Canadian musicians who were born in 1914

Here are 5 famous musicians from Canada were born in 1914:

Hugh Le Caine

Hugh Le Caine (May 27, 1914-July 3, 1977) a.k.a. Hugh le Cain was a Canadian physicist and composer.

His albums: Hugh Le Caine: Compositions and Demonstrations 1946 to 1974. His related genres: Musique concrète.

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Hank Snow

Hank Snow (May 9, 1914 Brooklyn, Queens County, Nova Scotia-December 20, 1999 Madison) a.k.a. Clarence Eugene Snow, Snow, Hank, The Yodeling Ranger Hank Snow, Hank, The Singing Ranger, Jack, The Cowboy Blue Yodeler or Hank, The Yodeling Ranger was a Canadian songwriter, singer and musician.

His albums include I Wonder Where You Are Tonight / The Drunkard's Son, Thesaurus Transcriptions, Volume 4, Thesaurus Transcriptions, Volume 3, The Singing Ranger, Volume 4, The Singing Ranger, Volume 3, The Singing Ranger, Volume 2, RCA Country Legends, Legendary, I'm Movin' On, 1949-1953 and I'm Movin On and Other Great Country Hits. Genres he performed include Country.

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Félix Leclerc

Félix Leclerc (August 2, 1914 La Tuque-August 8, 1988 Saint-Pierre-de-l'Île-d'Orléans) also known as Felix Leclerc or Leclerc, Félix was a Canadian singer, actor, film score composer and writer. His child is Francis Leclerc.

His most recognized albums: L'Encan, La vie, l'amour, la mort, Le Meilleur, Le P'tit Bonheur, Master Serie, Volume 1, Master Serie, Volume 2, Master Serie, Volume 3, Mes premières chansons, Versions originales and Le P'tit Bonheur.

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Dick Todd

Dick Todd (August 4, 1914 Montreal-March 1, 1974) a.k.a. Todd, Dick was a Canadian , .

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Ruth Lowe

Ruth Lowe (August 12, 1914 Toronto-January 4, 1981) also known as Lowe, Ruth was a Canadian , .

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