Canadian music stars who deceased at age 54

Here are 11 famous musicians from Canada died at 54:

John Rutsey

John Rutsey (May 14, 1953 Ontario-May 11, 2008 Ontario) a.k.a. Rutsey, John or John Howard Rutsey was a Canadian drummer and musician.

His related genres: Hard rock, Heavy metal and Progressive rock.

He died caused by myocardial infarction.

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Robert Baldwin

Robert Baldwin (May 12, 1804 York, Upper Canada-December 9, 1858 Toronto) was a Canadian lawyer.

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Barbara Frum

Barbara Frum (September 8, 1937 Niagara Falls-March 26, 1992 Toronto) also known as Barbara Rosberg was a Canadian journalist and newscaster. She had two children, David Frum and Linda Frum.

She died as a result of leukemia.

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Sheldon Oberman

Sheldon Oberman (May 20, 1949 Canada-March 26, 2004) was a Canadian personality.

He died in stomach cancer.

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Paul-Émile Borduas

Paul-Émile Borduas (November 1, 1905 Mont-Saint-Hilaire-February 22, 1960 Paris) a.k.a. Paul-Emile Borduas was a Canadian personality.

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Honoré Mercier

Honoré Mercier (October 15, 1840 Saint-Athanase, Montérégie, Quebec-October 30, 1894 Montreal) otherwise known as Honore Mercier was a Canadian lawyer and journalist. He had one child, Lomer Gouin.

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W. Ross Thatcher

W. Ross Thatcher (May 14, 1917 Neville-July 22, 1971 Regina) was a Canadian personality. He had one child, Colin Thatcher.

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Robert Hayman

Robert Hayman (August 14, 1575 Devon-November 1, 1629) was a Canadian writer.

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Hiram Blanchard

Hiram Blanchard (January 17, 1820 West River, Nova Scotia-December 17, 1874 Halifax) was a Canadian lawyer.

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Claude Wagner

Claude Wagner (April 4, 1925 Shawinigan-July 11, 1979) also known as Judge Claude Wagner was a Canadian judge, politician and lawyer.

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Bob O'Billovich

Bob O'Billovich (June 30, 1940 Butte-April 5, 1995) was a Canadian coach.

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