Canadian music stars who deceased at age 49

Here are 11 famous musicians from Canada died at 49:

Bobby Bauer

Bobby Bauer (February 16, 1915 Waterloo-September 16, 1964 Kitchener) was a Canadian personality.

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Rick Blight

Rick Blight (October 17, 1955 Portage la Prairie-April 3, 2005 Portage la Prairie) was a Canadian ice hockey player.

He died as a result of suicide.

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Walt Poddubny

Walt Poddubny (February 14, 1960 Thunder Bay-March 21, 2009 Thunder Bay) was a Canadian ice hockey player.

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John Sparrow David Thompson

John Sparrow David Thompson (November 10, 1845 Halifax-December 12, 1894 Windsor Castle) also known as Sir John Sparrow David Thompson, KCMG, PC, QC or John Sparrow Thompson was a Canadian politician and lawyer.

He died caused by myocardial infarction.

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Frederick Banting

Frederick Banting (November 14, 1891 Alliston-February 21, 1941 Dominion of Newfoundland) also known as Dr. Frederick Banting was a Canadian physician, scientist and surgeon.

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Norman Bethune

Norman Bethune (March 4, 1890 Gravenhurst-November 12, 1939 Tang County) also known as Dr. Norman Bethune was a Canadian physician and surgeon.

He died as a result of sepsis.

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Pierre Laporte

Pierre Laporte (February 25, 1921 Montreal-October 17, 1970) was a Canadian politician and journalist.

He died as a result of assassination.

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Davidson Black

Davidson Black (July 25, 1884 Toronto-March 15, 1934 Beijing) was a Canadian personality.

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Grey Owl

Grey Owl (September 18, 1888 Hastings-April 13, 1938 Prince Albert) a.k.a. Archibald Belaney or Wa-sha-quon-asin was a Canadian novelist.

He died as a result of pneumonia.

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Sui Sin Far

Sui Sin Far (March 15, 1865 Macclesfield-April 7, 1914) was a Canadian writer and journalist.

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Bruce Fairbairn

Bruce Fairbairn (December 30, 1949 Vancouver-May 17, 1999 Vancouver) a.k.a. Fairbairn, Bruce or Bruce Earl Fairbairn was a Canadian musician, record producer and trumpeter.

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