Canadian actresses who were born in 1948

Here are 7 famous actresses from Canada were born in 1948:

Margot Kidder

Margot Kidder (October 17, 1948 Yellowknife-) also known as Margaret Ruth Kidder, Margie or Margaret Ruth "Margot" Kidder is a Canadian actor and voice actor. Her child is called Maggie McGuane.

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Patsy Gallant

Patsy Gallant (August 15, 1948 Campbellton-) otherwise known as Patsy Galant, Gallant, Patsy or Patricia Gallant is a Canadian actor and singer-songwriter.

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Lally Cadeau

Lally Cadeau (January 10, 1948 Burlington-) is a Canadian actor and voice actor. Her children are called Christopher Weatherstone, Bennet Weatherstone and Sara Weatherstone.

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Dayle Haddon

Dayle Haddon (May 26, 1948 Montreal-) is a Canadian model, actor, writer, businessperson and stunt performer. She has one child, Ryan Haddon.

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Dianne Heatherington

Dianne Heatherington (May 14, 1948 Fort Rouge, Winnipeg-October 22, 1996 Toronto) a.k.a. Dianne Mae Heatherington was a Canadian singer, actor and businessperson.

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Bronwen Mantel

Bronwen Mantel (October 29, 1948 Montreal-) also known as Bronwyn Mantel, Browen Mantel, Brownwen Mantel or Bronwen Manrtel is a Canadian actor and voice actor.

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Dorothée Berryman

Dorothée Berryman (April 28, 1948 Quebec City-) also known as Dorothee Berryman or Berryman, Dorothée is a Canadian singer and actor.

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