Canadian music stars who deceased at age 62

Here are 11 famous musicians from Canada died at 62:

Joseph Lannin

Joseph Lannin (April 23, 1866 Lac-Beauport, Quebec-May 15, 1928 Lac-Beauport, Quebec) was a Canadian entrepreneur and businessperson.

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Gerald Bull

Gerald Bull (March 9, 1928 North Bay-March 22, 1990 Brussels) was a Canadian scientist and engineer.

He died in assassination.

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Arthur Sifton

Arthur Sifton (October 26, 1858 Middlesex County-January 21, 1921 Ottawa) was a Canadian lawyer and judge.

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Billy Bishop

Billy Bishop (February 8, 1894 Owen Sound-September 11, 1956 Palm Beach) also known as W.A. Bishop, William Avery "Billy" Bishop, William Avery Bishop, Billy, Bish, Air Marshal W.A. Bishop, Air Marshal Bishop or Billy Bishop was a Canadian soldier, flying ace and actor. He had two children, Arthur Bishop and Jackie Bishop.

He died in natural causes.

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Gérard Asselin

Gérard Asselin (April 19, 1950 Sainte-Flavie, Quebec-February 9, 2013) also known as Gerard Asselin was a Canadian personality.

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Edgar Dewdney

Edgar Dewdney (November 5, 1853 Bideford-August 8, 1916 Victoria) was a Canadian politician.

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Sidney Earle Smith

Sidney Earle Smith (March 9, 1897 Port Hood, Nova Scotia-March 17, 1959 Ottawa) was a Canadian personality.

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Andrew George Blair

Andrew George Blair (March 7, 1844 Fredericton-January 25, 1907 Ottawa) was a Canadian personality.

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Robert Dickson

Robert Dickson (July 23, 1944 Erin-March 19, 2007 Greater Sudbury) was a Canadian writer.

He died caused by brain tumor.

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Solon Earl Low

Solon Earl Low (January 8, 1900 Cardston-December 22, 1962 Shelby) was a Canadian farmer and teacher.

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Wells Coates

Wells Coates (December 17, 1895 Tokyo-June 17, 1958 Vancouver) a.k.a. Wells Wintermute Coates was a Canadian architect.

He died as a result of myocardial infarction.

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