Canadian musicians who were born in 1952

Here are 25 famous musicians from Canada were born in 1952:

Dan Aykroyd

Dan Aykroyd (July 1, 1952 Ottawa-) also known as Elwood Blues, Danny Aykroyd, Daniel Edward "Dan" Aykroyd, Danny, Daniel Edward "Dan" Aykroyd, CM, Elwood J. Blues, Daniel Edward Aykroyd or Elwood is a Canadian comedian, actor, screenwriter, singer, television producer, film producer and voice actor. He has three children, Danielle Aykroyd, Belle Kingston Aykroyd and Stella Irene August Aykroyd.

Related albums: Have Love Will Travel.

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Neil Peart

Neil Peart (September 12, 1952 Hamilton-) also known as Neil Ellwood Peart, Peart, Neil Peart of Rush, John Ellwood Taylor, Cornelius Ellwood Peart, Pratt, The Professor, Bubba or Neil Ellwood Peart, OC is a Canadian drummer, lyricist, musician, author, record producer, songwriter and film score composer. His children are called Selena Taylor and Olivia Louise Peart.

Related albums: Anatomy of a Drum Solo and The Hockey Theme. His related genres: Hard rock, Heavy metal, Jazz, Progressive rock, Big Band, Swing music and Progressive metal.

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Graham Greene

Graham Greene (June 22, 1952 Ohsweken, Ontario-) a.k.a. Mabes is a Canadian actor, voice actor and presenter.

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Sheila Copps

Sheila Copps (November 27, 1952 Hamilton-) also known as Sheila Maureen Copps is a Canadian politician and journalist. She has one child, Danelle Marrero.

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Mary Walsh

Mary Walsh (May 13, 1952 St. John's-) also known as Mary Cynthia Walsh, Codco or Mary Walsh C.M. is a Canadian actor, comedian, screenwriter and television producer. She has one child, Jesse Nichol.

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Kenzie MacNeil

Kenzie MacNeil (September 2, 1952 Canada-) is a Canadian , .

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Sean O'Sullivan

Sean O'Sullivan (January 1, 1952 Hamilton-March 9, 1989) was a Canadian , .

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Jim Vallance

Jim Vallance (May 31, 1952 Chilliwack-) also known as Vallance, Jim, James Douglas Vallance, Rodney Higgs, James Douglas "Jim" Vallance or Jim is a Canadian songwriter, musician, record producer, music arranger and drummer.

Genres: Rock music, Blues, Country, Heavy metal, Jazz, Pop music, Hard rock, Pop rock and Album-oriented rock.

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Brian MacLeod

Brian MacLeod (June 25, 1952 Halifax Regional Municipality-April 25, 1992) also known as "Too Loud" MacLeod or Brian Oliver MacLeod was a Canadian musician, songwriter, music producer, guitarist and record producer.

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Geri Karlstrom

Geri Karlstrom (August 19, 1952-) is a Canadian , .

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Jimmy Watson

Jimmy Watson (August 19, 1952 Smithers-) is a Canadian , .

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Gino Vannelli

Gino Vannelli (June 16, 1952 Montreal-) also known as Gine Vanelli, Gino Vanelli or Vannelli, Gino is a Canadian singer, composer, conductor, lyricist, songwriter and musician.

His albums include The Ultimate Collection, A Pauper in Paradise, Crazy Life, Live in Montreal, Slow Love, Storm at Sunup, Ultimate Collection, Big Dreamers Never Sleep, Yonder Tree and Canto. Genres he performed: Rhythm and blues, Soul music, Jazz, Blue-eyed soul, Funk, Pop rock and Soft rock.

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Kim Mitchell

Kim Mitchell (July 10, 1952 Sarnia-) a.k.a. Mitchell, Kim or Joseph Kim Mitchell is a Canadian singer, songwriter, musician, guitarist and disc jockey.

His albums include Kim Mitchell, Akimbo Alogo, Aural Fixations, Greatest Hits, I Am a Wild Party (live), Itch, Kimosabe, Rockland, Shakin' Like a Human Being and Fill Your Head With Rock. Genres related to him: Rock music, Hard rock and Progressive rock.

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Ferron (June 1, 1952 Canada-) is a Canadian singer, poet and songwriter.

Her albums include Driver, Inside Out: The IMA Sessions, Not a Still Life, Still Riot, Testimony, Impressionistic, Phantom Center, Backed Up, Ferron and Shadows on a Dime. Genres she performed include Folk music and Women's music.

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Fabienne Thibeault

Fabienne Thibeault (June 17, 1952 Montreal-) also known as Fabienne Thibault, Fabienne Thiebault, Fabiene Thibeault or Thibeault, Fabienne is a Canadian singer.

Her albums: Profil, Québécoise, Le Blues à Fabienne, Sélection talents, Les plus belles chansons, Les Plus Belles Chansons, Made in Québec, and Chaleur humaine.

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Larry Nickel

Larry Nickel (March 12, 1952-) is a Canadian composer.

Genres he performed: Choral music.

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Richard Séguin

Richard Séguin (March 27, 1952 Pointe-aux-Trembles-) otherwise known as Richard Seguin or Séguin, Richard is a Canadian singer.

His discography includes: Journée d'Amérique, D'instinct, Vagabondage, Microclimat, Double Vie, Lettres ouvertes, Richard Séguin, Solo, Trace et contraste and Aux portes du matin. Genres: Rock music and Folk music.

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Benny Hinn

Benny Hinn (December 3, 1952 Jaffa-) also known as Toufik Benedictus Hinn is a Canadian televangelist, author and preacher. His children are Natasha Hinn, Hannah Hinn, Jessica Hinn and Josh Hinn.

His albums include Healing.

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Peter Allen

Peter Allen (February 18, 1952 Ottawa-) is a Canadian composer, film score composer, organist, keyboard player and musician.

Genres: Film score.

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Steve Negus

Steve Negus (February 19, 1952 Hamilton-) a.k.a. Negus, Steve is a Canadian drummer.

Related albums: Dare to Dream. Genres related to him: Rock music and Progressive rock.

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Gregg Dechert

Gregg Dechert (May 13, 1952 Listowel, Ontario-) also known as Dechert, Gregg is a Canadian keyboard player.

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Serge Fiori

Serge Fiori (March 4, 1952 Montreal-) is a Canadian musician and singer-songwriter.

His albums include Fiori, Deux cents nuits à l'heure, and Babine.

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Barry Brown

Barry Brown (December 17, 1952 Owen Sound-) is a Canadian , .

Genres: Country.

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Jan Randall

Jan Randall (July 26, 1952 Philadelphia-) is a Canadian composer, singer-songwriter and film score composer.

Genres he performed: Jazz, Folk music, Soundtrack, Classical music and Blues.

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Lenny Solomon

Lenny Solomon (September 28, 1952 Toronto-) also known as Solomon, Lenny is a Canadian musician.

His albums: The Gershwin Sessions.

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