British music stars died at age 50

Here are 6 famous musicians from United Kingdom died at 50:

Elizabeth Young

Elizabeth Young (June 6, 1950 Lagos-March 18, 2001) was a British author, journalist and literary critic.

She died in hepatitis c.

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Humphry Davy

Humphry Davy (December 17, 1778 Penzance-May 29, 1829 Geneva) also known as Humphrey Davy or Sir Humphrey Davy was a British scientist and chemist.

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Edmund Henry Barker

Edmund Henry Barker (April 5, 1788-March 21, 1839) was a British personality.

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Ross McWhirter

Ross McWhirter (August 12, 1925 Winchmore Hill-November 27, 1975 London Borough of Enfield) was a British journalist, presenter, writer and social activist.

He died as a result of firearm.

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Terry Lloyd

Terry Lloyd (November 21, 1952 Derby-March 22, 2003 Basra) also known as Terence Ellis Lloyd was a British journalist. He had two children, Chelsey Lloyd and Oliver Lloyd.

He died in firearm.

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Kenny Everett

Kenny Everett (December 25, 1944 Seaforth-April 4, 1995 London) also known as Maurice James Christopher Cole was a British presenter, actor and screenwriter.

He died in hiv/aids.

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