Bulgarian musicians died at 63

Here are 6 famous musicians from Bulgaria died at 63:

Grigor Parlichev

Grigor Parlichev (January 18, 1830 Ohrid-January 25, 1893 Ohrid) was a Bulgarian writer. His child is Cyril Parlichev.

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Pavel Pavlov

Pavel Pavlov (March 8, 1952 Bulgaria-April 5, 2015) was a Bulgarian personality.

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Velko Kynev

Velko Kynev (July 31, 1948 Elhovo-December 11, 2011 Sofia) also known as Velko Kanev or Velko Kunev was a Bulgarian actor.

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Panteley Kiselov

Panteley Kiselov (October 23, 1863 Svishtov-October 14, 1927 Sofia) was a Bulgarian personality.

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Simeon I of Bulgaria

Simeon I of Bulgaria (April 5, 0864 Bulgaria-May 27, 0927 Veliki Preslav) was a Bulgarian personality. His children are called Peter I of Bulgaria, Mihail of Bulgaria, Ivan of Bulgaria and Benjamin of Bulgaria.

He died caused by heart failure.

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Petar Mladenov

Petar Mladenov (August 22, 1936 Vidin-May 31, 2000 Sofia) was a Bulgarian politician and diplomat.

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