Canadian musicians who were born in 1980

Here are 31 famous musicians from Canada were born in 1980:

Deryck Whibley

Deryck Whibley (March 21, 1980 Scarborough-) also known as Deryck Jayson Whibley, Gunner, Bizzy D, Derzhik Wibly, Derik Uibli, Sven or Deryck Jason Whibley is a Canadian singer, record producer, songwriter, guitarist, actor and musician.

His related genres: Alternative rock, Pop punk, Punk rock, Heavy metal, Alternative metal, Hardcore punk, Rapcore, Skate punk and Melodic hardcore.

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Dave Baksh

Dave Baksh (July 26, 1980 Ajax-) also known as Pleasure, David Nizam "Brownsound" Baksh, Hot Chocolate, Brownsound or David Nizam Baksh is a Canadian guitarist, musician, songwriter, record producer and singer.

Genres he performed: Heavy metal, Alternative rock, Pop punk, Breakbeat, Punk rock, Reggae, Breakbeat hardcore, Hard rock, Southern rock, Hardcore punk, Thrash metal, Melodic hardcore, Rapcore and Alternative metal.

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Nicholas Tse

Nicholas Tse (August 29, 1980 Hong Kong-) also known as Xie T'ingfeng, Tse, Nicholas, Lemon, Nic Tse, Ting-Fung Tse, Tingfeng Xie, Nicholas Tse Ting-Fung, Tse Ting-Fung, Nic or Ting-Fung Tse Nicholas is a Canadian composer, actor, musician, singer-songwriter, entrepreneur, record producer and businessperson. He has two children, Lucas Tse and Quintus Tse.

His discography includes: 零距離, Life Viva, Listen up, 20 Twenty Best Selection by Nicholas Tse, Release, Most Wanted, Reborn, Forget Me Not and .

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Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling (November 12, 1980 London-) a.k.a. Ryan Thomas Gosling, Trouble or Ryan Thomas "Baby Goose" Gosling is a Canadian actor, musician, restaurateur, film director, screenwriter, film producer and activist.

Genres: Folk rock and Indie rock.

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Jason McCaslin

Jason McCaslin (September 3, 1980 North York-) also known as Cone, Dr. Dynamite, Jason Paul "Cone" McCaslin, Dzheyson Makkaslin, Cone McCaslin, Jay, Jason Paul McCaslin, 'Cone' McCaslin or Jason McCaslin is a Canadian bassist, songwriter, singer, record producer and musician.

Genres: Indie rock, Garage rock, Pop punk, Alternative rock, Punk rock, Garage punk, Melodic hardcore, Alternative metal and Grunge.

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Toya Alexis

Toya Alexis (July 16, 1980 Ajax-) also known as Latoya Lesmond is a Canadian singer, actor and songwriter.

Genres she performed: Soul music, Pop music and Jazz.

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Matt Thiessen

Matt Thiessen (August 12, 1980 St. Catharines-) also known as Thiessen, Matt or Matthew Arnold Thiessen is a Canadian singer, guitarist and keyboard player.

Genres he performed: Pop punk, Piano rock, Christian rock, Alternative rock, Christian music and Soft rock.

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Win Butler

Win Butler (April 14, 1980 Truckee-) also known as Butler, Win, Arcade Fire or Edwin Farnham Butler III is a Canadian singer, songwriter and musician.

Genres he performed include Alternative rock, Art rock, Indie rock and Baroque pop.

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Dave Hamelin

Dave Hamelin (October 3, 1980-) also known as Hamelin, Dave is a Canadian singer, musician and singer-songwriter.

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Bryce Soderberg

Bryce Soderberg (April 10, 1980 Victoria-) otherwise known as Bryce Dane Soderberg is a Canadian musician, bassist and singer.

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Jill Barber

Jill Barber (February 6, 1980 Port Credit, Ontario-) a.k.a. Barber, Jill is a Canadian singer-songwriter.

Discography: Oh Heart, For All Time, Chances, Mischievous Moon, Chansons and Fool's Gold. Genres related to her: Folk rock and Vocal jazz.

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Massari (December 10, 1980 Beirut-) otherwise known as Sari Abboud is a Canadian singer, rapper and singer-songwriter.

His albums: Massari, In Love Again, Massari: Road to Success, Forever Massari, Brand New Day, Dance For Your Life, Be Easy, Real Love, Habibi (Brand New Day) and . Genres he performed include Pop music, Contemporary R&B and Hip hop music.

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Edison Chen

Edison Chen (October 7, 1980 Vancouver-) also known as Chan Kwoon Hei, Edison Chan, Chen Guan Xi, Chen Guanxi, Chen Koon Hei, Koon Hei Chen, Edison Chan Koon Hei, Edison Chen Koon Hei, Chan Koon Hei, Guan Xi Chen, EDC, Chen Hing-Wah, Can4 Gun3 hei1, Edison Koon-Hei Chen, Chén Guānxī, Chen Xing Hua, Eddie or Illkid is a Canadian singer, record producer, actor, fashion designer, musician and entrepreneur.

His albums: Please Steal This Album, Peace and Love, Transition, Edison Chen EP, Visual Diary, Confusion, Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself (Version 2), Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself, 69FM Mixtape - Clot Music Division and The Best Collection.

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Erik Mongrain

Erik Mongrain (April 12, 1980 Montreal-) otherwise known as Mongrain, Erik is a Canadian guitarist and composer.

His albums: Fates, Equilibrium and Forward. Genres related to him: Jazz, New Wave, Acoustic music and Film score.

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Deesha (March 27, 1980-) is a Canadian singer, record producer and songwriter.

Her related genres: Pop music and Rhythm and blues.

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Jason Blaine

Jason Blaine (April 19, 1980 Pembroke-) otherwise known as Blaine, Jason is a Canadian singer and singer-songwriter.

His albums: While We Were Waiting, Make My Move, Sweet Sundown, Life So Far and Everything I Love. Genres: Country.

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Matt Brouwer

Matt Brouwer (February 28, 1980 Truro-) a.k.a. Matthew Paul Brouwer is a Canadian singer and singer-songwriter.

His albums include Imagerical, Unlearning, Where's Our Revolution and Till the Sunrise. Genres he performed include Contemporary Christian music, Pop music and Adult album alternative.

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David Desrosiers

David Desrosiers (August 29, 1980 Sept-Îles-) also known as David Philippe Desrosiers is a Canadian musician and bassist.

Genres: Pop rock, Alternative rock, Pop punk, Punk rock, Melodic hardcore and Post-punk.

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Mikey Manville

Mikey Manville (December 25, 1980-) is a Canadian , .

His albums: Broken Arms. His related genres: Rock and roll and Neo-psychedelia.

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Jon Lajoie

Jon Lajoie (August 21, 1980 Longueuil-) a.k.a. Jonathan Lajoie, Jonathan "Jon" Lajoie or MC Vagina is a Canadian comedian, actor, rapper, singer, musician and record producer.

His discography includes: You Want Some of This?, I Kill People, The Best Song, Merry Christmas Exclamation Point, WTF Collective 3, Started as a Baby, Very Super Famous, Broken-Hearted, F**k Everything and Drinkin' Beer and Smokin' Cigarettes. Genres he performed: Comedy rock, Afrobeat, Metalcore, Emo, Punk rock, Comedy hip hop and Comedy music.

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Tablo (July 22, 1980 Jakarta-) a.k.a. Daniel Armand Lee, Supreme T, Lee Seon-woong or Daniel Seon woong Lee is a Canadian lyricist, songwriter, rapper, actor and record producer. He has one child, Haru Lee.

His albums include AnyBand, and . Genres he performed include Electronic music, Alternative hip hop, Hip hop music, Trip hop and K-pop.

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Arnej (September 7, 1980 Toronto-) a.k.a. Arney Secerkadic or 8 Wonder is a Canadian record producer and musician.

His albums include Musical Evolution: The First Chapter, Free of You, We Need Them / For the People, Tomorrow Never Comes / There Are No Coincidences, Sometimes They Come Back for More, The Journey Unknown: Collected Works, Beginning of the End / The Crossover, The Morning After, The Strings That Bind Us and . Genres related to him: Trance music, Progressive house, House music, Progressive music, Tech trance and Ambient music.

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Chuck Coles

Chuck Coles (March 20, 1980 Oshawa-) is a Canadian musician, guitarist and singer-songwriter.

Genres: Heavy metal, Punk rock, Hard rock, Southern rock, Alternative rock, Pop punk and Reggae.

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Colin Munroe

Colin Munroe (June 18, 1980-) also known as Munroe, Colin is a Canadian , .

Discography: Colin Munroe Is the Unsung Hero. His related genres: Pop music, Indie rock, Hip hop music, Alternative hip hop, Alternative rock and Electronic music.

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Cat Jahnke

Cat Jahnke (July 17, 1980 Winnipeg-) is a Canadian singer-songwriter and musician.

Genres she performed: Pop music and Folk rock.

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Carly Paradis

Carly Paradis (May 30, 1980 Hamilton-) is a Canadian pianist, composer, film score composer and musician.

Genres she performed: Electronic music, Instrumental, Contemporary classical music, Alternative rock, Independent music and Post-rock.

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Dallas Green

Dallas Green (September 29, 1980 St. Catharines-) also known as City and Colour, Dallas Green or Green, Dallas is a Canadian songwriter, singer, guitarist, composer, pianist, musician, actor, singer-songwriter and lyricist.

His discography includes: Two Songs, Simple Songs, Missing, Waiting... (radio edit), Live, Sometimes, The Death of Me, Missing EP, Bring Me Your Love and The MySpace Transmissions. Genres he performed include Folk music, Melodic hardcore, Acoustic music, Post-hardcore, Alternative rock, Metalcore, Hardcore punk, Alternative country, Folk rock, Punk rock, Indie rock, Blues rock and Emo.

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Laila Biali

Laila Biali (October 3, 1980 Vancouver-) is a Canadian singer, songwriter, pianist and singer-songwriter.

Discography: Tracing Light. Genres: Jazz.

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John Paul Ospina

John Paul Ospina (September 2, 1980 Canada-) is a Canadian presenter and singer.

Genres: Electronica, Latin American music, Rock music and Pop music.

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JW-Jones (July 15, 1980 Ottawa-) also known as JW-Jones Blues Band, The or The JW-Jones Blues Band is a Canadian , .

His discography includes: Bogart's Bounce, Bluelisted, My Kind of Evil, Seventh Hour and Belmont Boulevard. Genres: Blues, Rock and roll, Swing music, Soul music, Folk music and Jump blues.

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Cameron Melnyk

Cameron Melnyk (March 1, 1980 Edmonton-) is a Canadian singer.

Genres related to him: Alternative rock and Post-grunge.

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