Canadian musicians who were born in 1948

Here are 33 famous musicians from Canada were born in 1948:

Frank McKenna

Frank McKenna (January 19, 1948 Apohaqui, New Brunswick-) is a Canadian politician, banker, lawyer and diplomat.

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Spider Robinson

Spider Robinson (November 24, 1948 The Bronx-) otherwise known as B. D. Wyatt is a Canadian novelist, writer and author.

His albums: Belaboring the Obvious.

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Donnie McDougall

Donnie McDougall (November 5, 1948-) also known as Don McDougall or McDougall, Donnie is a Canadian , .

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Margot Kidder

Margot Kidder (October 17, 1948 Yellowknife-) also known as Margaret Ruth Kidder, Margie or Margaret Ruth "Margot" Kidder is a Canadian actor and voice actor. Her child is called Maggie McGuane.

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David Campbell

David Campbell (February 7, 1948 Toronto-) also known as Campbell, David, David Richard Campbell or David R. Campbell is a Canadian conductor, composer and film score composer. He has three children, Beck Hansen, Channing Hansen and Alyssa Suede.

Genres: Ballad, Rock music, Country, Pop music, Classical music, Blues, Heavy metal, Alternative rock, Indie rock, Jazz, Punk rock, Rhythm and blues, Hip hop music and Rock en español.

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Mary Lou Fallis

Mary Lou Fallis (April 22, 1948 Toronto-) is a Canadian singer.

Her albums: Loving.

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Susan Jacks

Susan Jacks (August 19, 1948 Saskatoon-) a.k.a. Jacks, Susan or Susan Pesklevits is a Canadian singer-songwriter, record producer and musician.

Genres she performed: Country, Pop music and Easy listening.

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Patsy Gallant

Patsy Gallant (August 15, 1948 Campbellton-) otherwise known as Patsy Galant, Gallant, Patsy or Patricia Gallant is a Canadian actor and singer-songwriter.

Her albums include Greatest Hits, Tout va trop vite, From New York to L.A., Sugar Daddy, Will You Give Me Your Love and Are You Ready for Love.

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Claude Vivier

Claude Vivier (April 14, 1948 Montreal-March 7, 1983 Paris) also known as Vivier, Claude was a Canadian composer.

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Richard Desjardins

Richard Desjardins (March 16, 1948 Rouyn-Noranda-) otherwise known as Desjardins, Richard is a Canadian singer, film director, film score composer and screenwriter.

His most recognized albums: Abbittibbi - Live, Boom Boom, Kanasuta, Les Derniers Humains, Au Club Soda, Tu m'aimes-tu, Anthologie, , Chaude Était La Nuit and .

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Trevor W. Payne

Trevor W. Payne (December 21, 1948 Barbados-) otherwise known as Trevor Payne is a Canadian singer, musician, composer and actor.

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Corky Laing

Corky Laing (January 26, 1948 Montreal-) also known as Laing, Corky, Laurence Laing, Laurence Gordon Laing or Laurence Gordon "Corky" Laing is a Canadian musician, songwriter, drummer and film score composer.

Genres related to him: Heavy metal, Rock music, Hard rock, Blues rock and Psychedelic rock.

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Myles Goodwyn

Myles Goodwyn (June 23, 1948 Woodstock-) a.k.a. Goodwyn, Myles or Myles Francis Goodwyn is a Canadian singer, musician, record producer, songwriter and guitarist.

His albums: Myles Goodwyn. Genres he performed: Hard rock, Rock music, Blues and Blues rock.

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Peter McCoppin

Peter McCoppin (May 2, 1948 Canada-) is a Canadian conductor.

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Nash the Slash

Nash the Slash (March 26, 1948 Toronto-May 1, 2014 Toronto) also known as Jeff Plewman, Nash The Slash or Nashville Thebodiah Slasher was a Canadian singer, fiddler, violinist, film score composer, musician and multi-instrumentalist.

His albums: Nosferatu, American BandAges, Blind Windows, Thrash, In-A-Gadda-Da-Nash, Children of the Night, And You Thought You Were Normal, Decomposing and Lost in Space: Reel-to-Reel Obscurities. Genres related to him: Progressive rock, Electronic music, Pop music, Rock music, Electronica and Electronic dance music.

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Marie-Lynn Hammond

Marie-Lynn Hammond (August 31, 1948 Montreal-) is a Canadian singer.

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Murray McLauchlan

Murray McLauchlan (June 30, 1948 Paisley-) also known as McLauchlan, Murray, M. McLauchlan, Murray Edward McLauchlan or Murray Edward McLauchlan, CM is a Canadian singer, songwriter, guitarist, pianist and musician. He has one child, Duncan McLauchlan.

Related albums: The Modern Age, Greatest Hits, Sweeping the Spotlight Away, Boulevard, Murray McLauchlan, Song from the Street, Only the Silence Remains, Day to Day Dust, Gulliver's Taxi and Midnight Break. Genres he performed include Country, Folk music and Rock music.

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Stuart McLean

Stuart McLean (April 19, 1948 Montreal-) also known as McLean, Stuart is a Canadian writer.

His most well known albums: The Vinyl Cafe on Tour, Vinyl Cafe: Coast to Coast Story Service, The Vinyl Cafe: The Christmas Concert, Vinyl Cafe Stories, Vinyl Cafe: A Christmas Collection, An Important Message From the Vinyl Cafe, History of Canada, Vinyl Cafe: Family Pack, A Story-Gram from Vinyl Cafe Inc. and .

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Raffi (July 8, 1948 Cairo-) a.k.a. Raffi Cavoukian is a Canadian essayist, author, musician, singer, singer-songwriter, music producer, businessperson and teacher.

His albums: Rise and Shine, Raffi's Christmas Album, Raffi Radio, One Light, One Sun, More Singable Songs, Let's Play, In Concert, Everything Grows, Corner Grocery Store and Baby Beluga.

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Dianne Heatherington

Dianne Heatherington (May 14, 1948 Fort Rouge, Winnipeg-October 22, 1996 Toronto) a.k.a. Dianne Mae Heatherington was a Canadian singer, actor and businessperson.

Genres she performed include Rock music.

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Byron MacGregor

Byron MacGregor (March 3, 1948 Calgary-January 3, 1995 Detroit) also known as Gary Lachlan Mack was a Canadian radio personality, news director, presenter, tv personality and music artist.

His discography includes: The Americans.

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William Gibson

William Gibson (March 17, 1948 Conway-) a.k.a. William Ford Gibson is a Canadian writer, novelist, author and actor.

His albums include Neuromancer.

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Phil Hartman

Phil Hartman (September 24, 1948 Brantford-May 28, 1998 Encino) also known as Philip Edward Hartmann, Philip E. Hartmann, Phil Hartmann, The Sultan of Smarm, The Glue of "Saturday Night Live", Phil E. Hartmann, Phil Hart-on-the-Stick Man, Philip Edward "Phil" Hartman, Phillip Edward Hartmann, "The Glue", Phil or Philip Edward Hartman was a Canadian comedian, graphic artist, actor, voice actor and screenwriter. He had two children, Sean Edward Hartman and Birgen Anika Hartman.

Discography: Phil Hartman's Flat TV.

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Dorothée Berryman

Dorothée Berryman (April 28, 1948 Quebec City-) also known as Dorothee Berryman or Berryman, Dorothée is a Canadian singer and actor.

Her albums include Dorothée Berryman and P.S. I Love You. Genres she performed: Jazz.

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Tom Jackson

Tom Jackson (October 27, 1948 Saskatchewan-) a.k.a. Jackson, Tom or Thomas Dale Jackson is a Canadian singer and actor.

His albums include I Will Bring You Near, That Side of the Window, No Regrets and The Best of the Huron Carole.

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Michel Pagliaro

Michel Pagliaro (November 9, 1948 Montreal-) also known as Pagliaro, Michel, Pag, Michel Armand Guy Pagliaro or Pagliaro is a Canadian singer, songwriter and guitarist.

Discography: Avant, PAG, Pagliaro I, Hit Parade, Sous peine d'amour, Rock n' Roll, Pag collection – Tonnes de flashs, Time Race, Pagliaro and Aujourd'hui. Genres he performed include Classic rock, French rock, Rock music and Blues rock.

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Ray Bonneville

Ray Bonneville (October 11, 1948 Hull-) also known as Bonneville, Ray or Raymond J. Bonneville is a Canadian singer, musician and songwriter.

His discography includes: Gust of Wind, Goin' by Feel, Roll It Down, Rough Luck, Bad Man’s Blood and Easy Gone. Genres he performed include Blues.

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Jim Norman

Jim Norman (October 29, 1948 Montreal-) is a Canadian composer, percussionist, record producer and drummer.

His albums include Beyond the Beginning and Time Changes, Times Change.

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Christopher Jackson

Christopher Jackson (July 27, 1948 Halifax-) otherwise known as Christopher Donald Jackson is a Canadian organist, harpsichordist, conductor and music teacher.

His albums include Stabat Mater, Sacred Spaces (Lieux sacrés) (Studio de musique ancienne de Montréal, feat. conductor Christopher Jackson), Heavenly Spheres and Palestrina: Missa "Ut, re, mi, fa, sol, la".

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Al Simmons

Al Simmons (September 5, 1948-) is a Canadian entertainer. He has three children, Karl Simmons, Will Simmons and Brad Simmons.

His albums include The Truck I Bought From Moe and Celery Stalks At Midnight.

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Robert Léger

Robert Léger (June 24, 1948 Montreal-) otherwise known as Beau Dommage is a Canadian singer-songwriter and film score composer.

Genres related to him: Folk music, Rock music and Folk rock.

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Yank Barry

Yank Barry (January 29, 1948 Montreal-) is a Canadian musician, singer-songwriter, record producer and music arranger.

Genres he performed: Pop music and Rock and roll.

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Richard "Hock" Walsh

Richard "Hock" Walsh (December 19, 1948-December 31, 1999) was a Canadian songwriter and singer.

His related genres: Blues.

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