Canadian actors who deceased in 2006

Here are 13 famous actors from Canada died in 2006:

Glenn Ford

Glenn Ford (May 1, 1916 Sainte-Christine-d'Auvergne, Quebec-August 30, 2006 Beverly Hills) also known as Gwyllyn Samuel Newton Ford or Gwyllyn Ford was a Canadian actor. He had one child, Peter Ford.

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Mavor Moore

Mavor Moore (March 8, 1919 Toronto-December 18, 2006 Victoria) also known as James Mavor Moore was a Canadian writer, actor and screenwriter.

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Len Carlson

Len Carlson (September 2, 1937 Edmonton-January 26, 2006 Keswick, Ontario) a.k.a. Len Carlsen was a Canadian actor and voice actor.

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Arthur Hill

Arthur Hill (August 1, 1922 Melfort-October 22, 2006 Pacific Palisades) a.k.a. Arthur Edward Spence Hill was a Canadian actor. His child is called Douglas Hill.

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Ray Bellew

Ray Bellew (March 26, 1939-November 27, 2014) was a Canadian actor.

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Lloyd Richards

Lloyd Richards (June 29, 1919 Toronto-June 29, 2006 New York City) also known as Lloyd George Richards was a Canadian actor, theatre director, theatrical producer, film director and television director.

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Claude Blanchard

Claude Blanchard (May 19, 1932 Joliette-August 20, 2006 Montreal) was a Canadian singer and actor.

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Jackie Rae

Jackie Rae (May 14, 1922 Winnipeg-October 5, 2006) otherwise known as John Arthur Rae or Jackie was a Canadian singer and actor.

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Fernand Nault

Fernand Nault (December 27, 1920 Montreal-December 26, 2006 Montreal) also known as Fernand Noël Boissonneault was a Canadian choreographer and actor.

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Daryl Duke

Daryl Duke (March 8, 1929 Vancouver-October 21, 2006 West Vancouver) otherwise known as Daryl James Duke was a Canadian film director, film producer, film editor and actor.

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Lionel Murton

Lionel Murton (June 2, 1915 London-September 28, 2006 Basingstoke) also known as William Lionel Murton or Murt was a Canadian actor.

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Bernard Gosselin

Bernard Gosselin (October 5, 1934 Drummondville-March 20, 2006 Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle) was a Canadian cinematographer, film director, film editor and actor.

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Blake Ball

Blake Ball (February 25, 1938 St. Thomas-January 20, 2006) a.k.a. Badman was a Canadian ice hockey player and actor.

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