Bulgarian musicians died at 68

Here are 5 famous musicians from Bulgaria died at 68:

Dimitar Talev

Dimitar Talev (September 1, 1898 Prilep-October 20, 1966 Sofia) a.k.a. DimitÅ­r Talev was a Bulgarian writer and journalist.

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Christian Rakovsky

Christian Rakovsky (August 13, 1873 Gradets-September 11, 1941 Oryol) also known as Dr. Christian Rakovsky was a Bulgarian lawyer, physician, writer, journalist and politician.

He died in firearm.

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Konstantin Kisimov

Konstantin Kisimov (April 16, 1897 Veliko Tarnovo-August 16, 1965 Balchik) also known as K. Kisimov was a Bulgarian actor.

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Todor Stoyanov

Todor Stoyanov (July 6, 1930 Sofia-April 30, 1999 Sofia) was a Bulgarian personality.

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Ivan Dimov

Ivan Dimov (January 14, 1897 Chirpan-April 1, 1965 Sofia) also known as Ivan Kasabov was a Bulgarian actor.

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