Canadian musicians who were born in 1955

Here are 30 famous musicians from Canada were born in 1955:

John Kricfalusi

John Kricfalusi (September 9, 1955 Chicoutimi-) also known as Michael John Kricfalusi, John K., Raymond Spum, John Krisfaloosy, Raymond S. or Raymond Spüm is a Canadian animator, voice actor, television director, television producer, screenwriter and actor.

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Howie Mandel

Howie Mandel (November 29, 1955 Willowdale, Toronto-) also known as Howie Michael Mandel II, Howard Michael Mandel, Howard Michael "Howie" Mande, Howard Mandel or Howard Michael "Howie" Mandel is a Canadian comedian, actor, screenwriter, presenter, television producer, voice actor and film producer. His children are Jackie Mandel, Alex Mandel and Riley Mandel.

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Alain Caron

Alain Caron (May 5, 1955 Saint-Éloi, Quebec-) also known as Caron, Alain or Alain Caron le band is a Canadian bassist and musician.

His most important albums: Call Me Al!, 5, Rhythm'n Jazz, , "Play", Alain Caron le Band, Caron / Ecay / Lockwood and . Genres: Jazz and Jazz fusion.

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Jerry Holland

Jerry Holland (February 23, 1955 Brockton-July 16, 2009) a.k.a. Holland, Jerry was a Canadian fiddler and songwriter.

Discography: Fiddler's Choice and The Fiddlesticks Collection.

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Rachel Paiement

Rachel Paiement (December 15, 1955 Sturgeon Falls, Ontario-) also known as Rachel Claire Paiement is a Canadian songwriter and musician.

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Garnet Rogers

Garnet Rogers (May 1, 1955 Hamilton-) a.k.a. Rogers, Garnet is a Canadian singer and singer-songwriter.

His albums include The Outside Track, Summer Lightning, Speaking Softly in the Dark, Shining Thing, Night Drive, Garnet Rogers, Sparrow's Wing, Firefly, At A High Window and All That Is.

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Hugh Marsh

Hugh Marsh (June 5, 1955 Montreal-) a.k.a. Marsh, Hugh is a Canadian violinist and film score composer.

His albums: The Bear Walks, Shaking the Pumpkin, Hugmars and Songs For My Mother and Father. Genres: Jazz, Rock music and Classical music.

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Paul Hyde

Paul Hyde (May 21, 1955 Yorkshire-) a.k.a. Paul Reginald Nelson or Paul Nelson is a Canadian singer and musician.

His albums include Turtle Island, Love and the Great Depression, Living off the Radar, The Big Book of Sad Songs, Volume 1 and Peace Sign. Genres: Folk music, New Wave, Punk rock, Rock music and Film score.

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Jim Cuddy

Jim Cuddy (December 2, 1955 Toronto-) a.k.a. Cuddy, Jim, Jim or James G. Cuddy is a Canadian musician, singer-songwriter, singer and songwriter.

His discography includes: The Light That Guides You Home, All in Time, Skyscraper Soul and Pull Me through. Genres: Rock music and Country.

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Scott Smith

Scott Smith (February 13, 1955 Winnipeg-November 30, 2000 San Francisco) also known as Smith, Scott or Donald Scott Smith was a Canadian bassist.

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Véronique Béliveau

Véronique Béliveau (January 24, 1955 Montreal-) a.k.a. Veronique Beliveau or Nicole Monique is a Canadian singer and actor.

Her related genres: Pop music and Rock music.

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Jane Siberry

Jane Siberry (October 12, 1955 Toronto-) also known as Siberry, Jane, Issa or Jane Stewart is a Canadian singer-songwriter, musician, record producer, composer and poet.

Her most well known albums: Jane Siberry, No Borders Here, The Speckless Sky, The Walking, Bound by the Beauty, Summer in the Yukon, When I Was a Boy, A Collection 1984-1989, Maria and Teenager. Genres she performed include Gospel music, New Wave, Folk music, Pop music and Vocal jazz.

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Gino Soccio

Gino Soccio (September 9, 1955 Westmount-) also known as Soccio, Gino is a Canadian record producer.

His most recognized albums: Face to Face, The Best Of, Try It Out, Outline, The Visitors, Greatest Hits, Closer and S-Beat.

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C. David Johnson

C. David Johnson (November 29, 1955 Montreal-) also known as Christopher David Johnson or David Johnson is a Canadian actor.

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Jean Derome

Jean Derome (June 29, 1955 Montreal-) is a Canadian musician, composer and film score composer.

His albums include Three Suite Piece, Confitures de gagaku, 3 Musiques pour UBU and . Genres: Free improvisation, Avant-garde jazz, Contemporary classical music, Experimental rock, Experimental music and Film score.

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John McDermott

John McDermott (March 25, 1955 Glasgow-) also known as McDermott, John or John Charles McDermott is a Canadian singer, record producer, songwriter and musician.

His albums include A Day to Myself, Christmas Memories, Love Is a Voyage, Songs of The Isles: Ireland, Remembrance, Images of Christmas: John McDermott and Friends, A Time to Remember, Old Friends, Danny Boy and The Danny Boy Collection. Genres related to him: Pop music, Operatic pop and Celtic music.

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Eleanor Joanne Daley

Eleanor Joanne Daley (April 21, 1955 Parry Sound-) also known as Eleanor Daley or Daley, Eleanor is a Canadian organist and composer.

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Robert Normandeau

Robert Normandeau (March 11, 1955 Montreal-) otherwise known as Normandeau, Robert is a Canadian , .

His albums include Sonars, Tangram and Lieux inouïs.

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Shirley Eikhard

Shirley Eikhard (November 7, 1955 Sackville-) otherwise known as Shirley EikHard, Shirley Eikard, Eikhard, Shirley or Shirley Rose Eikhard is a Canadian singer and songwriter.

Her albums: The Last Hurrah.

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Back Alley John

Back Alley John (February 10, 1955 Ottawa-March 1, 2015) was a Canadian , .

His albums include More a Feeling Than a Living. Genres: Blues.

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Peter Oundjian

Peter Oundjian (December 21, 1955 Toronto-) otherwise known as Oundjian, Peter is a Canadian conductor and music director.

His albums: Clarinet Concerto & Quintet, Harmonielehre / Doctor Atomic Symphony / Short Ride in a Fast Machine and .

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Thereza Bazar

Thereza Bazar (May 23, 1955 Toronto-) also known as Bazar, Thereza or Thereza Lorraine Bazar is a Canadian songwriter and singer.

Her discography includes: The Big Kiss. Genres she performed: Pop music.

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Gino Quilico

Gino Quilico (April 29, 1955 New York City-) also known as Quilico, Gino is a Canadian , .

Discography: La Bohème.

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Mike Reno

Mike Reno (January 8, 1955 New Westminster-) also known as Joseph Michael Rynoski, Joseph Michael John Reno or Mike Rynoski is a Canadian singer, musician and drummer.

Genres: Rock music and Hard rock.

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Hummie Mann

Hummie Mann (October 29, 1955 Montreal-) also known as Hummy Mann is a Canadian conductor, film score composer, orchestrator and composer.

His discography includes: Robin Hood - Men In Tights, Year of the Comet and Thomas and the Magic Railroad. Genres he performed: Film score.

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Brian Vollmer

Brian Vollmer (June 30, 1955 Canada-) is a Canadian musician and singer.

Related albums: When Pigs Fly. Genres he performed: Heavy metal and Hard rock.

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Denys Bouliane

Denys Bouliane (May 8, 1955 Grand-Mère, Quebec-) a.k.a. Bouliane, Denys is a Canadian composer and conductor.

His albums: .

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Sharon Anderson

Sharon Anderson (December 1, 1955-) is a Canadian singer and singer-songwriter.

Genres she performed include Country.

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Joel Quarrington

Joel Quarrington (January 15, 1955 Toronto-) otherwise known as Quarrington, Joel is a Canadian bassist and music teacher.

His albums: Joel Quarrington: Garden Scene.

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Johanne Blouin

Johanne Blouin (September 19, 1955 Saint-Hyacinthe-) also known as Blouin, Johanne is a Canadian singer-songwriter.

Her albums: Johanne Blouin Chante Noel, Sainte nuit, Noël avec Johanne Blouin, Until I Met You, Johanne Blouin, Merci Felix, De Félix à aujourd'hui, Entre l'amour et la guerre, Everything Must Change and Lui.

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