 1955-1964, Four Principles on Ireland and Other Pieces (1974), Cardew: The Great Learning / Bedford: Two Poems, Piano Misic, We Sing For The Future! and .

He died as a result of traffic collision.

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Thomas Hill Green

Thomas Hill Green (April 7, 1836 Birkin-March 26, 1882 Oxford) was a British philosopher.

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Lord Randolph Churchill

Lord Randolph Churchill (February 13, 1849 Belgravia-January 24, 1895 London) also known as Lord Randolph Henry Spencer-Churchill or Lord Randolph Henry Spencer-Churchill PC was a British politician. His children are called Winston Churchill and John Strange Spencer-Churchill.

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Stephen Milligan

Stephen Milligan (May 12, 1948 Godalming-February 7, 1994 London) was a British journalist.

He died in erotic asphyxiation.

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