Canadian musicians who were born in 1973

Here are 30 famous musicians from Canada were born in 1973:

Tara Strong

Tara Strong (February 12, 1973 Toronto-) also known as Tara Charendoff, Tara Lyn Charendoff, Tara Lyn Charendoff-Strong, Tara Chardenoff, Tara Charendoff-Strong, Tara Charandoff, Tara Lyn Strong, Tara Lyn Strong Charendoff or Tara Lyn (Charendoff) Strong is a Canadian singer, voice actor and actor. She has two children, Aden Strong and Sammy Strong.

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Rufus Wainwright

Rufus Wainwright (July 22, 1973 Rhinebeck-) a.k.a. Rufus Wainright or Rufus McGarrigle Wainwright is a Canadian singer, musician, actor, songwriter, artist, composer, film producer and music artist. He has one child, Viva Katherine Wainwright Cohen.

Discography: Rufus Wainwright, Poses, Want One, I Don't Know What It Is, Want Two, Singles, Release the Stars, Rufus Does Judy at Carnegie Hall, Waiting for a Want and Alright, Already: Live in Montréal. Genres: Baroque pop, Piano rock, Operatic pop and Indie pop.

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Natalie Appleton

Natalie Appleton (May 14, 1973 Mississauga-) also known as Natalie Jane Appleton, Appleton, Natalie or Natalie Jane Appleton Howlett is a Canadian singer and actor. Her children are Ace Billy Howlett and Rachel Appleton.

Genres related to her: Pop music and Rhythm and blues.

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Tara MacLean

Tara MacLean (October 25, 1973 Charlottetown-) also known as Tara McLean or MacLean, Tara is a Canadian singer, musician, songwriter and actor.

Her albums: Silence, Passenger, Signs of Life, If You See Me, Live from Roots Lodge, Live from Austin and Wake. Genres she performed include Folk music, Trip hop and Pop music.

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Tara Slone

Tara Slone (September 7, 1973 Montreal-) also known as Tara Sloane or Tara is a Canadian singer and actor.

Her most important albums: Just Look Pretty And Sing. Genres she performed: Rock music.

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Trevor Guthrie

Trevor Guthrie (February 11, 1973 North Vancouver-) also known as Guthrie, Trevor is a Canadian singer.

His albums include This Is What It Feels Like and Soundwave. Genres he performed: Pop music, Dance music, Rock music and Adult contemporary music.

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Marc Dupré

Marc Dupré (July 28, 1973 Québec-) also known as Marc Dupre or Dupré, Marc is a Canadian singer, comedian and singer-songwriter.

His discography includes: Refaire le Monde, Revenir à toi, Entre deux mondes, , Tout près du bonheur and .

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Annabelle Chvostek

Annabelle Chvostek (October 2, 1973 Toronto-) a.k.a. Chvostek, Annabelle is a Canadian singer.

Discography: Water, Burned My Ass, Full Stop, 1am to 5am, Bija, Burned My Ass, Resilience, Live From Folk Alley and Rise. Genres she performed include Folk music, Alternative rock, Traditional music and Independent music.

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Kevin Spencer

Kevin Spencer (December 22, 1973-) is a Canadian singer and guitarist.

Genres he performed include Pop music and Rock music.

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Reid Jamieson

Reid Jamieson (October 20, 1973 Toronto-) otherwise known as Reid Jamison or Jamieson, Reid is a Canadian singer, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

His albums include The Unavoidable Truth, The Noise in My Chest, Cowlick Bravado, The Presley Sessions, Staring Contest and Songs for a Winter's Night. Genres: Pop music, Indie rock and Folk rock.

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Lisa Brokop

Lisa Brokop (June 6, 1973 Surrey-) is a Canadian singer-songwriter and actor.

Her albums include When You Get to Be You, Undeniable, Hey, Do You Know Me, Every Little Girl's Dream, Lisa Brokop, My Love and Beautiful Tragedy. Genres: Country.

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Ma-Anne Dionisio

Ma-Anne Dionisio (June 16, 1973 Manila-) is a Canadian , .

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Rhim (September 24, 1973 Hamilton-) a.k.a. James Davis is a Canadian , .

Genres he performed include Industrial rock and Electronic rock.

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Sarina Paris

Sarina Paris (December 22, 1973 Canada-) a.k.a. Sabrina Paris or Paris, Sarina is a Canadian singer.

Her albums include Sarina Paris and Look at Us. Genres she performed include Pop music, Dance-pop, Europop, Bubblegum pop, Eurodance, Synthpop, Eurobeat, Italo dance and Electropop.

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Luke Doucet

Luke Doucet (June 9, 1973 Halifax-) also known as Doucet, Luke, Luke Doucet and the White Falcon or Doucet, Luke and White Falcon, The is a Canadian singer, record producer, singer-songwriter, guitarist and songwriter.

His albums: Aloha Manitoba, Fokestar, Outlaws, Broken (And Other Rogue States), Blood's Too Rich and Steel City Trawler. Genres he performed: Indie rock, Folk rock and Alternative country.

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Amy Millan

Amy Millan (December 3, 1973 Toronto-) a.k.a. Millan, Amy is a Canadian singer, musician and guitarist. She has one child, Delphine Rita Jane Cranley.

Her albums include Honey From the Tombs, Masters of the Burial and Presents Morning Becomes Eclectic. Genres: Indie rock.

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Steve Barakatt

Steve Barakatt (May 17, 1973 Canada-) a.k.a. Barakatt, Steve is a Canadian singer, musician, record producer, composer, jazz pianist and pianist.

His discography includes: Rainbow Bridge, Eternity, Double-joie and Audace-audacity.

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Moka Only

Moka Only (November 14, 1973 Vancouver-) otherwise known as Daniel Denton is a Canadian rapper.

His albums include The Station Agent, Vermilion, Lime Green, Is... Ron Countour, Dirty Jazz, Lowdown Suite, Flood, The Desired Effect, Carrots and Eggs and Road Life. Genres he performed: Rock music, Hip hop music, Underground hip hop and Alternative hip hop.

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Jason Dean Bennison

Jason Dean Bennison (September 1, 1973 Mississauga-) also known as J.D. Fortune, JD Fortune, Fortune, J.D. or Jason Dean Norman Bennison is a Canadian singer and songwriter.

Genres related to him: Rock music and New Wave.

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Todd Kowalski

Todd Kowalski (May 27, 1973 Canada-) a.k.a. Kowalski, Todd is a Canadian bassist.

Genres: Hardcore punk and Thrash metal.

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Richard Humpty Vission

Richard Humpty Vission (May 24, 1973 Toronto-) also known as Richard "Humpy" Vision, Richard (Humpty) Vission, Richard Vission or Richard Gonzalez is a Canadian , .

His albums: Shut the F*** Up and Dance, Robot Man, Big Floor Funk, Damn That DJ Made My Day, House Connection², Drop That Beat and I Like That. Genres he performed: House music and Techno.

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Xingu Hill

Xingu Hill (December 19, 1973-) also known as John Hex, John N. Sellekaers, Jonah Hex or John Sellekaers is a Canadian photographer and composer.

His albums: Smoke and Mirrors, Junctions, Wagon of Miracles, Gone West, 16-bit Golem, Alterity, Relay, (Fiction), Maps of the Impossible and Unreleased Material (1995-1997). Genres he performed: Electronic music, Electronica, Experimental music, Electronic dance music, Breakcore, Intelligent dance music and Power noise.

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Ian Browne

Ian Browne (November 12, 1973-) is a Canadian , .

Genres: Rock music.

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Caroline Néron

Caroline Néron (July 21, 1973 Boucherville-) a.k.a. Caroline Neron or Néron, Caroline is a Canadian singer and actor.

Her most well known albums: Caroline Néron, Reprogrammée and .

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Paul Shull

Paul Shull (May 25, 1973 Kitchener-) also known as Paul shull, Mr. Butterscotch, Paul James Shull or 폴 제임스 슐 is a Canadian actor and talent manager.

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Victoria Banks

Victoria Banks (February 8, 1973-) is a Canadian singer-songwriter and actor.

Her albums: When You Can Fly and Never Be the Same. Genres she performed: Country.

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King Khan

King Khan (November 14, 1973 Montreal-) also known as Arish Ahmad Khan, BBQ or Khan, King & His Lonesome Guitar is a Canadian singer.

Discography: Ugly Women!, The Sultanic Verses, Tie Your Noose, BBQ, $, Whenever I Want, Whatever I Want, King Khan / Jacuzzi Boys and Murder Burgers. Genres he performed: Garage rock, Garage punk, Psychedelic soul, Rock and roll and Rock music.

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Sangtar (October 9, 1973 Punjab, India-) is a Canadian songwriter, composer, record producer, singer and audio engineer.

His discography includes: Punjabi Virsa 2005, Punjabi Virsa 2008 and Punjabi Virsa 2006. Genres he performed include Hindustani classical music, Pop music, Bhangra and Folk music.

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Adnan Sami

Adnan Sami (August 15, 1973 London-) also known as Adnan Sami Khan, Sami, Adnan, Khan, Adnan Sami or Adnam Sami is a Canadian singer, musician, presenter, composer, actor and film score composer. He has one child, Azaan Sami Khan.

His discography includes: Sargam, Kisi Din, Teri Kasam, I Love Adnan, Best of Adnan Sami, Always Yours, Adnan, Lucky: No Time for Love, , Tera Chehra and Chance Pe Dance. Genres related to him: Jazz, Classical music, Pop rock, Indian pop, Film score and Jazz fusion.

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Mark Sultan

Mark Sultan (November 14, 1973 Montreal-) a.k.a. Mark Antonio Pepe is a Canadian musician and entrepreneur.

His discography includes: Tie Your Noose, Whenever I Want, Whatever / Whenever, $, The Sultanic Verses, Whatever I Want and BBQ. Genres he performed include Rock and roll, Garage rock and Garage punk.

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