Canadian actresses who were born in 1929

Here are 8 famous actresses from Canada were born in 1929:

Françoise Faucher

Françoise Faucher (September 4, 1929 Montmorency-) is a Canadian actor. She has four children, Sophie Faucher, Philippe Faucher, François Faucher and Catherine Faucher.

Béatrice Picard

Béatrice Picard (July 3, 1929 Québec-) is a Canadian actor and voice actor.

Alice Allyn

Alice Allyn (October 13, 1929 Canada-February 11, 1976 Los Angeles) also known as Alyce Allyn was a Canadian actor.

Monique Lepage

Monique Lepage (September 20, 1929 Montreal-) is a Canadian actor. Her child is called Anne Létourneau.

Nora Boland

Nora Boland (December 14, 1929 Hamilton-January 15, 2008 Rolling Hills Estates) a.k.a. Nora Madeleine Webb was a Canadian actor.

Evelyne Anderson

Evelyne Anderson (December 24, 1929 Winnipeg-) also known as Evelyne Louise Anderson is a Canadian actor.

Barbara Franklin

Barbara Franklin (June 14, 1929 Regina-February 15, 2009) was a Canadian actor.

Helen Mary Boll

Helen Mary Boll (March 11, 1929 Canada-January 3, 1995 Los Angeles) also known as Helen Boll was a Canadian actor.

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