Canadian music stars who deceased at age 69

Here are 25 famous musicians from Canada died at 69:

Doug Brennan

Doug Brennan (January 10, 1903 Peterborough-April 5, 1972) was a Canadian ice hockey player.

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Marshall McLuhan

Marshall McLuhan (July 21, 1911 Edmonton-December 31, 1980 Toronto) a.k.a. Herbert Marshall McLuhan was a Canadian educator, philosopher, futurist, writer, author and actor. He had six children, Teri C. McLuhan, Eric McLuhan, Mary McLuhan, Stephanie McLuhan, Elizabeth McLuhan and Michael McLuhan.

His albums include The Medium Is The Massage.

He died as a result of stroke.

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Al Christie

Al Christie (November 24, 1881 London-April 14, 1951 Hollywood) a.k.a. Al E. Christie, Alfred Ernest Christie, Al E., Alfred E. Christie or Albert E. Christie was a Canadian screenwriter, film director and film producer. He had one child, Lenora Shirley Christie.

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Huntley Gordon

Huntley Gordon (October 8, 1887 Montreal-December 7, 1956 Van Nuys) a.k.a. Huntly Gordon was a Canadian actor.

He died caused by myocardial infarction.

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James McGill

James McGill (October 6, 1744 Glasgow-December 19, 1813 Montreal) was a Canadian personality.

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Maurice Duplessis

Maurice Duplessis (April 20, 1890 Trois-Rivières-September 7, 1959 Schefferville) a.k.a. Maurice LeNoblet Duplessis or Maurice Le Noblet Duplessis was a Canadian lawyer and politician.

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Étienne-Paschal Taché

Étienne-Paschal Taché (September 5, 1795 Saint-Thomas, Quebec-July 30, 1865) also known as Etienne-Paschal Tache was a Canadian physician.

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Joseph Featherston

Joseph Featherston (July 22, 1843-July 17, 1913) was a Canadian personality.

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Roger Neilson

Roger Neilson (June 16, 1934 Toronto-June 21, 2003 Peterborough) was a Canadian sports commentator and coach.

He died as a result of skin cancer.

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Mary Ann Shadd

Mary Ann Shadd (October 9, 1823 Wilmington-June 5, 1893 Washington, D.C.) also known as Mary Ann Shadd Cary or Mary Ann Camberton Shadd was a Canadian poet.

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Pierre-Joseph-Olivier Chauveau

Pierre-Joseph-Olivier Chauveau (May 30, 1820 Charlesbourg, Quebec City-April 4, 1890 Quebec City) was a Canadian politician. He had one child, Alexandre Chauveau.

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Antonio Barrette

Antonio Barrette (May 26, 1899 Joliette-December 15, 1968 Montreal) was a Canadian politician.

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Daurene Lewis

Daurene Lewis (September 9, 1943 Annapolis Royal-January 26, 2013 Halifax Regional Municipality) otherwise known as Mayor Daurene Lewis was a Canadian nurse.

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Richard Hanson

Richard Hanson (March 20, 1879 Bocabec, New Brunswick-July 10, 1948) also known as Richard Burpee Hanson was a Canadian personality.

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Arthur Sauvé

Arthur Sauvé (October 1, 1874 Québec-February 6, 1944) otherwise known as Arthur Sauve was a Canadian personality. He had one child, Paul Sauvé.

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John Jones Ross

John Jones Ross (August 16, 1831 Quebec City-May 4, 1901 Québec) was a Canadian politician.

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Pierre Bourgault

Pierre Bourgault (January 23, 1934 East Angus-June 16, 2003 Montreal) was a Canadian writer, journalist, politician and actor.

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Charles Wilson

Charles Wilson (April 1, 1808 Coteau-du-Lac-May 4, 1877 Montreal) was a Canadian politician.

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Simon De Jong

Simon De Jong (April 29, 1942 Surabaya-August 18, 2011) was a Canadian personality.

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George Grant

George Grant (November 1, 1918 Toronto-September 27, 1988 Halifax) was a Canadian writer, philosopher and political scientist.

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Jean Marchand

Jean Marchand (December 20, 1918 Québec-August 28, 1988) was a Canadian personality.

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Wilfred Lucas

Wilfred Lucas (January 30, 1871 Norfolk County-December 13, 1940 Los Angeles) also known as Lucas, Norman Wilfred Lucas or Alexander Harvey was a Canadian film director, actor and screenwriter. His child is called John Meredyth Lucas.

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John Charles Fields

John Charles Fields (May 14, 1863 Hamilton-August 9, 1932 Toronto) was a Canadian mathematician.

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Samuel Smith

Samuel Smith (December 27, 1756 Hempstead-October 20, 1826 York, Upper Canada) was a Canadian personality.

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Diane Marleau

Diane Marleau (June 21, 1943 Kirkland Lake-January 30, 2013 Greater Sudbury) was a Canadian politician.

She died as a result of cancer.

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