Canadian actresses who were born in 1961

Here are 13 famous actresses from Canada were born in 1961:

Sally Yeh

Sally Yeh (September 30, 1961 Taipei-) also known as 葉蒨文, Sally Yip, 叶倩文, Yeh, Sally, 沙麗, Qianwen Ye, Sin-Man Yip, Lynda Yeh, Yip Sin-Man, Sally Yip Sin-Man, Yè Qiànwén or jip6 sin3 man4 is a Canadian singer and actor.

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Mylène Farmer

Mylène Farmer (September 12, 1961 Pierrefonds, Quebec-) also known as Mylene Farmer, Mylhne Farmer, Mylène Jeanne Gautier, Mylène Gautier or Farmer, Mylène is a Canadian singer, songwriter, actor, entrepreneur, record producer and writer.

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Lolita Davidovich

Lolita Davidovich (July 15, 1961 London-) also known as Lolita Davidoviæ, Lolita David, Lolita Davidovitch, Lolly or Lolita Davidović is a Canadian actor and voice actor. She has one child, Valentina Shelton.

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Camilla Scott

Camilla Scott (July 12, 1961 Toronto-) is a Canadian actor. She has one child, Jack Eves.

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Rae Dawn Chong

Rae Dawn Chong (February 28, 1961 Edmonton-) is a Canadian actor. Her child is called Morgan Baylis.

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Elvira Kurt

Elvira Kurt (December 9, 1961 Toronto-) is a Canadian comedian, screenwriter, television producer, actor and talk show host.

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Kate Vernon

Kate Vernon (April 21, 1961 Canada-) a.k.a. Katherine Vernon or Katherine Elizabeth Vernon is a Canadian actor. She has one child, Annabelle Negron.

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Nancy Anne Sakovich

Nancy Anne Sakovich (October 8, 1961 Belleville-) is a Canadian model and actor.

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Pascale Montpetit

Pascale Montpetit (July 28, 1961 Montreal-) is a Canadian actor and screenwriter. Her child is called Clara Vi Boutin.

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k.d. lang

k.d. lang (November 2, 1961 Edmonton-) a.k.a. K. D Lang, K D Lang, Kd Lang, k.d.Lang, K. D. Lang, K.D. Lang, Kathryn Dawn Lang, Kathyrn Dawn Lang, lang, k.d., The Alberta Rose or k.d. lang and The Reclines is a Canadian singer-songwriter, record producer and actor.

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Linda Kash

Linda Kash (January 17, 1961 Montreal-) is a Canadian actor, voice actor and radio personality.

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Élise Guilbault

Élise Guilbault (April 8, 1961 Sainte-Lucie-des-Laurentides, Quebec-) a.k.a. Elise Guilbault is a Canadian actor.

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Daphna Kastner

Daphna Kastner (April 17, 1961 Montreal-) also known as Dafna Kastner is a Canadian screenwriter, actor and film director. She has one child, Roman Keitel.

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