Bulgarian musicians born in 1982

Here are 5 famous musicians from Bulgaria were born in 1982:

Ivan Shopov

Ivan Shopov (September 7, 1982 Troyan-) a.k.a. Cooh, Balkansky or Drum Kid is a Bulgarian , .

His albums: Ganja Lighta, Booster, Murder Up / Zerotwist, Sick of Amen, Crypt / Trigrad, Armeny / Monologue, Kuker, Fraktals EP, Existence / Obey and Adhesion.

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Boris Dali

Boris Dali (March 24, 1982 Bobov Dol-) a.k.a. Boris Ognyanov Delibaltov is a Bulgarian singer. He has two children, Krasimir Delibaltov and Konstantin Delibaltov.

His most important albums: Boris Dali, I am again alone and In the center of the party.

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Emilia (March 21, 1982 Radnevo-) also known as Emiliya Yancheva Valeva, Emiliya Valeva, Emiliya, Emiliq or Emilija is a Bulgarian singer.

Her albums include Happy Girl, Tender Lips, Angel in the Night, Lonely Room, Think About Me, I was born to love you, I like that and The Brave Have It All. Her related genres: Pop-folk.

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Maria (January 13, 1982 Stara Zagora-) also known as Maria Panajotova Kirova is a Bulgarian singer. She has one child, Maraya Andonova.

Her albums include XIII, Unique, A Judged Soul, Maria, Real, First Moon and A Memory. Genres she performed: Pop-folk.

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Anelia (July 1, 1982 Stara Zagora-) also known as Aneliya, Anelija, Anelya, Aneliya Georgieva Atanasova or Aneliq is a Bulgarian singer-songwriter and composer.

Her albums include Don't Look Back, Have a Look at Me in the Eyes, The Good, the Bad, Only You, The Best Hits, Everything Leads to You, Ashes of Roses, Games for Advanced and ANELIA Payner Golden Hits 6. Genres she performed: Pop music, Chalga, Balkan pop and Pop-folk.

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