Canadian actresses who were born in 1995

Here are 11 famous actresses from Canada were born in 1995:

Conchita Campbell

Conchita Campbell (October 25, 1995 Vancouver-) otherwise known as Conchita Elizabeth Campbell is a Canadian actor.

Alex Steele

Alex Steele (July 3, 1995 Toronto-) also known as Alex Rose Steele, Alexandra Rose Steele or Alexandra Rose "Alex" Steele is a Canadian actor.

Jordan Todosey

Jordan Todosey (February 8, 1995 Oshawa-) also known as Jordy is a Canadian actor and voice actor.

Laytrel McMullen

Laytrel McMullen (August 8, 1995 Toronto-) also known as Laytrel Marie McMullen or Missie is a Canadian actor.

Victoria Duffield

Victoria Duffield (January 3, 1995 Vancouver-) is a Canadian actor and singer.

Sophie Hough

Sophie Hough (June 3, 1995 Canada-) also known as Sophie Hough-Martin or The Soph is a Canadian actor.

Samantha Weinstein

Samantha Weinstein (March 20, 1995 Toronto-) also known as Samantha Gail Weinstein is a Canadian actor and voice actor.

Mackenzie Mowat

Mackenzie Mowat (July 20, 1995 British Columbia-) is a Canadian actor.

Zemphira Gosling

Zemphira Gosling (May 12, 1995 Surrey-) is a Canadian actor.

Frédérique Dufort

Frédérique Dufort (June 17, 1995 Boisbriand-) is a Canadian actor.

Amy Forsyth

Amy Forsyth (August 6, 1995 Ontario-) is a Canadian actor.

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