Canadian actors who were born in 1934

Here are 12 famous actors from Canada were born in 1934:

Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen (September 21, 1934 Westmount-) otherwise known as Leonard Norman Cohen or Leonard Norman Cohen, CC GOQ is a Canadian writer, novelist, poet, musician, singer-songwriter, actor and film score composer. He has two children, Lorca Cohen and Adam Cohen.

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Pierre Bourgault

Pierre Bourgault (January 23, 1934 East Angus-June 16, 2003 Montreal) was a Canadian writer, journalist, politician and actor.

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Steve Ihnat

Steve Ihnat (August 7, 1934 Czechoslovakia-May 12, 1972 Cannes) a.k.a. Stefan Ihnat was a Canadian actor, screenwriter and film director. He had one child, Stefan Andrew Ihnat.

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Matt Zimmerman

Matt Zimmerman (December 26, 1934 Greater Sudbury-) is a Canadian actor and voice actor.

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Connie Madigan

Connie Madigan (October 4, 1934 Port Arthur-) a.k.a. Mad Dog or Cornelius Dennis "Mad Dog" Madigan is a Canadian ice hockey player and actor.

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Joby Baker

Joby Baker (March 26, 1934 Montreal-) also known as Joseph N. Baker or Joseph Baker is a Canadian actor and painter.

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Don Cherry

Don Cherry (February 5, 1934 Kingston-) also known as Donald Stewart Cherry or Grapes is a Canadian sports commentator, coach, ice hockey player and actor. His children are called Cindy Cherry and Tim Cherry.

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Oliver Jones

Oliver Jones (September 11, 1934 Little Burgundy-) a.k.a. Jones, Oliver or Oliver Theophilus Jones is a Canadian jazz pianist, organist, composer, music arranger, music teacher and actor.

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Marvin Goldhar

Marvin Goldhar (September 5, 1934 Ontario-March 31, 2002 Toronto) was a Canadian actor.

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Bernard Gosselin

Bernard Gosselin (October 5, 1934 Drummondville-March 20, 2006 Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle) was a Canadian cinematographer, film director, film editor and actor.

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Ken Pogue

Ken Pogue (July 26, 1934 Toronto-) a.k.a. Kenneth Pogue is a Canadian actor.

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Dick Roberge

Dick Roberge (April 7, 1934 Saskatoon-) is a Canadian ice hockey player, coach and actor.

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