Canadian actresses who deceased in 2009

Here are 5 famous actresses from Canada died in 2009:

Lorena Gale

Lorena Gale (May 9, 1958 Montreal-June 21, 2009 Vancouver) also known as Loreena Gale, Lorena Gayle or Lorineda Gayle was a Canadian actor, playwright and theatre director.

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Joan Orenstein

Joan Orenstein (December 4, 1923 London-October 19, 2009 Halifax) otherwise known as Joan Travell was a Canadian actor. Her children are called Sarah Orenstein, Cia Tweel and Edie Orenstein.

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Goldie Semple

Goldie Semple (December 11, 1952 Richmond-December 9, 2009 Niagara-on-the-Lake) was a Canadian actor.

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Caro Jones

Caro Jones (November 27, 2014 Canada-September 3, 2009 Los Angeles) also known as Caro Mary Jones was a Canadian casting director and actor. Her child is called Jack Eiseman.

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Famie Kaufman

Famie Kaufman (April 11, 1924 Toronto-February 21, 2009 Mexico City) also known as Famie Kaufman 'Vitola', Famie Kaufman Vitola, Famie Kauffman 'Vitola', 'Vitola', Fanny Kaufman, Famie Kaufmann, Fanny Kauffman 'Vitola', Vitola, La Vitola or Fannie Kauffman was a Canadian actor, comedian and child singer. She had four children, Humberto Elizondo, David Reyes, Mois├ęs King Kaufman and Abraham King Kaufman.

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