Canadian actors who were born in 1944

Here are 14 famous actors from Canada were born in 1944:

Lorne Michaels

Lorne Michaels (November 17, 1944 Toronto-) also known as Lorne David Lipowitz, Lorne Michael Lipowitz, lorne_michaels, Lorne 'Bud' Michaels or Lorne Lipowitz is a Canadian screenwriter, television producer, film producer, actor and comedian. He has three children, Edward Lipowitz, Henry Lipowitz and Sophie Lipowitz.

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Brian Linehan

Brian Linehan (September 3, 1944 Hamilton-June 4, 2004 Toronto) also known as The Charlie Rose of Canada, Brian Richard Linehan or Brock Linehan was a Canadian actor and film producer.

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Rocky Johnson

Rocky Johnson (August 24, 1944 Amherst-) also known as Wayde Douglas Bowles, Wayde Bowles, Soulman, Sweet Ebony Diamond or Drew Glasteau is a Canadian wrestler and actor. His children are called Dwayne Johnson, Curtis Bowles and Wanda Bowles.

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Robert Charlebois

Robert Charlebois (June 25, 1944 Montreal-) otherwise known as Charlebois, Robert is a Canadian film score composer, actor, musician, author and singer-songwriter.

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Richard Monette

Richard Monette (June 19, 1944 Montreal-September 9, 2008 London) also known as Richard Jean Monette was a Canadian actor and television director.

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Michael Wade

Michael Wade (October 30, 1944 Avondale-May 22, 2004 London) also known as Mike Wade was a Canadian actor.

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Robin Ward

Robin Ward (April 10, 1944 Canada-) is a Canadian actor, tv personality and voice actor.

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Johnny Washbrook

Johnny Washbrook (October 16, 1944 Toronto-) also known as John A. Washbrook is a Canadian actor.

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Brian Downey

Brian Downey (October 31, 1944 St. John's-) is a Canadian actor, musician and writer.

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Zal Yanovsky

Zal Yanovsky (December 19, 1944 Toronto-December 13, 2002 Kingston) also known as Zalman Yanovsky, Yanovsky, Zal, Zalman "Zal" Yanovsky, Lovin' Spoonful or The Lovin' Spoonful was a Canadian songwriter, musician, singer, actor, film score composer and restaurateur. He had one child, Zoe Yanovsky.

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Paul Koslo

Paul Koslo (June 27, 1944 Germany-) also known as Manfred Koslowski is a Canadian actor.

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Allan Royal

Allan Royal (August 17, 1944 Canada-) also known as Allan G. Royal, Alan Royal or Allan Royale is a Canadian actor.

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Yves Corbeil

Yves Corbeil (July 18, 1944 Saint-Eugène, Quebec-) is a Canadian actor, television show host, comedian and teacher.

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Bill Clark

Bill Clark (May 20, 1944 Newfoundland-) otherwise known as Walter W. Clark, Jr., Walter "Bill" Clark or Walter Clark is a Canadian detective, actor, television producer, screenwriter and soldier. He has two children, Natalie Clark and Jennifer Clark.

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