Canadian musicians who were born in 1962

Here are 33 famous musicians from Canada were born in 1962:

Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey (January 17, 1962 Newmarket-) also known as James Eugene Carrey, Tony Clifton, James Carrey, James Eugene "Jim" Carrey or Jim Carey is a Canadian comedian, actor, screenwriter, film producer and voice actor. His child is Jane Erin Carrey.

His most recognized albums: Somebody to Love and Cold Dead Hand.

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Jann Arden

Jann Arden (March 27, 1962 Calgary-) a.k.a. Jann Arden Richards, Arden, Jann or Jann Arden Anne Richards is a Canadian singer-songwriter, writer, actor, film producer, film score composer, presenter, restaurateur and musician.

Her albums include Time for Mercy, Living Under June, Insensitive, Good Mother, Happy?, Blood Red Cherry, 20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best of Jann Arden, Love Is the Only Soldier, Jann Arden and Unloved. Genres she performed: Pop music.

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Sass Jordan

Sass Jordan (December 23, 1962 Birmingham-) a.k.a. Sass Jordon, Jordan, Sass or Sarah Jordan is a Canadian singer, actor and tv personality.

Her albums include Sass... Best of Sass Jordan, Hot Gossip, Present, Racine, Rats, Rough & Tough, Tell Somebody, Get What You Give, High Road Easy and . Genres she performed include Rock music.

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Nia Vardalos

Nia Vardalos (September 24, 1962 Winnipeg-) a.k.a. Antonia Eugenia Vardalos, Antonia Eugenia "Nia" Vardalos or Nia is a Canadian actor, screenwriter, singer, voice actor, film director, television producer and film producer. Her child is called Ilaria Gomez.

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Charlie Angus

Charlie Angus (November 14, 1962 Timmins-) is a Canadian politician and spokesperson.

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André-Philippe Gagnon

André-Philippe Gagnon (December 17, 1962 Quebec City-) also known as Andre-Philippe Gagnon or Gagnon, André-Philippe is a Canadian comedian and impressionist.

His albums: L'Integrale.

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Andrew Cash

Andrew Cash (January 22, 1962 Toronto-) also known as Cash, Andrew is a Canadian singer-songwriter, politician, musician and journalist.

His discography includes: Time and Place, Boomtown, Hi and Boomtown. His related genres: Rock music.

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Jaymz Bee

Jaymz Bee (April 13, 1962 North Bay-) is a Canadian singer.

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Corey Hart

Corey Hart (May 31, 1962 Montreal-) otherwise known as Corey Heart, Corey Mitchell Hart, corey_hart or Hart, Corey is a Canadian record producer, singer-songwriter and musician.

Discography: First Offense, Boy in the Box, Boy in the Box, Corey Hart, Sunglasses at Night, The Best of Corey Hart, The Singles: Part 1: 1983-1990, Bang!, Young Man Running and Fields of Fire. Genres he performed: New Wave, Pop music, Rock music, New Romanticism and Pop rock.

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Scott McNeil

Scott McNeil (September 15, 1962 Tawonga-) also known as Scott McNiel, Scott McNeill, Scott Mcneil, Scott MacNeil, Scott Mc Neil or Old Lady McNeil is a Canadian actor and voice actor.

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Harland Williams

Harland Williams (November 14, 1962 Toronto-) a.k.a. Harland Michael Williams or Harland Reesor Williams is a Canadian comedian, actor, screenwriter, author, artist, voice actor, film director, illustrator, radio personality, visual artist and music artist.

His albums: , , and .

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Farley Flex

Farley Flex (August 9, 1962 Scarborough-) is a Canadian , .

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Michael Riley

Michael Riley (February 4, 1962 London-) is a Canadian actor and voice actor. He has one child, Dylan Riley.

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Ian James Corlett

Ian James Corlett (August 29, 1962 Burnaby-) a.k.a. Jerry J. Todd, Ian Corlett, Ian James Corlette or Ian Corlette is a Canadian screenwriter, voice actor, musician, writer, actor and television producer. He has two children, Phillip Corlett and Claire Corlett.

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Daniel Bélanger

Daniel Bélanger (December 26, 1962 Montreal-) a.k.a. Daniel Belanger or Bélanger, Daniel is a Canadian singer, artist, musician, songwriter and music artist.

His discography includes: L'Échec du matériel, Déflaboxe, Tricycle, Rêver mieux, Quatre saisons dans le désordre, Les insomniaques s'amusent, Joli chaos, Nous and Chic de ville. Genres he performed: Pop rock.

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Angèle Dubeau

Angèle Dubeau (March 24, 1962 Saint-Norbert, Quebec-) otherwise known as Angele Dubeau or Angèle Dubeau, OC CQ is a Canadian violinist.

Her albums: Arvo Pärt: Portrait, Philip Glass: Portrait, Infernal Violins, Let's Dance: Danses de Albéniz, Bartók, Bowie, Chostakovitch, Copland, Grieg, Holst, Monti, Respighi, Vieuxtemps, Gypsies, Violons d'enfer, Silence, on joue! / A Time for Us, Noël, Berceuses et jeux interdits and Game Music.

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Ned Bouhalassa

Ned Bouhalassa (August 25, 1962 Le Mans-) a.k.a. Bouhalassa, Ned is a Canadian film score composer.

Genres he performed: Film score.

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Norman Bedard

Norman Bedard (July 30, 1962 Trois-Rivières-) is a Canadian singer.

His albums: Person(a). Genres: New Wave, Dance music, Synthpop, Pop rock and Pop music.

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Craig Northey

Craig Northey (February 9, 1962-) also known as Northey, Craig is a Canadian singer, musician, record producer and singer-songwriter.

Discography: Northey Valenzuela and Giddy Up. Genres related to him: Alternative rock, Post-punk and Power pop.

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John Mann

John Mann (September 18, 1962 Calgary-) also known as John Fraser Mann or John F. Mann is a Canadian singer, actor and songwriter. He has two children, Harlan Daumann and Hattie Daumann.

His albums: Acoustic Kitty and December Looms. Genres he performed include Folk rock.

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Astrid Young

Astrid Young (August 16, 1962-) otherwise known as Young, Astrid or Astroid is a Canadian singer.

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Lee Aaron

Lee Aaron (July 21, 1962 Belleville-) a.k.a. Lee Aron, The Lee Aaron Project, Karen Lynn Greening or Aaron, Lee is a Canadian singer, musician and songwriter. She has two children, Angella Cody and Jett Cody.

Her discography includes: Lee Aaron, Metal Queen, Call of the Wild, Lee Aaron, Bodyrock, Some Girls Do, Slick Chick, Double Header: Lee Aaron / Metal Queen, Emotional Rain and Powerline: The Best of Lee Aaron. Genres she performed: Hard rock, Jazz, Glam metal, Heavy metal, Arena rock and Album-oriented rock.

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Martine St.Clair

Martine St.Clair (July 22, 1962 Montreal-) also known as Martine St. Clair, Martine St-Clair, St.Clair, Martine or Martine Nault is a Canadian singer and musician.

Her albums include Caribou, Ce soir l'amour est dans tes yeux, Il y a de l'amour dans l'air, Martine St-Clair, Mes Plus Belles Chansons, Tout ce que j'ai, Un Long Chemin, Un souffle de tendresse, Entre vous et moi and L'Amour est dans tes yeux. Genres she performed: Pop music.

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Nivek Ogre

Nivek Ogre (December 5, 1962 Calgary-) also known as Ogre, Kevin Graham Ogilvie, ohGr, Skinny Puppy or Kevin Ogilvie is a Canadian singer and actor.

Genres: Industrial music, Electronic music, Post-industrial music, Noise music, Glitch, Intelligent dance music, Dark ambient, Synthpop, Electro-industrial and Industrial rock.

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Dédé Fortin

Dédé Fortin (November 17, 1962 Saint-Thomas-Didyme, Quebec-May 8, 2000) also known as Dede Fortin or Fortin, Dédé was a Canadian musician.

Genres he performed include Ska, Blues rock, Folk rock and Reggae.

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Alain Lefèvre

Alain Lefèvre (July 23, 1962 Poitiers-) also known as Alain Lefevre or Lefèvre, Alain is a Canadian pianist and composer.

His albums include Fidèles Insomnies, Jardin d'images, , , Mathieu, Shostakovich, Mendelssohn: Concertino & Concertos, Rhapsodies, Concertos: Matthieu, Addinsell, Gershwin, and .

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Renee Rosnes

Renee Rosnes (March 24, 1962 Regina-) also known as Irene Louise Rosnes is a Canadian jazz pianist, pianist, musician, composer and music arranger.

Her albums: Life on Earth, Ancestors, Renee Rosnes & The Danish Big Band, Double Portrait, Art & Soul, As We Are Now, For The Moment, Renee Rosnes and Without Words. Genres she performed: Jazz.

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Bruno Pelletier

Bruno Pelletier (August 7, 1962 Charlesbourg, Quebec City-) a.k.a. Pelletier, Bruno is a Canadian singer. He has one child, Thierry Pelletier.

His discography includes: Concert de Noël (feat. L'Orchestre symphonique de Montréal), D'autres rives, Bruno Pelletier, Défaire l'amour, Miserere, Sur scène, Un monde à l'envers, Bruno Pelletier et le GrosZorchestre, Le Temps des cathédrales and Microphonium. Genres: French pop music.

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Arne Eigenfeldt

Arne Eigenfeldt (August 18, 1962-) is a Canadian , .

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Andrew Ager

Andrew Ager (February 12, 1962 Ottawa-) a.k.a. Ager, Andrew is a Canadian , .

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Chloé Sainte-Marie

Chloé Sainte-Marie (May 29, 1962 Québec-) otherwise known as Marie-Aline Joyal or Chloe Sainte-Marie is a Canadian actor.

Her albums include Parle-moi., Je pleure, tu pleures, Je marche à toi, L'Emploi de mon temps and . Genres she performed include Folk music.

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Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul (June 19, 1962 San Fernando-) also known as Abdul, Paula or Paula Julie Abdul is a Canadian actor, music video director, television producer, dancer, choreographer, tv personality, voice actor and singer-songwriter.

Her albums include Forever Your Girl, Shut Up and Dance: The Dance Mixes, Spellbound, Ain't Never Gonna Give You Up, Cold Hearted, Crazy Cool, Opposites Attract, Rush Rush, Straight Up and Vibeology. Genres related to her: Pop music, Dance music, Rhythm and blues, Contemporary R&B, Dance-pop and New jack swing.

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Doug Elliott

Doug Elliott (September 3, 1962 Edmonton-) a.k.a. Douglas Robert Elliott is a Canadian musician, record producer and singer-songwriter.

Genres he performed: Alternative rock, Power pop and Post-punk.

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