British music stars deceased in Traffic collision

Here are 8 famous musicians from United Kingdom died in Traffic collision:

John Wooldridge

John Wooldridge (July 18, 1919 Yokohama-October 27, 1958 Hertfordshire) a.k.a. Dim, John De Lacy Wooldridge or Wing Commander John De Lacy Wooldridge, DSO, DFC and Bar, DFM was a British film score composer and pilot. He had three children, Susan Wooldridge, Hugh Wooldridge and Morris Latham.

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Ian Stuart Donaldson

Ian Stuart Donaldson (August 11, 1957 Poulton-le-Fylde-September 24, 1993 Derbyshire) also known as Ian Stuart was a British singer, musician and songwriter.

His most well known albums: Slay The Beast, No Turning Back and Patriot. Genres related to him: Punk rock, Rock Against Communism, Nazi punk, Folk music and Rockabilly.

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Gus Dudgeon

Gus Dudgeon (September 30, 1942 Woking-July 21, 2002 M4 motorway) also known as Dudgeon, Gus was a British record producer.

Genres he performed include Pop music.

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Cornelius Cardew

Cornelius Cardew (May 7, 1936 Winchcombe-December 13, 1981) also known as Cardew, Cornelius was a British composer.

Discography: Treatise, Material, Piano Music 1959-1970 (John Tilbury), Chamber Music 1955-1964, Four Principles on Ireland and Other Pieces (1974), Cardew: The Great Learning / Bedford: Two Poems, Piano Misic, We Sing For The Future! and .

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Marc Bolan

Marc Bolan (September 30, 1947 London Borough of Hackney-September 16, 1977 Barnes, London) also known as Mark Feld, Bolan, Mark or Mark Bolan was a British guitarist, singer-songwriter and poet. He had one child, Rolan Bolan.

His albums include You Scare Me to Death, Billy Super Duper, Christmas Box, 20th Century Boy, Love and Death, The Best of & The Rest Of, The Beginning of Doves, Cat Black, Best of Marc Bolan and T-Rex and The Maximum Sound Session. His related genres: Hard rock, Glam rock, Psychedelic rock, Psychedelic folk, Pop rock and Protopunk.

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Mike Edwards

Mike Edwards (May 31, 1948 London-September 3, 2010 Halwell) also known as Edwards, Mike, Swami Deva Pramada, Michael Edwards or Pramada was a British , .

Genres he performed: Rock music and Classical music.

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Pamela Harrison

Pamela Harrison (November 28, 1915 Orpington-August 28, 1990 Firle Place) also known as Harrison, Pamela was a British music teacher, composer and pianist.

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Deryck Cooke

Deryck Cooke (September 14, 1919 Leicester-October 27, 1976) was a British musician and broadcaster.

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