Canadian actors who were born in 1901

Here are 11 famous actors from Canada were born in 1901:

Ben Blue

Ben Blue (September 12, 1901 Montreal-March 7, 1975 Hollywood) also known as Benjamin Bernstein was a Canadian comedian, actor, dance instructor, entrepreneur, drummer and screenwriter. His children are called Tom Blue and Robert Blue.

Pat Harrington, Sr.

Pat Harrington, Sr. (February 6, 1901 Montreal-September 2, 1965 New York City) a.k.a. Daniel Patrick Harrington or Pat Harrington was a Canadian actor. He had one child, Pat Harrington, Jr..

Jimmy Granato

Jimmy Granato (September 25, 1901 Sault Ste. Marie-May 31, 1981 Bloomington) was a Canadian actor.

George Pembroke

George Pembroke (December 27, 1901 Canada-June 11, 1972 Los Angeles) also known as Geo. Pembroke was a Canadian actor.

Pat Moran

Pat Moran (February 17, 1901 Canada-August 9, 1965 Woodland Hills) was a Canadian actor.

Alex Callam

Alex Callam (June 24, 1901 Canada-July 1, 1969 Woodland Hills) was a Canadian actor.

Henri Letondal

Henri Letondal (June 29, 1901 Montreal-February 15, 1955 Burbank) also known as Henry Letondal was a Canadian actor.

Art Dupuis

Art Dupuis (March 29, 1901 Port Severn-April 18, 1952 Los Angeles) also known as Adolph Arfthur Pierre Piete Du Puis, Arthur DuPris or Arthur Dupuis was a Canadian actor.

Ovila Légaré

Ovila Légaré (July 21, 1901 Montreal-February 19, 1978 Montreal) otherwise known as Légaré, Ovila was a Canadian actor and singer.

A. Cameron Grant

A. Cameron Grant (August 27, 1901 Montreal-January 18, 1972 Los Angeles County) also known as Cameron Grant or Alexander Cameron Grant was a Canadian actor.

Bruce Carruthers

Bruce Carruthers (June 15, 1901 Bedeque, Prince Edward Island-December 10, 1953 Woodland Hills) a.k.a. Bruce C. Carruthers, Bruce Caruthers or Harold Bruce Callbeck Carruthers was a Canadian actor.

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