Canadian actresses who were born in 1988

Here are 14 famous actresses from Canada were born in 1988:

Skye Sweetnam

Skye Sweetnam (May 5, 1988 Bolton-) a.k.a. Skye Alexandra Sweetnam, Sweetnam, Skye or Sever is a Canadian songwriter, actor, singer and music video director.

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Heather Marks

Heather Marks (July 25, 1988 Calgary-) is a Canadian fashion model and actor.

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Katie Boland

Katie Boland (February 14, 1988 Toronto-) also known as Katherine Lenora Boland, Kat, Katharina Boland, Katie Lady, Katie or Katherine Lenora "Katie" Boland is a Canadian actor, screenwriter, film producer, film director, writer and journalist.

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Alexandra Purvis

Alexandra Purvis (January 27, 1988 British Columbia-) is a Canadian actor.

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Keshia Chanté

Keshia Chanté (June 16, 1988 Ottawa-) also known as Keshia Chante, Chanté, Keshia or Keshia Chanté Harper is a Canadian singer, model, actor, songwriter and dancer.

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Tabitha Lupien

Tabitha Lupien (February 4, 1988 Ontario-) is a Canadian actor, dancer and acrobat.

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Signe Ronka

Signe Ronka (April 23, 1988 Riga-) is a Canadian actor and figure skater.

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Amber Marshall

Amber Marshall (June 2, 1988 London-) also known as Mother Nature is a Canadian actor.

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Jessica Lowndes

Jessica Lowndes (November 8, 1988 Vancouver-) a.k.a. Jessica Suzanne Lowndes is a Canadian actor, singer and songwriter.

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Carly Foulkes

Carly Foulkes (August 4, 1988 Toronto-) a.k.a. The T-Mobile Girl is a Canadian actor.

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Allie MacDonald

Allie MacDonald (September 17, 1988 Port Hawkesbury-) also known as Alexandra MacDonald, Allie Macdonald, Allie, Rizzo or Alexandra "Allie" MacDonald is a Canadian actor.

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Shannon Chan-Kent

Shannon Chan-Kent (September 23, 1988 Vancouver-) is a Canadian voice actor, singer, actor, opera singer and dancer.

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Grimes (March 17, 1988 Vancouver-) also known as Claire Boucher is a Canadian actor, musician, singer-songwriter, record producer, music video director and visual artist.

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Alice Moran

Alice Moran (August 2, 1988 Ajax-) is a Canadian actor, screenwriter and writer.

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