Canadian actors who deceased at age 71

Here are 8 famous actors from Canada died at 71:

Timothy Findley

Timothy Findley (October 30, 1930 Toronto-June 21, 2002 Brignoles) also known as Timothy Irving Frederick Findley, Tiffy or Tiff was a Canadian writer, novelist, playwright, screenwriter and actor.

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Cec Linder

Cec Linder (March 10, 1921 Galicia-April 10, 1992 Toronto) also known as Cecil Linder or Linder was a Canadian actor.

He died in emphysema.

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John Colicos

John Colicos (December 10, 1928 Montreal-March 6, 2000 Toronto) a.k.a. John Collicos was a Canadian actor. He had one child, Nicholas Colicos.

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Donald Brian

Donald Brian (February 17, 1877 St. John's-December 22, 1948 Great Neck) was a Canadian singer and actor.

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George Cleveland

George Cleveland (September 17, 1885 Sydney-July 15, 1957 Burbank) a.k.a. George Alan Cleveland was a Canadian actor and vaudeville performer.

He died as a result of myocardial infarction.

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Roger Lebel

Roger Lebel (June 5, 1923 Rivière-du-Loup-June 18, 1994) also known as Roger Le Bel was a Canadian actor.

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Paul Mann

Paul Mann (December 2, 1913 Toronto-September 24, 1985 Bronxville) was a Canadian actor.

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Bernard Gosselin

Bernard Gosselin (October 5, 1934 Drummondville-March 20, 2006 Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle) was a Canadian cinematographer, film director, film editor and actor.

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