British music stars died at age 58

Here are 12 famous musicians from United Kingdom died at 58:

William Withering

William Withering (March 17, 1741 Wellington-October 6, 1799 Birmingham) was a British physician, botanist, chemist and geologist.

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John Bacon

John Bacon (November 24, 1740 Southwark-August 4, 1799 London) was a British personality.

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Albert I of Belgium

Albert I of Belgium (April 8, 1875 Brussels-February 17, 1934 Marche les Dames) was a British personality. He had three children, Prince Charles, Count of Flanders, Leopold III of Belgium and Marie José of Belgium.

He died in mountain climbing accident.

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Eric Gill

Eric Gill (February 22, 1882 Brighton-November 17, 1940 Uxbridge) also known as Arthur Eric Rowton Gill was a British graphic designer.

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George Grenville

George Grenville (October 14, 1712 Westminster-December 13, 1770 Mayfair, London) was a British politician. His children are Thomas Grenville and William Grenville, 1st Baron Grenville.

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Alan Watts

Alan Watts (January 6, 1915 Chislehurst-November 16, 1973 Mount Tamalpais) a.k.a. Dr. Alan Watts or Watts, Alan was a British philosopher, physician and mountaineer.

His most important albums: This Is It and Om: The Sound of Hinduism.

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Sir Henry Wilson, 1st Baronet

Sir Henry Wilson, 1st Baronet (May 5, 1864 County Longford-June 22, 1922 London) was a British politician.

He died caused by firearm.

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Anthony Crosland

Anthony Crosland (August 29, 1918 St Leonards-on-Sea-February 19, 1977 Oxford) also known as C.A.R. Crosland, Charles Anthony Raven Crosland, Tony Crosland or The Right Honourable Anthony Crosland was a British politician and author.

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Henry William Stisted

Henry William Stisted (June 5, 1817 Saint-Omer-December 10, 1875 Upper Norwood) was a British personality.

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Roger Short

Roger Short (December 9, 1944-November 20, 2003) was a British diplomat.

He died as a result of assassination.

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William Tryon

William Tryon (June 8, 1729 Norbury Park-January 27, 1788 London) was a British personality.

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Nathan Mayer Rothschild

Nathan Mayer Rothschild (September 16, 1777 Frankfurt-July 28, 1836 Frankfurt) was a British personality. He had five children, Mayer Amschel de Rothschild, Nathaniel de Rothschild, Lionel de Rothschild, Sir Anthony de Rothschild, 1st Baronet and Hannah Primrose, Countess of Rosebery.

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