Canadian actresses who were born in 1947

Here are 7 famous actresses from Canada were born in 1947:

Micheline Lanctôt

Micheline Lanctôt (May 12, 1947 Frelighsburg, Quebec-) also known as Micheline Lanctot is a Canadian film director, actor, screenwriter, television director, film editor, musician and film producer.

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Linda Thorson

Linda Thorson (June 18, 1947 Toronto-) a.k.a. Linda Robinson, Mrs Barry Bergthorson or Thorson, Linda is a Canadian actor. She has one child, Trevor Boggs.

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Cayle Chernin

Cayle Chernin (December 4, 1947 Cape Breton Island-February 18, 2011 Toronto) also known as Cayle-Lorraine Sinclair, Lorraine Sinclair or Cayle Vivian Chernin was a Canadian actor.

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Véronique Le Flaguais

Véronique Le Flaguais (November 30, 1947 Paris-) is a Canadian actor. Her children are called Charles Côté and Maxime Côté.

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Francine Racette

Francine Racette (January 1, 1947 Joliette-) is a Canadian actor. Her children are called Rossif Sutherland, Roeg Sutherland and Angus Sutherland.

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Sharon Vaughn

Sharon Vaughn (May 2, 1947-) also known as Sharon Rice or Mary Sharon Vaughn is a Canadian musician, songwriter, composer, record producer and actor.

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Domini Blythe

Domini Blythe (August 28, 1947 Chester-December 15, 2010 Montreal) a.k.a. Domini Miranda Blythe was a Canadian actor and teacher.

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