Canadian actors who were born in 1942

Here are 12 famous actors from Canada were born in 1942:

René Angélil

René Angélil (January 16, 1942 Montreal-) also known as Rene Angelil, René Angelil or Angelil, René is a Canadian singer, talent manager and actor. He has six children, René-Charles Angelil, Nelson Angelil, Eddy Angelil, Patrick Angelil, Jean-Pierre Angelil and Anne-Marie Angelil.

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Kenneth Welsh

Kenneth Welsh (March 30, 1942 Edmonton-) also known as Kenneth Walsh, Ken Walsh, Ken Welsh or Kenneth Welsh, CM is a Canadian actor and voice actor. He has one child, Devon Welsh.

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Harvey Atkin

Harvey Atkin (December 18, 1942 Toronto-) also known as Harvey Atkins or Harry Atkin is a Canadian actor and voice actor.

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Terry David Mulligan

Terry David Mulligan (June 30, 1942 New Westminster-) a.k.a. TDM or Terry D. Mulligan is a Canadian actor, tv personality, radio personality, presenter, television producer, radio dj and police officer. His children are called Mindy Mulligan, Fynn Mulligan, Sean Mulligan and Kate Mulligan.

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André Gagnon

André Gagnon (August 2, 1942 Saint-Pacôme, Quebec-) otherwise known as アンドレ・ギャニオン, Andre Gangnon, 앙드레 가뇽, Andre Gagnon, Gagnon, André or André Gagnon, OC is a Canadian composer, conductor, music arranger and actor.

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Michel Forget

Michel Forget (February 27, 1942 Montreal-) is a Canadian actor.

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Allan Monk

Allan Monk (August 19, 1942 Mission-) is a Canadian singer and actor.

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Jeremy Akerman

Jeremy Akerman (May 28, 1942 Alvechurch-) also known as Jeremy Bernard Akerman is a Canadian actor, writer and politician.

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David Steinberg

David Steinberg (August 9, 1942 Winnipeg-) is a Canadian screenwriter, actor, comedian, television director, television producer, author and film director. He has two children, Sasha Steinberg and Rebecca Steinberg.

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David Parry

David Parry (June 18, 1942 England-June 13, 1995) also known as David Thomas Parry was a Canadian actor. He had two children, Evalyn Parry and Richard Parry.

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Robert Haley

Robert Haley (August 16, 1942 Didsbury-) a.k.a. Robert Arthur Haley is a Canadian actor.

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Elliot Ngok

Elliot Ngok (July 13, 1942 Shanghai-) also known as Yueh Hua, Yuen Hua, Hua Yueh, Yo Hua, Yue Hua, Yue Hwa, Wah Ngor, Hua Yao, Yuei Hua, Wah Ngoc, Elliot Yueh Hua, Leung Lok Wah, Elliot Ngok Wah, Elly, Hua Yo, Ngok Wah, Yuei Hwa, Elliot, Ngok Wa, Yao Hua, Yueh Hwa, Elliot Yue, Yues Hua, Hwa Yuen or Liang Le-Hua is a Canadian actor.

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