British music stars died at age 78

Here are 28 famous musicians from United Kingdom died at 78:

Philip Hall

Philip Hall (April 11, 1904 Hampstead-December 30, 1982 Cambridge) was a British mathematician.

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Lawrence Durrell

Lawrence Durrell (February 27, 1912 Jalandhar-November 7, 1990 Sommières) a.k.a. Larry or Lawrence George Durrell was a British novelist, author, playwright and poet. He had two children, Sappho Durrell and Penelope Berengaria Durrell.

He died as a result of stroke.

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A.J. Ayer

A.J. Ayer (October 29, 1910 United Kingdom-June 27, 1989) otherwise known as AJ Ayer, Sir Alfred Jules Ayer, Alfred Jules Ayer or A.J Ayer was a British philosopher.

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John Pople

John Pople (October 31, 1925 Burnham-on-Sea-March 15, 2004 Chicago) was a British chemist.

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Nevil Maskelyne

Nevil Maskelyne (October 6, 1732 London-February 9, 1811 Greenwich) was a British astronomer. He had one child, Margaret Meskelyn.

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David Jones

David Jones (November 1, 1895 Brockley-October 28, 1974 Harrow, London) was a British personality.

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Harold Abrahams

Harold Abrahams (December 15, 1899 Bedford-January 14, 1978 London Borough of Enfield) also known as Harold Maurice Abrahams was a British athlete. He had one child, Sue Pottle.

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Harold Pinter

Harold Pinter (October 10, 1930 Metropolitan Borough of Hackney-December 24, 2008 London) also known as Sir Harold Pinter, David Baron or Harold Pinter, CH, CBE was a British playwright, author, poet, screenwriter, actor, theatre director, social activist, writer, political activist and film director. His child is Daniel Brand Pinter.

He died as a result of cancer.

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Robert Grosseteste

Robert Grosseteste (April 5, 1175 Stradbroke-October 9, 1253 Buckden) was a British scientist and philosopher.

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Jessica Mitford

Jessica Mitford (September 11, 1917 Gloucestershire-July 22, 1996 Oakland) also known as Jessica Lucy Freeman-Mitford was a British journalist, author and social activist. She had two children, Constancia Romilly and Julia Romilly.

She died caused by lung cancer.

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William Quiller Orchardson

William Quiller Orchardson (March 27, 1832 Edinburgh-April 13, 1910) was a British personality.

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Melanie Klein

Melanie Klein (March 30, 1882 Vienna-September 22, 1960 London) was a British psychoanalyst, scientist, psychologist and psychotherapist. She had three children, Melitta Schmideberg, Hans Klein and Erich Klein.

She died caused by hip fracture.

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Dennis Gabor

Dennis Gabor (June 5, 1900 Budapest-February 8, 1979 London) was a British physicist, scientist and inventor.

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Norris McWhirter

Norris McWhirter (August 12, 1925 Winchmore Hill-April 19, 2004 Kington Langley) was a British journalist, presenter, writer and social activist.

He died as a result of myocardial infarction.

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Charles Harding Firth

Charles Harding Firth (March 16, 1857 Ecclesall-February 19, 1936 Acland Hospital) a.k.a. C. H. Firth or Charles H Firth was a British historian.

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Nicholas Kaldor

Nicholas Kaldor (May 12, 1908 Budapest-September 30, 1986 Cambridge) was a British scientist and economist. He had one child, Frances Stewart.

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Lewis Campbell

Lewis Campbell (September 3, 1830 Edinburgh-October 25, 1908) was a British personality.

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Richard Chenevix Trench

Richard Chenevix Trench (September 9, 1807 Dublin-March 28, 1886 Eaton Square) a.k.a. Richard C. Trench was a British personality.

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Sylvia Pankhurst

Sylvia Pankhurst (May 5, 1882 Manchester-September 27, 1960 Addis Ababa) also known as Estelle Sylvia Pankhurst or E. Sylvia Pankhurst was a British personality.

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Stewart Menzies

Stewart Menzies (January 30, 1890 London-May 29, 1968) was a British personality.

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Douglas Hogg, 1st Viscount Hailsham

Douglas Hogg, 1st Viscount Hailsham (February 28, 1872-August 16, 1950) was a British personality.

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Jacob Epstein

Jacob Epstein (November 10, 1880 New York City-August 19, 1959 London) was a British artist and visual artist. He had two children, Kathleen Epstein and Theodore Garman.

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Henry Herbert

Henry Herbert (April 5, 1595-April 5, 1673) was a British personality.

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Richard Stone

Richard Stone (August 30, 1913 London-December 6, 1991 Cambridge) also known as Sir John Richard Nicholas Stone was a British statistician and economist.

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John Keegan

John Keegan (May 15, 1934 Clapham-August 2, 2012 Kilmington) a.k.a. Sir John Keegan, John Desmond Patrick Keegan, Sir John Keegean, Sir John Desmond Patrick Keegan or Sir John Desmond Patrick Keegan, OBE, FRSL was a British writer, journalist and historian. His children are called Rose Keegan and Matthew Keegan.

He died caused by natural causes.

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Chaim Herzog

Chaim Herzog (September 17, 1918 Belfast-April 17, 1997 Tel Aviv) was a British personality.

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John Collier

John Collier (May 3, 1901 London-April 6, 1980 Pacific Palisades) also known as John Henry Noyes Collier was a British author, novelist, poet and screenwriter. His child is called John G. S. Collier.

He died caused by stroke.

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William Roscoe

William Roscoe (March 8, 1753 Liverpool-June 30, 1831) was a British personality. He had one child, Henry Roscoe.

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