Cambodian music stars died before turning 40

Here are 4 famous musicians from Cambodia died before 40:

Vichara Dany

Vichara Dany (April 5, 2015 Cambodia-April 5, 1976 Pursat Province) otherwise known as Thith Vichara Dany was a Cambodian actor.

She died in childbirth.

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Ros Sereysothea

Ros Sereysothea (April 5, 2015 Battambang Province-April 5, 1977) a.k.a. Sereysothea, Ros, Ros Serey Sothea or Sothea, Ros Serey was a Cambodian singer and songwriter.

Her related genres: Pop music, Rock music, Psychedelic rock, Garage rock, Film score, Blues and Romvong.

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Pisith Pilika

Pisith Pilika (February 4, 1965 Phnom Penh-July 6, 1999 Battambang) a.k.a. Oak Eap Pili, Piseth Pilika, Pisitt Pilika, Pisith Pulika, Piseth Peaklica or Sao Pili was a Cambodian actor and ballet dancer. Her child is Kai Seth Lesak.

She died as a result of gunshot.

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Saloth Chhay

Saloth Chhay (April 5, 2015 Cambodia-April 17, 1975) was a Cambodian personality.

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