Canadian actors who were born in 1959

Here are 27 famous actors from Canada were born in 1959:

Henry Czerny

Henry Czerny (February 8, 1959 Toronto-) is a Canadian actor. He has one child, Cameron Czerny.

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Paul Gross

Paul Gross (April 30, 1959 Calgary-) also known as Paul Michael Gross is a Canadian actor, composer, singer, television producer, screenwriter, film director, musician, film score composer and film producer. He has two children, Hannah Gross and Jack Gross.

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Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams (November 5, 1959 Kingston-) also known as Brian Adams, Adams, Bryan, Bryan Guy Adams, bryan_adams or Bryan Guy Adams, OC OBC is a Canadian photographer, musician, singer-songwriter, actor, record producer, film score composer and social activist. His children are called Lula Rosylea Adams and Mirabella Bunny Adams.

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Scott Thompson

Scott Thompson (June 12, 1959 North Bay-) a.k.a. Veronica Billingsley, Buddy Cole or John Scott Thompson is a Canadian actor, screenwriter, comedian and film producer.

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Peter Keleghan

Peter Keleghan (September 16, 1959 Montreal-) is a Canadian actor and voice actor.

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Bruce McDonald

Bruce McDonald (May 28, 1959 Kingston-) also known as Bruce MacDonald is a Canadian screenwriter, film director, film producer, actor, television director and film editor. His child is called Charlie Yoko McDonald.

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Mark McKinney

Mark McKinney (June 26, 1959 Ottawa-) also known as Mark Douglas Brown McKinney or Mark Mckinney is a Canadian comedian, actor, screenwriter, television producer, television director and voice actor. His children are called Emma Jane McKinney and Christopher Thomas Russell McKinney.

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Graham Yost

Graham Yost (September 5, 1959 Etobicoke-) a.k.a. Graham John Yost is a Canadian screenwriter, television director, television producer, actor and writer.

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Paul Bellini

Paul Bellini (September 12, 1959 Timmins-) also known as Hans Von Veldenkoop is a Canadian writer, actor and screenwriter.

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Gary Basaraba

Gary Basaraba (March 16, 1959 Edmonton-) is a Canadian actor.

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Stuart Hughes

Stuart Hughes (August 9, 1959 Toronto-) is a Canadian actor.

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Ken Kirzinger

Ken Kirzinger (November 4, 1959 Saskatchewan-) otherwise known as Ken Kerzinger, Ken Kurtzinger, Ken Kersinger, Ken Kirzhinger, Kenny Kirsinger, Ken Kirsinger or Ken Kizinger is a Canadian actor and stunt performer.

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Pat Bullard

Pat Bullard (February 6, 1959 Mississauga-) a.k.a. Patrick ("Pat") Bullard is a Canadian screenwriter, comedian, television producer and actor.

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Lance Kinsey

Lance Kinsey (June 13, 1959 Calgary-) is a Canadian actor and screenwriter. He has two children, Matt Kinsey and Logan Kinsey.

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Daniel Kash

Daniel Kash (April 25, 1959 Montreal-) also known as Daniel Joshua Kash is a Canadian actor and film director. He has two children, Mackenzie Kash and Tyson Forrester Kash.

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Rick Ducommun

Rick Ducommun (July 3, 1959 Prince Albert-) also known as Rick Dukeman, Ric Ducommun, Rick Ducommon or Richard Ducommun is a Canadian comedian, actor, screenwriter and entrepreneur.

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Jonathan Sagall

Jonathan Sagall (April 23, 1959 Toronto-) otherwise known as Johnny Segal, Jonathan Segal, Yonatan Segal, Jonathan Sagalle or הונתן סגל‎ is a Canadian actor, film director, screenwriter, film producer and television director.

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Carl Marotte

Carl Marotte (February 25, 1959 Canada-) otherwise known as Carl Morotte is a Canadian actor.

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Arthur Holden

Arthur Holden (August 28, 1959 Montreal-) is a Canadian voice actor, actor and screenwriter.

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Brent Stait

Brent Stait (September 9, 1959 Snow Lake-) is a Canadian actor.

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Mike Hoolboom

Mike Hoolboom (January 1, 1959 Toronto-) a.k.a. Michael "Mike" Hoolboom or Michael Hoolboom is a Canadian writer, film producer, film editor, film director, screenwriter, cinematographer and actor.

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Bashar Shbib

Bashar Shbib (June 25, 1959 Damascus-) otherwise known as Bachar Chbib is a Canadian film producer, film director, screenwriter, film editor and actor. His child is called Maia Nadon-Chbib.

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Christopher Doohan

Christopher Doohan (June 28, 1959 Toronto-) also known as Chris Doohan is a Canadian actor and singer.

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Bruno Landry

Bruno Landry (January 24, 1959-) is a Canadian comedian, actor and screenwriter.

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Harry Standjofski

Harry Standjofski (May 22, 1959 Montreal-) a.k.a. Harry Standjofsky or Harry Sandjofsky is a Canadian actor, playwright, voice actor, theatre director and musician.

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Wolf Larson

Wolf Larson (December 22, 1959 West Berlin-) otherwise known as Wolfgang von Wyszecki is a Canadian actor.

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Ryan Stiles

Ryan Stiles (April 22, 1959 Seattle-) also known as Ryan Lee Stiles is a Canadian comedian, actor, television director and voice actor. His children are called Mackenzie Stiles, Claire Stiles and Sam Stiles.

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