Bulgarian musicians died at 74

Here are 6 famous musicians from Bulgaria died at 74:

Yordan Radichkov

Yordan Radichkov (October 24, 1929 Montana-January 21, 2004 Sofia) also known as Ĭordan Dimitrov Radichkov was a Bulgarian writer, playwright, author and novelist.

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Sophronius of Vratsa

Sophronius of Vratsa (March 11, 1739 Kotel-September 23, 1813 Bucharest) a.k.a. Saint Sophronius of Vratsa, Sofroniy Vrachanski or Stoyko Vladislavov was a Bulgarian writer, clergy and teacher. He had four children, Tsonko Stoykov Vladislavov, Vladislav Stoykov Vladislavov, Maria Stoykova Vladislavova and Ganka Stoykova Vladislavov.

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Lyubomir Miletich

Lyubomir Miletich (January 14, 1863 Štip-June 1, 1937 Sofia) was a Bulgarian scientist and writer.

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Kiril Rakarov

Kiril Rakarov (May 24, 1932-August 25, 2006) was a Bulgarian personality.

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Ivan Petkov Kolev

Ivan Petkov Kolev (November 1, 1930-July 1, 2005) was a Bulgarian personality.

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Nicolaï Ghiaurov

Nicolaï Ghiaurov (September 13, 1929 Velingrad-June 2, 2004 Modena) a.k.a. N. Ghiaurov, Nicolai Ghiaurov, Ghiaurov, Nicolaï, Nikolai Gjaurov, Nikolay Gyaurov or Nicolaj Ghiaurov was a Bulgarian singer and actor. He had one child, Elena Ghiaurov.

His albums include Turandot, Guglielmo Tell, La Bohème, Requiem, Il barbiere di Siviglia, Ten Top Baritones & Basses, Requiem, Nabucco, Anna Bolena and Rigoletto highlights. Genres he performed include Opera.

He died in myocardial infarction.

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