Bulgarian movie stars born in 1954

Here are 5 famous actors from Bulgaria were born in 1954:

Stefan Ivanov

Stefan Ivanov (August 5, 1954 Sofia-) a.k.a. Stephan Ivanov is a Bulgarian cinematographer and actor.

Yordan Bikov

Yordan Bikov (March 18, 1954 Plovdiv-) also known as Jordan Bikov is a Bulgarian actor.

Kiril Variyski

Kiril Variyski (October 28, 1954 Plovdiv-June 21, 1996 Sofia) was a Bulgarian actor. He had one child, Laura Variyska.

Mihail Meltev

Mihail Meltev (February 17, 1954 Topolovgrad-) is a Bulgarian film director and actor.

Evgeni Mihailov

Evgeni Mihailov (December 2, 1954 Sofia-) also known as Evgeny Mihailov, Evgeny Michailov or Eugeny Mihaylov is a Bulgarian film producer, film director and actor.

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