Bulgarian musicians died at 41

Here are 3 famous musicians from Bulgaria died at 41:

Vasil Kanchov

Vasil Kanchov (July 26, 1862 Vratsa-February 6, 1904) was a Bulgarian scientist and politician.

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Peter I of Bulgaria

Peter I of Bulgaria (May 27, 0927-January 29, 0969) also known as Eagle was a Bulgarian personality. He had three children, Boris II of Bulgaria, Roman of Bulgaria and Plenimir.

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Stefan Stambolov

Stefan Stambolov (January 31, 1854 Veliko Tarnovo-July 18, 1895 Sofia) a.k.a. Stefan Nikolov Stambolov or Тhe Bulgarian Bismarck was a Bulgarian politician. He had four children, Konstantin Stefanov Stambolov, Asen Stefanov Stambolov, Stefan Stefanov Stambolov and Vera Stefanova Stambolova.

He died in assassination.

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