Canadian actors who were born in 1937

Here are 11 famous actors from Canada were born in 1937:

George Chuvalo

George Chuvalo (September 12, 1937 Toronto-) otherwise known as Jure Čuvalo, George Louis Chuvalo, "Boom Boom", Iron Man, Washer Woman or Jure Čuvalo CM is a Canadian professional boxer and actor. He has five children, Georgie Lee Chuvalo, Jesse Chuvalo, Steven Louis Chuvalo, Mitch Chuvalo and Vanessa Chuvalo.

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Jacques Poulin

Jacques Poulin (September 23, 1937 Saint-Gédéon, Quebec-) is a Canadian writer, novelist, screenwriter and actor.

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Tommy Hunter

Tommy Hunter (March 20, 1937 London-) a.k.a. Thomas James Hunter, Thomas James Hunter, CM, O.Ont or Thomas James "Tommy" Hunter is a Canadian singer, actor and musician.

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Len Carlson

Len Carlson (September 2, 1937 Edmonton-January 26, 2006 Keswick, Ontario) a.k.a. Len Carlsen was a Canadian actor and voice actor.

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Donnelly Rhodes

Donnelly Rhodes (December 4, 1937 Winnipeg-) also known as Donnelly Rhodes Henry or Don Rhodes is a Canadian actor and film producer.

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Aubert Pallascio

Aubert Pallascio (August 19, 1937 Montreal-) is a Canadian actor.

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Lawrence Dane

Lawrence Dane (April 3, 1937 Masson-Angers-) a.k.a. Lawrence Z. Dane or Laurence Dane is a Canadian actor and film producer.

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Wayne Maunder

Wayne Maunder (December 19, 1937 Four Falls, New Brunswick-) is a Canadian actor. He has one child, Dylan T. Maunder.

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Yvan Ducharme

Yvan Ducharme (August 24, 1937 Rouyn-Noranda-March 21, 2013 Laval) was a Canadian actor.

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Gilles Latulippe

Gilles Latulippe (August 31, 1937 Montreal-September 23, 2014 Montreal) was a Canadian actor.

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Dan Belisle

Dan Belisle (May 9, 1937 South Porcupine, Ontario-) also known as Danny George Belisle, Danny Belisle or Daniel George Belisle is a Canadian ice hockey player, coach and actor.

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