Canadian actresses who deceased at age 76

Here are 3 famous actresses from Canada died at 76:

May Irwin

May Irwin (June 27, 1862 Whitby-October 22, 1938 New York City) also known as Georgina May Campbell was a Canadian singer and actor. Her children are Harry Keller and Walter Keller.

She died as a result of bronchopneumonia.

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Gisele MacKenzie

Gisele MacKenzie (January 10, 1927 Winnipeg-September 5, 2003 Burbank) also known as MacKenzie, Gisele, Gisele Marie-Louise Marguerite LaFleche, Canada's First Lady of Song or The Songbird of Winnipeg was a Canadian singer and actor. Her children are called Mac Shuttleworth, Gigi Downs and Gigi MacKenzie.

She died caused by colorectal cancer.

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Gail Gilmore

Gail Gilmore (October 4, 1937 Edmonton-March 2, 2014 Sharon) a.k.a. Gail Gibson, Gail Gerber or Gale Gerber was a Canadian actor and ballet dancer.

She died as a result of lung cancer.

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