Canadian actresses who died due to Suicide

Here are 4 famous actresses from Canada died in Suicide:

Erin Fleming

Erin Fleming (August 13, 1941 Temiskaming Shores-April 15, 2003 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Marilyn Fleming was a Canadian actor.

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Florence Lawrence

Florence Lawrence (January 2, 1890 Hamilton-December 28, 1938 Beverly Hills) also known as Florence Annie Bridgwood, Queen of the Screen, Biograph Girl, The First Movie Star, The Imp Girl, The Girl of a Thousand Faces, Baby Flo, the Child Wonder, The Biograph Girl or Baby Flo, the Child Wonder Whistler was a Canadian actor, inventor and child actor.

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Pauline Julien

Pauline Julien (May 23, 1928 Trois-Rivières-October 1, 1998 Montreal) a.k.a. Julien, Pauline was a Canadian singer and actor. She had two children, Nicolas Galipeau and Pascale Galipeau.

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Barbara Read

Barbara Read (December 29, 1917 Port Arthur-December 12, 1963 Laguna Beach) a.k.a. Barbara Reed was a Canadian actor. She had two children, William Whitney Talman III and Barbie Talman.

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