Canadian musicians who were born in 1971

Here are 33 famous musicians from Canada were born in 1971:

Jacques Villeneuve

Jacques Villeneuve (April 9, 1971 Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu-) a.k.a. Jacques Joseph Charles Villeneuve, JV, jacques_villeneuve or Villeneuve, Jacques is a Canadian race car driver, voice actor and actor. His children are called Jules Villeneuve and Jonas Villeneuve.

His albums: Private Paradise.

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Tom Green

Tom Green (July 30, 1971 Pembroke-) also known as Michael Thomas Green, M.C. Bones, M.C. Face, Michael Thomas "Tom" Green, MC Face, MC Bones or Tom Green 1992 is a Canadian comedian, actor, film producer, film director, rapper, film score composer, television editor, film editor, screenwriter, television producer and presenter.

Discography: Prepare For Impact, Basement Jams and Not the Green Tom Show. Genres related to him: Hip hop music.

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Corey Haim

Corey Haim (December 23, 1971 Toronto-March 10, 2010 Burbank) also known as Corey Ian Haim, Cory Haim, Space Ace or The Haimster was a Canadian actor, film producer, musician and painter.

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Lara St. John

Lara St. John (April 15, 1971 London-) also known as Saint John, Lara is a Canadian violinist.

Related albums: re: Bach, The Four Seasons / The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires, Bach: The Concerto Album (feat. violin: Lara St. John, New York Bach Ensemble), Works for Violin Solo, Mozart: Sinfonia Concertante for Violin and Viola, Violin Concertos Nos. 1 & 3 and J.S. Bach - Sonatas. Genres she performed include Classical music.

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Jason Englishman

Jason Englishman (December 22, 1971 Kingston-) also known as J. Englishman, Jason Daniyel Englishman, J Englishman or Englishman, J is a Canadian singer, guitarist and songwriter.

His discography includes: Poor Li'l Rock Star. His related genres: Pop music, Rock music and Alternative rock.

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Daniel Powter

Daniel Powter (February 25, 1971 Vernon-) a.k.a. Daniel Richard Powter or Powter, Daniel is a Canadian singer, singer-songwriter, pianist and musician.

His albums include Daniel Powter, I'm Your Betty, Under the Radar, Jimmy Gets High, Best of Me, Free Loop, Bad Day, Turn On the Lights, B-Sides and Love You Lately. Genres related to him: Piano rock, Indie pop, Pop rock, Soft rock and Alternative rock.

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Grant Lawrence

Grant Lawrence (July 30, 1971 Vancouver-) is a Canadian singer, radio personality, writer and musician.

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Carolyn Dawn Johnson

Carolyn Dawn Johnson (April 30, 1971 Grande Prairie-) also known as Johnson, Carolyn Dawn is a Canadian singer-songwriter.

Her albums include Dress Rehearsal, Love & Negotiation, Room With a View and Love Rules. Genres: Country.

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Seamus O'Regan

Seamus O'Regan (January 18, 1971 St. John's-) a.k.a. The Canadian Anderson Cooper is a Canadian tv journalist and journalist.

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Samuel Vincent

Samuel Vincent (October 5, 1971 North Vancouver-) also known as Samuel Vincent Khouth, Sam Vincent, Samuel Khouth, Sam Khouth, Samuel Kouth, Sam Kouth or Sam Vncent is a Canadian voice actor, singer and actor.

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Jim Bryson

Jim Bryson (July 27, 1971-) a.k.a. Bryson, Jim is a Canadian singer, record producer, singer-songwriter, songwriter and musician.

His most recognized albums: The North Side Benches, Where the Bungalows Roam, The Occasionals, Live at the First Baptist Church, The Falcon Lake Incident and iTunes Session. Genres related to him: Folk music and Indie rock.

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Brock Skywalker

Brock Skywalker (August 3, 1971 Canada-) is a Canadian singer, record producer and singer-songwriter.

Genres he performed: Indie rock, Folk music and Comedy.

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Andy Creeggan

Andy Creeggan (July 4, 1971 Scarborough-) also known as Creeggan, Andy is a Canadian pianist, percussionist and guitarist.

His albums include Andiwork, Andiwork II and Andiwork III. Genres he performed: Alternative rock, Folk rock, Rock music and Acoustic music.

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Matthew Good

Matthew Good (June 29, 1971 Burnaby-) also known as Good, Matthew or Matthew Frederick Robert Good is a Canadian singer, musician and songwriter. His child is called Thomas MacDonald Good.

His most well known albums: Avalanche, White Light Rock & Roll Review, In a Coma, Hospital Music, 15 Hours on a September Thursday, Left of Normal, Broken, Euphony, ...And In Closing and Vancouver. Genres he performed include Rock music, Acoustic music and Alternative rock.

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Hayden (February 12, 1971-) also known as Paul Hayden Desser is a Canadian singer and singer-songwriter.

His albums include Mild and Hazy, Skyscraper National Park, Everything I Long For, Moving Careful, The Closer I Get, In September, Live at Convocation Hall, Elk-Lake Serenade, In Field & Town and The Place Where We Lived. Genres related to him: Folk rock, Alternative country, Acoustic music, Indie folk and Lo-fi music.

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Phil Western

Phil Western (August 12, 1971 Vancouver-) also known as Phillip Western, Kone, XMT, Cap'm Stargazer, Stellar Sofa, Philth or Western, Phil is a Canadian , .

His albums include The Escapist, Worlds End, DAT Hell, 4am, Cirrhotic Psychotic, EP, Dark Features, Turn up the Fucking Bass, Legend Days and On Daddy's Farm. Genres he performed include Experimental music and Industrial music.

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Max Graham

Max Graham (April 17, 1971 London-) a.k.a. Graham, Max is a Canadian disc jockey and record producer.

His albums: Cream CD 2, I Know You're Gone, Shoreline / Bar None, Shine, So Caught Up, Owner of a Lonely Heart, Transport 4, Sun in the Winter, Max Graham Presents Cycles 4 and Airtight. Genres: Progressive house, Trance music, House music, Electronica and Techno.

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Brian West

Brian West (March 12, 1971 Sarnia-) is a Canadian record producer, songwriter and musician.

Genres he performed include Alternative rock, Pop music, Rock music, Hip Hop, Volk, World music, Folk music and Hip hop music.

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Byron Wong

Byron Wong (January 10, 1971 Vancouver-) also known as Byron Kent Wong is a Canadian musician, record producer, entrepreneur, film score composer and music director.

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Jenny Whiteley

Jenny Whiteley (January 14, 1971-) also known as Whiteley, Jenny is a Canadian singer-songwriter and singer.

Her albums include Hopetown and Jenny Whiteley. Genres she performed: Folk music and Country.

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Bif Naked

Bif Naked (June 15, 1971 New Delhi-) also known as Bif, Beth Torbert or Beth Hopkins is a Canadian singer, songwriter, actor, cartoonist, singer-songwriter, poet and motivational speaker.

Her discography includes: Superbeautifulmonster, Essentially Naked, Purge, Another 5 Songs and a Poem, Spaceman, I Bificus, Okenspay Ordway I. (a.k.a. Things I Forgot to Tell Mommy), Bif Naked and The Promise. Genres she performed: Punk rock, Rock music, Pop punk, Hard rock, Pop rock and Pop music.

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Daniel Boucher

Daniel Boucher (October 7, 1971 Montreal-) also known as Boucher, Daniel is a Canadian singer and actor.

Related albums: Chez nous, La Patente, Chansonnier, Dix Mille Matins, La Patente and Le soleil est près de moi (remix).

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Marie-Chantal Toupin

Marie-Chantal Toupin (July 14, 1971 Montreal-) also known as Toupin, Marie-Chantal is a Canadian singer and musician.

Her albums: Non négociable, Maudit Bordel, Marie-chantal Toupin, Après tout, Non négociable, la tournée, À distance, Noël c'est l'amour, and .

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Chris Thompson

Chris Thompson (July 4, 1971 Ottawa-) also known as Thompson, Chris is a Canadian , .

His related genres: Indie pop and Indie rock.

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Jake Mathews

Jake Mathews (March 14, 1971 Greater Sudbury-) also known as Mathews, Jake is a Canadian singer and singer-songwriter.

Related albums: Jake Mathews and Time After Time. Genres he performed: Country.

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Gordie Sampson

Gordie Sampson (July 30, 1971 Big Pond, Nova Scotia-) also known as Sampson, Gordie is a Canadian singer, songwriter, record producer and musician.

Related albums: Stones and For The Few & Far Between.

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Stuart Brawley

Stuart Brawley (February 18, 1971 Toronto-) is a Canadian musician, record producer, composer, audio mixer, songwriter and audio engineer.

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Jen Gould

Jen Gould (March 10, 1971 Ottawa-) also known as Jennifer Gould is a Canadian singer, actor, voice actor and graphic designer. She has two children, Ethan Gould and Shoshana Gould.

Her albums include Music Soup.

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Peter New

Peter New (October 30, 1971 Vancouver-) is a Canadian actor, screenwriter, film producer, voice actor and television producer.

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Chuggo (April 20, 1971 Toronto-) is a Canadian rapper.

His discography includes: Act Like You Might Know. Genres he performed include Hip hop music.

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Brandon Paris

Brandon Paris (November 11, 1971 Canada-) is a Canadian bartender, singer and web design.

Genres related to him: Pop music and Rock music.

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Shane Bunting

Shane Bunting (October 21, 1971 North Vancouver-) also known as Mad Child or Madchild is a Canadian record producer, songwriter, rapper and businessperson.

His albums: King of Pain, Little Monster, The Mad Child EP, Dope Sick, Banned From America EP, Lawn Mower Man and Switched On. Genres related to him: Hip hop music.

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Doc McKinney

Doc McKinney (August 27, 1971 Canada-) a.k.a. Martin McKinney is a Canadian record producer.

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