Canadian actresses who died due to Ovarian cancer

Here are 4 famous actresses from Canada died in Ovarian cancer:

Marjorie Gross

Marjorie Gross (April 18, 1956 Toronto-June 7, 1996 Los Angeles) was a Canadian screenwriter, television producer and actor.

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Nancy Dolman

Nancy Dolman (September 26, 1951 Toronto-August 21, 2010 Pacific Palisades) otherwise known as Nancy Jane Dolman, Nancy J. Short or Nancy Dolman Short was a Canadian actor, comedian and singer. Her children are called Katherine Elizabeth Short, Henry Short and Oliver Patrick Short.

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Cayle Chernin

Cayle Chernin (December 4, 1947 Cape Breton Island-February 18, 2011 Toronto) also known as Cayle-Lorraine Sinclair, Lorraine Sinclair or Cayle Vivian Chernin was a Canadian actor.

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Dianne Heatherington

Dianne Heatherington (May 14, 1948 Fort Rouge, Winnipeg-October 22, 1996 Toronto) a.k.a. Dianne Mae Heatherington was a Canadian singer, actor and businessperson.

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