Canadian musicians who were born in 1983

Here are 30 famous musicians from Canada were born in 1983:

Fallon Bowman

Fallon Bowman (November 16, 1983 Cape Town-) also known as Bowman, Fallon is a Canadian , .

Genres she performed include Heavy metal, Rock music, Electronica, Industrial music, Alternative metal, Nu metal and Electronic dance music.

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Talena Atfield

Talena Atfield (January 14, 1983-) a.k.a. Atfield, Talena is a Canadian , .

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Tebey (October 14, 1983 Canada-) also known as Tebey Ottoh or Tebey Solomon Ottoh is a Canadian singer and singer-songwriter.

His albums include Two and The Wait. Genres: Pop music and Country.

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Blake McGrath

Blake McGrath (November 21, 1983 Mississauga-) also known as Blake James McGrath is a Canadian dancer, choreographer, actor and model.

His albums: Time To Move.

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Dan Mangan

Dan Mangan (April 28, 1983 Smithers-) also known as Daniel Mangan or Mangan, Dan is a Canadian singer-songwriter, musician, film score composer and actor.

His albums include Postcards and Daydreaming, Nice, Nice, Very Nice, Roboteering EP, All at Once, Robots vs. Indie Queens, Oh Fortune, Vessel / Wants and Club Meds. His related genres: Indie rock and Folk music.

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Jeremy Inkel

Jeremy Inkel (February 8, 1983-) also known as Inkel, Jeremy is a Canadian , .

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Scott Moffatt

Scott Moffatt (March 30, 1983 Whitehorse-) also known as Moffatt, Scott or Scott Andrew Moffatt is a Canadian musician.

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Kelvin Kwan

Kelvin Kwan (March 24, 1983 Canada-) is a Canadian singer.

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Robbie Engelquist

Robbie Engelquist (October 19, 1983 New Westminster-) is a Canadian comedian, actor and rapper.

Genres he performed include Hip hop music.

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Anna Cyzon

Anna Cyzon (September 23, 1983 Kraków-) also known as Anna Czyszczoń is a Canadian singer and actor.

Genres: Pop rock.

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Jason Chan

Jason Chan (July 20, 1983 Hong Kong-) a.k.a. Pak-yu Chan, Jason Chan Pak-Yue, Jason Chen, Chan Pak Yu or Ivan Chan is a Canadian singer, singer-songwriter and actor.

His albums: First Experience, , , , Put On, Change, Can't Be Half, Wang Yuan Fang, and .

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Melanie Fiona

Melanie Fiona (July 4, 1983 Toronto-) also known as Syren, Melanie Fiona Hallim, Melanie Hall aka Syren, Hall or Syren Hall is a Canadian singer, singer-songwriter, actor, musician and music artist.

Her albums: The Bridge, Give It to Me Right, Gone and Never Coming Back, The MF Life, , Change the Record, This Time and Monday Morning. Genres she performed: Pop music, Reggae, Soul music, Contemporary R&B and Jazz.

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Alden Penner

Alden Penner (January 12, 1983 Quadra Island-) also known as Penner, Alden or Alden Ginger is a Canadian singer.

Related albums: The Ghost of Creaky Crater 7", Exegesis and Odes to the House. Genres: Indie rock, Indie pop, Alternative rock and Folk music.

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Sebastian Pigott

Sebastian Pigott (February 14, 1983 Toronto-) is a Canadian actor, singer-songwriter and tv personality.

Genres he performed: Pop music.

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Ashleigh Ball

Ashleigh Ball (March 31, 1983 Vancouver-) is a Canadian voice actor, musician, singer, actor and flutist.

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Lisa Lavie

Lisa Lavie (May 6, 1983 LaSalle, Quebec-) also known as Lavie, Lisa is a Canadian songwriter and singer.

Her albums include Everything or Nothing. Genres she performed include Pop music, Soul music and Contemporary R&B.

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Aaron Goldstein

Aaron Goldstein (May 8, 1983 Toronto-) is a Canadian guitarist, songwriter and record producer.

His related genres: Indie rock, Country rock, Alternative country, Rock music, Southern rock and Alternative rock.

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Toby Leung

Toby Leung (February 27, 1983 Hong Kong-) also known as Toby Jing-Kei Leung, liang2 jing4 qi2, loeng4 zing6 kei4, 梁靖琪 or Ching-kei Leung is a Canadian singer and actor.

Her discography includes: Bear in Mind.

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Anjulie (May 21, 1983 Oakville-) also known as Anjulie Persaud is a Canadian singer and songwriter.

Discography: Anjulie, Boom (Remixes), Brand New Bitch, Brand New Chick, Stand Behind the Music, You and I and . Her related genres: Pop music, Indie pop and Alternative rock.

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Noah "40" Shebib

Noah "40" Shebib (March 31, 1983 Toronto-) also known as Noah Shebib or 40 is a Canadian record producer, actor, child actor, songwriter, entrepreneur, audio engineer and mixing engineer.

His related genres: Rhythm and blues and Hip hop music.

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Miles Jones

Miles Jones (March 24, 1983 Toronto-) is a Canadian songwriter, record producer, singer and rapper.

His albums: Runaway Jones and Miles Jones Is... Runaway Jones. Genres: Soul music and Hip hop music.

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Andrée Watters

Andrée Watters (January 25, 1983-) a.k.a. Andree Watters, Andrée Waters, Watters, Andrée or Andree Waters is a Canadian singer.

Discography: AW, À travers, Minuit, Country Rock Cover, and Country Rock. Genres: Rock music and Pop rock.

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Annie Villeneuve

Annie Villeneuve (May 5, 1983 Jonquière-) also known as Villeneuve, Annie is a Canadian singer-songwriter and musician.

Her albums include Quand je ferme les yeux, Noël Chez Moi, , , J'Imagine / I Believe, and J'imagine. Genres she performed include Pop music.

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Hannah Georgas

Hannah Georgas (August 30, 1983 Newmarket-) is a Canadian singer-songwriter.

Her albums include This is Good, Hannah Georgas and The Beat Stuff. Genres: Indie pop.

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Del Barber

Del Barber (October 14, 1983 Winnipeg-) is a Canadian musician, singer-songwriter and record producer.

His most important albums: Love Songs For The Last Twenty, Headwaters, Love Songs For The Last 20 and Prairieography. Genres he performed include Alternative country, Folk rock, Americana, Folk music and Country.

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Jonathan Steingard

Jonathan Steingard (June 23, 1983 Canada-) is a Canadian guitarist, singer, music artist and musician.

Genres: Christian music.

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Bless (February 10, 1983-) is a Canadian singer and rapper.

His albums include Platinumberg: The Movement and The Book of Bless. His related genres: Pop-rap, Electro hop, Hip hop music, Rap music and Rhythm and blues.

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Chris Kirby

Chris Kirby (December 7, 1983-) is a Canadian , .

His most well known albums: Vampire Hotel.

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Samian (July 11, 1983 Pikogan, Quebec-) a.k.a. Samuel Tremblay is a Canadian actor and rapper.

His albums: Face à soi-même, Face à la musique, and Enfant de la terre. Genres he performed: Canadian hip hop.

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MC40 (June 10, 1983 Taiwan-) is a Canadian musician, songwriter, lyricist, actor and television presenter.

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