British music stars died at age 60

Here are 8 famous musicians from United Kingdom died at 60:

John Brunner

John Brunner (September 24, 1934 Wallingford, Oxfordshire-August 25, 1995 Glasgow) otherwise known as A. P. H*rb*rt, Gill Hunt, John Kilian Houston Brunner, John Loxmith, K. Houston Brunner, Keith Woodcott, Kilian Houston Brunner, Trevor Staines, Henry Crosstrees, Jr. or Ellis Quick was a British novelist, writer and author.

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Valentine Baker

Valentine Baker (April 1, 1827 London Borough of Enfield-November 17, 1887 Tall al Kabir) was a British personality.

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George Linnaeus Banks

George Linnaeus Banks (March 2, 1821 Birmingham-May 3, 1881) was a British writer and journalist.

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Isaac Deutscher

Isaac Deutscher (April 3, 1907 Chrzanów-August 19, 1967 Rome) was a British writer.

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Edward Braddock

Edward Braddock (January 1, 1695 Perthshire-July 13, 1755 North America) was a British personality.

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John Lennard-Jones

John Lennard-Jones (October 27, 1894 Leigh-November 1, 1954 Stoke-on-Trent) was a British scientist and mathematician.

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William Boog Leishman

William Boog Leishman (November 6, 1865 Glasgow-June 2, 1926) was a British scientist.

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William Huskisson

William Huskisson (March 11, 1770 Birtsmorton Court-September 15, 1830 Eccles) was a British personality.

He died caused by train wreck.

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