Canadian actors who were born in 1997

Here are 12 famous actors from Canada were born in 1997:

Alex Ferris

Alex Ferris (April 23, 1997 Vancouver-) also known as Alexander Ferris is a Canadian actor and voice actor.

William Cuddy

William Cuddy (June 12, 1997 Canada-) otherwise known as William James Cuddy or Meraceire is a Canadian actor.

Nicholas Elia

Nicholas Elia (October 12, 1997 Canada-) is a Canadian actor.

Jason Spevack

Jason Spevack (July 4, 1997 Toronto-) otherwise known as Jason Spevak is a Canadian child actor and actor.

Owen Best

Owen Best (January 21, 1997 Vancouver-) is a Canadian actor.

Luke Gair

Luke Gair (April 13, 1997 New Westminster-) is a Canadian actor and dancer.

Phillip Corlett

Phillip Corlett (July 12, 1997-) also known as Philip is a Canadian voice actor and actor.

Liam McGuckian

Liam McGuckian (December 1, 1997 Toronto-) is a Canadian actor.

Zak Ludwig

Zak Ludwig (October 5, 1997 Burnaby-) a.k.a. Zachary C.H. Ludwig is a Canadian actor.

Jordan Lebron Massey

Jordan Lebron Massey (July 9, 1997-) is a Canadian musician, actor and singer-songwriter.

Antoine Pilon

Antoine Pilon (June 23, 1997 Montreal-) also known as Antoine-Olivier Pilon is a Canadian actor.

Connor Beardmore

Connor Beardmore (January 30, 1997 North Vancouver-) is a Canadian actor.

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