Canadian music stars who deceased at age 63

Here are 19 famous musicians from Canada died at 63:

Max Bentley

Max Bentley (March 1, 1920 Delisle-January 19, 1984 Saskatoon) was a Canadian ice hockey player.

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Keith McCreary

Keith McCreary (June 19, 1940 Sundridge-December 9, 2003) was a Canadian personality.

He died in cancer.

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Milton Acorn

Milton Acorn (March 30, 1923 Charlottetown-August 20, 1986) also known as Milton James Rhode Acorn or The People's Poet was a Canadian personality.

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Berton Churchill

Berton Churchill (December 9, 1876 Toronto-October 10, 1940 New York City) also known as Burton Churchill was a Canadian actor.

He died in uremic toxin.

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Robert Bourassa

Robert Bourassa (July 14, 1933 Montreal-October 2, 1996 Montreal) a.k.a. Elvis Bourassa or Jean-Robert Bourassa was a Canadian politician, lawyer, teacher and financial adviser. His children are called Michèle Bourassa and François Bourassa.

He died caused by skin cancer.

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David Oppenheimer

David Oppenheimer (January 1, 1834 Blieskastel-December 31, 1897 Vancouver) also known as Mayor David Oppenheimer was a Canadian personality.

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Birk Sproxton

Birk Sproxton (August 12, 1943 Flin Flon-March 14, 2007) was a Canadian personality.

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Reg Alcock

Reg Alcock (April 16, 1948 Winnipeg-October 13, 2011) was a Canadian personality.

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Agnes Macphail

Agnes Macphail (March 24, 1890 Dundalk, Ontario-February 13, 1954 Toronto) a.k.a. Agnes Campbell Macphail was a Canadian politician and journalist.

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Adélard Godbout

Adélard Godbout (September 24, 1892 Saint-Éloi, Quebec-September 18, 1956 Montreal) also known as Adelard Godbout was a Canadian politician.

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Colin McPhee

Colin McPhee (March 15, 1900 Montreal-January 7, 1964 Los Angeles) was a Canadian composer, musicologist and author.

His discography includes: Britten: Prince of the Pagodas - Suite / Mcphee: Tabuh-Tabuhan.

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Arthur Sturgis Hardy

Arthur Sturgis Hardy (December 14, 1837 Upper Canada-June 13, 1901 Toronto) was a Canadian personality. He had one child, Arthur Charles Hardy.

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William Proudfoot

William Proudfoot (February 21, 1859-December 3, 1922) was a Canadian personality.

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Joseph Henry Harris

Joseph Henry Harris (December 13, 1888-October 24, 1952) was a Canadian businessperson.

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Angus Lewis Macdonald

Angus Lewis Macdonald (August 10, 1890 Nova Scotia-April 13, 1954 Halifax) was a Canadian politician and lawyer.

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Solomon Juneau

Solomon Juneau (August 9, 1793 Repentigny-November 14, 1856 Keshena) was a Canadian politician.

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Pierre-François Casgrain

Pierre-François Casgrain (August 4, 1886-August 2, 1950) otherwise known as Pierre-Francois Casgrain was a Canadian personality.

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Roch Thériault

Roch Thériault (May 16, 1947 Québec-February 26, 2011 Dorchester) was a Canadian personality.

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Robert Franklin Sutherland

Robert Franklin Sutherland (April 5, 1859-May 23, 1922) was a Canadian judge.

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